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TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Duece Poppi

"Duece Poppi" is a name from around the way.

"Whattup Duece?"

It just sounds like that cousin who you only see at the family BBQ or around reunion time because he's that relative that your parents don't want you hangin with, the one who's always in the streets.

"It's an old nickname from the hood that stuck," says Duece Poppi. "It's my real name, not a rap name."

You probably remember the Slip-N-Slide affiliate's first appearance on the Miami smash "Shut Up," the Trick Daddy and Trina radio track that exploded onto airwaves. But Deuce wasn't one to rest on his laurels. As he says, "I'm the total package of the music. I make beats, I'm a ghost writer, a writer, and I'm just an all-around real-ass nigga."

His name comes up constantly on work for Slip-N-Slide ladelmates, Rick Ross and Trina. And like most artists, Duece's trying to change the game. Since helping to help shine light on M.I.A, Duece's got the single "Did I Do That" lightin it up right now and he's set to release his next album, God, Guns and Pussy, in the coming months.

"It's a lot of shallow shit going on in rap. Niggas don't really love the music. I'm one of the true lovers of this shit. I love the street arts," he says. "I don't glamorize that shit, but that's how niggas made it since slavery, grindin and hustlin."

His southern drawl exposes his deep and dirty roots. A native ATlien, he came of age in the 305, and today holds it down in both hip-hop hot spots. We had a chance to chop it up with pimpin recently....


What are you working on these days?

DUECE>I'm working on my album, "God, Guns and Pussy."

TSS> What's the concept behind that?

DEUCE> It's self-explanatory, but it's a little theme to it, we putting it together right now. But basically, you know, that's what's in a nigga life right now. It's like a movie title, we trying to make it like a movie.

TSS> How has your music changed since your debut with 'Shut Up'?

DEUCE> Our music is always evolving, you know what I'm sayin? Its changed a little bit. But we was a little ahead of our time way back then. It's a different world, you know. America being at war. Ain't nuttin really sweet right now.

TSS> Where do you live now?

DEUCE> I live in Atlanta, but I'm in Miami, I be back and forth. I got two houses. I'm in Miami right now, but I'll be in Atlanta in a week or two.

TSS> On a music level, do you represent Atlanta style hiphop or Miami?

DEUCE> You trying to put a nigga in a box. I can't go in a box. I'm a nigga that's been all over the country and the world, so I can't go in a box. I'm me, Deuce Poppi.

TSS> Were you happy with last month's NBA Finals?

DEUCE> They lost about 70 games last year. M.I.A, they deserve it man. One time for them.

TSS> What was your top album in high school?

DEUCE> Lemme think...'Thug Life' album with Tupac. "How long will they mourn me," all that shit right there. That was a big thing back then. Before the real real big blow-up. It was just on the street right there. I just loved it. It was so melodic. It was positive and hard at the same time. That was a nice era right there.

TSS> What's in the DVD player?

DEUCE> "Cocaine Cowboys", a little documentary they got on the streets down here in Miami. And "Cars", that little animation joint.

TSS> You watch "Cars" with your seed?

DEUCE> My seed young. I been watchin it for me, dog. I'm a keep it real.

TSS> You on the animation tip?

DEUCE> I fuck wit "Adult Swim". That's something out the A-Town. That's my A-Town thing.

TSS> What do you mean it's an "A-Town" thing? Dudes in Atlanta like Adult Swim?

DEUCE> What?! That's where it's made at. You watch that Adult Swim you see it say [production company] Williams Street. Atlanta is real huge, that's why I'm up there. It's an industry, a lot of money coming through there, not just music. We talking about CNN, Ted Turner, TNT. It's a lot of shit crackin out there.

TSS> What would you choose: weed or getting some jaw?

DEUCE> Weed or head? You hard on a nigga, boy? I choose weed. Because I'm a pimp. I make the bitches sweat it out.

TSS>When the last time a chick played you?

DEUCE>Played? I don't really get played. I got total domination and control over bitch mind, body and soul. I know the street arts: dope and pimpin. But, wait..lemme think. It's been some years, boy. Its been a long time since a hoe had them kind of nutts.

TSS>What's in the CD player?

DEUCE>I got some shit that says "Pimp Shit", Young Dro Mix CD, Deuce Poppi--Work on Deck Vol. 1... I got Thug Life, Born to Mack, that's Too $hort, and I got DJ Khaled and I got Rick Ross' mixtape.

TSS> You got Deuce Poppi mixtape out?

DEUCE>It's crazy, I got The Game on there, Rick Ross, Bo Hagen from BME, Raphael Sadiq.

TSS> Where can we cop that?

DEUCE> Well you gotta be on the streets, man. It was all through the "A". But now I just signed with Capital/Priority so they want to re-release it. So go to, or go to my new website which is gonna be, or they can got to . It's a crazy mixtape. I'm goin back in and I'm fittn' to diss me a few niggas on a couple records and rerelease it wit Capital. They all wit that.

TSS> Can we get a preview of the heads you aiming at?

DEUCE> I'm fitten to diss me a few niggas, dog. Cause it's like, If you ain't going for the full coup, then don't even get into politics. You know? It's just a few niggas, man.
One time for the Gatling Gang, Deuce Poppi, Rick Ross, Triple Seis, Trick Daddy you know, the godfather of this shit. We take it where we need to go. I want niggas to know I got a crew, it's called N.W.M, Niggas Wit Money, and it's coming real super soon. Fuck wit ya boy.

For more info on Duece, visit and

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