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What if Rakim had the Internet?

I always like to shoot the shit with model minority because she always brings some thought provoking insight & questions to the table. When she originally ran the concept for this joint by me, I was intrigued and began to wonder about it all myself.

If Rakim had the internet in 1990 Hip Hop would arguably be different. I think that people like us, who adore music from the back pack, boom bap era would have a constant cycle of music to listen to and tours to attend.

Think about it. The problem isn't Hot 97 or KMEL. The problem is how a few artists are played over and over again and how their artistic range is tied to Universal Music's shareholders dividends *[more on this in the next post].

If Rakim had the internet in 1990 perhaps:

1. Eric B could have e-mailed beats to Ras Kass.

2. We would have an online distribution network of emcees and artist.

3. You Tube in 1990 would have circumvented the power of MTV. N*ggas could just put their videos up on YouTube.

4. VIBE arguably would not have been as powerful, as there would be OTHER sources to get hip hop from and consequently Biggie and Pac would not have been murdered. Nah. That prolly would have happened. With Rapcointelpro and all:(

5. Doom woulda been doing jawns with Del and Souls of Mischief.


That you are getting paid for your images does not make you powerful. That is my argument regarding the popularity of Buffie the Body. But I think that it can be extended to hip hop also. Getting paid is one thing. Being in control of your images is another.



How do you think HH would be different today if Rakim had the internet in 1990?



Written by model minority

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