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"Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Rahim..."

"In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate".

"Strugglin's just a part of my day
Many obstacles have been placed in my way
I know the only reason that I make it through
Is because I never stop believing in you
Some people wonder why we here in the first place
They can't believe 'cause they ain't never seen your face
But even when you pray, the next day you gotta try
Can't wait for nobody to come down out the sky
You gotta realize that the world's a test
You can only do your best and let Him do the rest
You got your life, you got your health
So quit procrastinating and push it yourself
You gotta realize that the world's a test
You can only do your best and let Him do the rest
You got your life, you got your health
So quit procrastinating..."

Cee-Lo Goodie

It ain't all bad in either hip-hop or music as a whole.

Posta Boy (Remember we were searching for him a few months ago?) hasbeat cancer and is back at it.

Truth be told, the older I get, the more death seems more realistic.

But we still maintain knowing that it's a part of the cycle of life that we all must face. We can dwell on it, worry our lives away, and eventually succumb to it...

...Or we can rejoice and be glad for the days we've been given today.

I live by the creed that "As long as I can get out of bed, I'm going to make the best out of the goddamn day because there's plenty of folk who the paramedics came & zipped the bag on them or cats locked down who ain't seen daylight in years."

While there's been some headaches for everybody on this recently, I've been passing around this track because it speaks volumes.

Coincidently, it also popped up on a forum I visit so I took it as a sign to share it with you all.

Outkast - "In Due Time" (from the Soul Food Soundtrack)

Respect due to Cookiehead who's stuck in the hole for the next few days, hold ya head.

A strong offering of blessings and support to my surrogate fam as one of them is recovering from a traumatic car accident.



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