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Does Hip Hop Love Women?

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Model Minority always keeps it gully....

Does Hip-Hop Love Women?

Women Don't Like Music Nerds. Um. No. Tara Henely of XXL thinks so. She says,

But anyway, as it happens, Bol makes an excellent point. It is true that the music blog phenomenon—and a certain level of dialogue on music in general—is pretty much a male thing. I’m not saying females can’t love music in the same detail-oriented, collector, trivia-obsessed sort of way that most male hip-hop heads do. I’m just saying that, by and large, they don’t.
I feel your pain, ONE. And I hate to tell you this—but you all do it to yourselves. Female heads are about as welcome in hip-hop culture as a sober Jehovah’s Witness is at a crunk Christmas party.
Hip Hop on the Green. Thembisa's hip-hop show at Mills in what, er '94. All them Black Lily shows, Wetlands shows. Tramps shows. Sista's allways were presents, accounted for and just doing them. Trust. We are there. Just because the online community is not OVERFLOWING with women yapping about the hop, [Present company excluded of course], does not mean that they do not exist. that jus means that men like to talk more. Well duh!
I feel your pain, ONE. And I hate to tell you this—but you all do it to yourselves. Female heads are about as welcome in hip-hop culture as a sober Jehovah’s Witness is at a crunk Christmas party.
I had the exact opposite experience. I found that being into "THE HOP" as a teenager, dudes would wannna chop it up about the latest source cover, and who was coming on the wake up show, and how they met black moon and Jeru at the GAVIN last February. Granted. Some were tryna smash. But by in large, being into the hop afforded me the opportunity to forge friendships w/ folks based on THAT common intrest. While I do concede that my evidence is anecdotal also, it does infact, fly in the face of the idea of women NOT BEING WELCOMED in the hop. THE Hop is ambivilent about women. It loves us, it sexualizes us, it wants us to be Bonnie, and to be its Ride or Die chick Dear Momma's us and i. But guess what, American culture does the EXACT SAME THING TO WOMEN. Tell me whenna go.

But anyway, for the most part, girls that are really into hip-hop tend to be isolated, and end up having to seek out dudes to converse with. [This is derisive. B-Girls Stand UP].You all know what happens next. If you are kicking it with a dude, he probably has other things on his mind than having a friendly chat about hip-hop. (Word to When Harry Met Sally.)

When it comes to groups of guys, they typically don’t have any desire whatsoever to have a female present for their hip-hop powwows. I grew up with a brother and our apartment was always full of dudes talking about hip-hop, but most female hip-hop heads don’t have access to that type of environment. A while back I was talking to one of my bro’s friends about this exact dynamic—and he was like, “Come on, T. No group of guys is ever sitting around, like ‘You know what we need? We really need a female friend in our crew to give us another perspective on hip-hop.’” My point exactly. [Fine. He can be dismissive, but its anecdotal at best. There is a place for women in Hip to be both accepted by men, to interact with them, and to maintain our own critcal voice while appreciating the music].

Written by Model Minority

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