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When The AB's received a cease-and-desist letter from the estate of Isaac Asimov, they could have looked at the legal infraction as discouraging. Instead the four-man outfit from Jacksonville accepted the first taste of humble pie that often comes with newfound recognition. Therapy, Basic, J-One-Da and Willie Evans Jr. compose the supergroup whose production and lyrics promise to put the Southeast in the same conversation as their Dade County peers.

"We'd love to follow in the footsteps of the Bay Area," adds Willie Evans Jr. "The so-called real hip hop has always been down here but there were just no outlets for that, no venues." Times have changed fortunately and both the print media and web fanatics have been checking for The AB's since their incipient album 'And Now... ' released on 6 Hole Records in October last year. Not quick to turn away any opportunities, the group has laid down beats for Mr. Lif and J-Live; and Wordsworth, Cassidy, Doujah Raze and Percee P have joined them to rhyme on collaborations due out soon.

"It's a dream come true to get an album out. Every new artist says that but the first step means a lot." Willie makes no mistake about the heft that comes with versatility. Even more impressive than the success of their debut is the fact that each man contributes beats, rhymes and musical intrigue: professionals in the works. "Yaknow, everybody wants beats and nobody wanna pay for 'em," snickers Basic. No problem for the AB's as years of stewing up goodies provide them with a stash of soulful, boom-bap ditties that draw them comparisons to Little Brother. Willie notes that it's a "trade-off," and considering that they've traded hard work for growing respect...not a bad one.

"Florida has a signature sound that [people] know about but we're going to show that there's little clusters of groups and styles that represent a broader range of hip hop." The quad-ron has begun work on their next project and have burrowed themselves in the lab until further notice. "Right now, it's about concentrating on getting more stuff out and hopefully time will tell," explains Will.

AB - And Now (Abridged)

You can check for The AB's on URB Magazine's "Next 100 List" and on upcoming projects for the Perceptionists.

Words by Drew Ricketts

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