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We mentioned a few weeks ago, as part of our continued growth and expansion, we want to offer those of you who create music the chance to submit your work for review. We appreciate the old school, and we listen to what's avaiable today. But we also want to continue to be ahead of the curve on who's next. And we want our visitors to be as well. Not for nothing, we want to give you, as artists, a chance to shine & be exposed to the widest audience possible, which we feel we can provide.

We'll we've finally come together with a plan that, we hope, will allow you to do just that.

To submit your material for review

1. Upload it to one of the many file hosting services. We prefer that you not use Yousendit.

As well, submit any additional biographical materials, photos, and relevant press materials in your upload. We'd really like some type of backstory detailing who you are, where you're from and what you feel you bring to the table (but keep it short please; this isn't an acceptance speech or Vibe magazine)

Be sure to have your material labelled properly with all songs tagged.

We'd prefer that you send in at least FIVE tracks because it's hard to get a feel for your music based off one or two tracks.

2. Email the download link to and be sure to have a working email that you check often, in case we need to contact you.

3. Wait...

We will be listening to everything submitted and in a timely fashion. But understand we're doing this for free & we're undermanned. But we'll get to it and provide an objective review.

If we like the material, we'll review it and it'll be featured on the site.

Have a hardcopy of your work & some of the above mentioned materials that you'd like to submit?

Email us and we'll provide a mailing address.


Email us @

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