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To 85% of fans, Ghost Deni produces a stream-of-consciousness babble that is not easily understood.

The other 10% of the time, he can be a part of a track they can bounce to without really caring what he's saying (see "Back Like That" & "Cherchez La Ghost")

However, this verse was a part of the 5% that everyone could understand & appreciate the vivid nature of....

Call an ambulance, Jamie been shot, word to Kemit
Don't go Son, nigga you my motherfuckin heart
Stay still Son, don't move, just think about Keeba
She'll be three in January, your young God needs you
The ambulance is taking too long
Everybody get the fuck back, excuse me bitch, gimme your jack
One, seven one eight, nine one one, low battery, damn
Blood comin out his mouth, he bleedin badly
Nahhh Jamie, don't start that shit
Keep your head up, if you escape hell we gettin fucked up
When we was eight, we went to Bat Day to see the Yanks
In Sixty-Nine, his father and mines, they robbed banks
He pointed to the charm on his neck
With his last bit of energy left, told me rock it with respect
I opened it, seen the God holdin his kids
Photogenic, tears just burst out my wig
Plus he dropped one, oh shit, here come his Old Earth
With no shoes on, screamin holdin her breasts with a gown on
She fell and then lightly touched his jaw, kissed him
Rubbed his hair, turned around the ambulance was there
Plus the blue coats, Officer Lough, took it as a joke
Weeks ago he strip-searched the God and gave him back his coke
Bitches yellin, Beenie Man swung on Helen
In the back of a cop car, dirty tarts are tellin
But suddenly a chill came through it was weird
Felt like my man, was cast out my heaven now we share
Laid on the stretcher, blood on his Wally's like ketchup
Deep like the full assassination with a sketch of it
It can't be, from Yohoo to Lee's
Second grade humped the teachers, about to leave
Finally this closed chapter, comes to an end
He was announced, pronounced dead, y'all, at twelve ten

Wu-Tang Clan - "Impossible"

I like Jim Jones.

He's my favorite out of the Dips, not neccessarily for his music even though he's got some bangers.

Moreso, I like the nonchalant, unfuckwitable attitude he displays.

But this shit was still too funny to hold back....

We still got love for the Dips though no homo...

Courtesy of the homie GoldenArmz, Forty Diplomats Recordings...Solo Albums, Group Albums, Affiliates, & Mixtapes

Oh yeah....Dally™ dropped a bomb as well...Easily eighty albums worthy of adding to your collection...Too many to even provide a listing for them all.


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