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Poo checkin in for TSS and "I'm finna enhance yo brain"...we're about to explore something a bit outside of the everyday hip-hop realm...lets take a look at one of the pioneers of "trip-hop"Tricky (a.k.a.Adrian Thaws) ...

For those of you that don't know, trip-hop (or "the Bristol sound") is typically characterized as down-tempo electronica, incorporating aspects from hip hop (obviously), acid jazz, as well as other genres (hip-hop heads, think DJ Shadow)...

Tricky’s vocals have a very gritty and warbly sound to them. I don't know if that's how his voice actually sounds or how much has digitally altered that way, but listen to him sing/rap and you'll understand. Actually, listen to his few lines on the 5th Element (yeah, he's the one of Zorg's unnamed henchmen). His music ranges from dark and depressing, make you want to jump off a bridge (see "Makes Me Wanna Die" – Pre-Millennium Tension) to loud and energetic, drop kick your boss in the face (see "Girls" – BlowBack)...After garnering recognition as a contributor to Massive Attack's first couple of albums, Tricky released his breakthrough album, Maxinquaye... (Notable tracks: "Overcome", "Hell Is Around The Corner", "Suffocated Love")...Pre-Millennium Tension followed (Notables: "Christiansands"), sticking close to the sound created in his previous album.

But each album he released subsequently pulls farther away from that sound, pushing the envelope and incorporating more elements from other genres (punk, rock, dancehall/dub)...Blowback may be his most accessible album for more mainstream audiences, with guest appearances from Alanis Morissette, Anthony Kedis and John Frusciante from The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cyndi Lauper (Notables: "Excess", "Evolution Revolution Love", "You Don't Wanna", "A Song for Yukio", and his cover of Nirvana's "Something In The Way")...overall, Tricky is an artist that not only helped create a genre of music, but also helped to shape it...get familiar!

Composed by Poo aka Holla At Mitch!

Abridged Tricky Discography


Blow Back

Angels With Dirty Faces


Pre-Millineum Tension

Tricky And The Gravediggaz - The Hell E.P.

Tricky Download

Stray Shots

Goodie Mob - Still Standing

Goodie Mob- Soul Food

VA-DJ Envy-The N.Y. Transporters 3

VA-Snatchatape_(Volume_19)_(Hosted_By_Stack _Bundles)-


VA-DJ_Rondevu-The_4_Horsemen-2003-Parts 1-3 (2pac,Jay-Z,Nas,Notorious B.I.G.)

DJ Vlad and Dirty Harry - 2Pac, Rap Phenomenon

Wild Style Original Soundtrack

Rza - Bobby Digital

Bob Marley Remastered

3rd Bass-Derelicts of Dialect

Big Ed-The Assassin

Biz Markie-Goin Off

Big Mike-Somethin Serious


Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night

MC Eiht - Last Man Standing

Pretty Willie - Enter The Life Of Suella [Retail][2002]

Mr. Mike- Wicked Wayz

Shamrocks And Shenanigans (The Best Of House Of Pain And Everlast)

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