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"Switching Gears..."

You asked for more writing.

So we're going to give you more writing in hopes of keeping up the "readability" of things & provide some alternate views on music.

Instead of it being straight Gotty™ or Retro writing though, we've been recruiting help simply because staying abreast of things & maintaining this place, it gets a little time consuming.

With that in mind, we present to you Young Boy to drop his .02 on a wide variety of things...

It's official...after loving King for two weeks then forgetting about it, I'm still blasting Separate But Equal out of my small ass dorm room. Don't get me wrong, T.I. came extra correct, but Little Brother managed to put together one of the hottest mixtapes of 2006. With cuts like "Boondock Saints" and "Hate", Phonte makes it obvious that he's ready for anyone who wants to test his lyrical ability, while Big Pooh takes his chance on "Macaroni" and "Home" to show all of us that he's not just the other dude.

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So spring has started real cool, now summer's on its way and we all have got goals we're reaching for. Most of us are going to get none of them accomplished, but whether you're trying to lose weight or get your money up, you're going to have a whole helluva lot of fun. In case you're not sure how to have fun, I've decided to share my summer survival kit to make sure everyone enjoys the sun style.

First installment of my summer survival kit...

Everything is fun when high, and the hookah will definitely maximize that. If you haven't tried one, make this a summer goal. Great for those lazy afternoons with your dudes before you head to the beach and an eye catcher for the smoking section (ha!) of your end-all house party.

(The views reflected here do not neccessarily represent those of TSS...Gotty's™ still bumping King lol.)

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