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Hip-hop and rap as a whole have had a fascination with bass for years now.

Early on, the music and musicians may not have seemed too concerned with it.

But in the mid 80's and the inclusion of the 808 drum, things changed and the album had to knock.

If the bass doesn't bump, it gets zero play in the whip nine times out of ten.

Some prefer nice clean sound that remains contained in the vehicle.

Others prefer to have the trunk rattle as if two midgets were banging the inside of the trunk like cymbals.




Whatever they call it in your area, the sound is universally beloved.

With that in mind, we picked out a few tracks that we know will achieve the desired level of bass you prefer.

Of course there's quite a few more songs that could've been added.

Most are these are random picks.

Feel free to add your own suggested selections in the comments.

T-Rock - Slang N Serve

DJ Paul - Still Gettin My Dick Sucked

Too Short - In The Trunk

Young Lay - All About My Fetti

Jay-z - PSA

Webbie - How U Ridin

Dead Prez - Hip-Hop

Brotha Lynch Hung - Situation On Dirty

DJ Paul - Still Gettin My Dick Sucked

The Diplomats - More Gangsta Music

Lil Whyte - Say Goodbye To The Bad Guy

LL Cool J - Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag

Devin The Dude - Pussy, Weed and Alcohol

Mr. Serv-On - Tryin To Make It Out The Ghetto

Fiend - Talk It Like I Bring It

Scrappy - F.I.L.A.

C-Murder - Down For My Niggas

Westside Connection - Hoo Bangin

Pastor Troy - I'm Made

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Stray Shots

2pac- Makaveli 5 - East N' West

2 Pac - Makaveli 09 Thuggin From The Grave

2pac- Makaveli 06 - Hit Em Up II

Shuko & DJ Concept - Street Hustle Vol.1 Hosted by A-Mafia

Dipset's A-Mafia - Mafia's Town (Official Mixtape)- 2006

DJ 1Mic - Wu Tang Radio [Vol. 2] [Still Buzzin]

Mr. Serv-On - Life Insurance

7.3 Stray Shots Downloadable Text File

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