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Lately the hip-hop world has been plagued with the redundant statement, “The South is ruining hip-hop.” This isn’t just a simple statement of hate because the people who make these statements really believe that bullshit. Now I’ll admit, there’s been a huge influx of Southern artist, and it appears that this new sound has a monopoly on the media, but the common “backpacker” “east coast cat” “hip-hop elitists” has no idea why. Therefore, here's a brief explanation of how, and why the South has surpassed the expectations and is sitting comfortably in the limelight.

Hip-hop used to be strictly about passion, expression of thought, a rebellious voice for the oppressed, and to a certain extent it still is. But it’s 2006, and it’s time for the listeners to open their eyes and realize that this music shit has evolved into a multinational business. As a result, it’s a whole new ball game. Now the common listener’s focal point is on the artist, and the music that they hear. Yet, they neglect to realize that the majority of artists are on the bottom of the business spectrum, and their expression has been greatly limited by the corporate cronies. These corporate cronies invest in the artists; therefore they are going to aim the music to the demographic that are wanting, and willing to buy a certain sound of music. Yea, YOU control the market, but you have to support the artist that you want to hear in order for the corporate cronies to feel comfortable investing in a different sound, because they know that they will gain a profit.

It’s not the south’s fault that they have a fan base that supports the music that they are putting out. If you feel as if some of your favorite artists are not getting their proper shine then you need to get the fuck off mIRC, LimeWire, Bit Torrent, et al. Leave the bootleggers alone, and go support your artist. Maybe then you will send a message to the corporate partners that it's ok to gamble with a different sound because there’s a market for it.

I’m an aspiring artist myself, and I would consider my style to be East Coast oriented, but since I’m not established I can write what I want. But the day this becomes my main job is the day that I have to make some important decisions.

I bomb atomically, Socrates philosophies, and hypothesis,” sounds good on wax.

But, “I bounce in the club so the hoes call me Rocky,” sounds like dollars in my bank account.

What would you do? You wanna keep your morals, and keep it hood, but the niggas in the hood are the last ones that’s gonna really support you. The Dips have a cult like following, and if everyone who was apart of the “movement” them niggas would be sellin Michael Jackson numbers.

For those out there who aren’t going to support your artist, be prepared to listen to the same shit that you hate. But don’t worry, because anyone who’s been in the game for a while can testify that hip-hop works in cycles. Eventually the current phase will lose the limelight, and there will be a new sound for you to hate. And then it’ll happen all over again.

No idea's original, there's nothin new under the sun.

T. Rav signin' out…


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GHOST: "Right know, I say fuck New York. Yeah, I’m from New York, but fuck New York."

Who is Little Brother?

Well one of them is apparently upset by something...

"I mean, I have much more respect for a 'fuck buddy' relationship than I do for this cuddle buddy bullshit. A fuck buddy relationship is a two-way street: she wants some, you want some..yall fuck, nut, and both go home happy. A cuddle buddy relationship is some of the most selfish, one-sided shit Ive ever heard of because as a guy, youre basically just relegating yourself to being some broad's emotional tampon (c)k_orr: soaking up all her fear, loneliness, and insecurities, just so she can pull you by that strang and toss you out to make way for a REAL nigga to come and smash.

No thank you, maam. Im good.....

"fuck a cuddle buddle" - click to read the entire post

Little Brother does put out thoughtful, introspective tracks like "All for you" too.

Stay tuned...more coming soon.

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