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MyTSharp got jacked for this Fab 5 Freddy pic...

Mother's Day was Sunday so I somewhat reluctantly took part in a family dinner at a restaurant.

Don't get me wrong. I love my family & I love my mother to the death. I cherish my last name as one of the dearest things to me. I'm just not too keen on doing things of that nature with big groups out in public. I think I have some sort of social anxiety but that's a whole 'nother post.

As I watched my little cousins runnin around the restaurant screaming and shrieking at the highest pitch possible...

As I watched everybody in the family in the family pay for a dinner but tear the buffet table a new asshole as well...

As I listened as my mom argue the lady over the established price of the dinner on the menu because one of the sides wasn't available...

As my cousin demonstrating my uncle at the club dancing, rocking shades in the dark and pointing to various bystanders in the crowd like he was Diddy...

As I looked at my auntie and realized, "Goddamn this bitch STILL got a Jheri curl"...

As I felt for my ankle holster when I thought I saw old "acquiantance"...

As we all got funeral parlor quiet when the waitress started out on a joke on one of my little cousins like "bitch if you say some slick shit about that lil aggin we'll all get up & whip ya ass.." (Luckily it was halfway funny so she was spared)

As I giggled while watching my little cousin who's less than two run while doing that hold your pants up thing with one hand because you're two mind you he's aware of this habit...

I realized one family is definitely hood no matter how much money we touch.

I guess Pun's song was right...we stay on that nigga shit

Shoutouts to my Grandma Tunkie & my momma, El Kay, & Tom for making us all this way...



Stray Bullets


Dangerdoom - Korndogs

Jody Breeze No Standing Ovation

The Game Feat. J-Hood - We On D-Block

Busta Rhymes Ft. Nas - Dont Get Carried Away {Prod. By Dr. Dre}

The Roots - Don't Feel Right

Kanye West Ft Consequence & John Legend - Grammy Family

Lil Wayne - Hustlin'

stray bullets

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