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One Hundred Percent Independent...

...I'm the fuckin boss
The only unsigned brother with a quotable in The Source
The hood is not stupid, we know the mathematics
I made double what I would going gold on Atlantic
But EMI, Sony BMG, Interscope would never sign a rapper with the White House in a scope
They push pop music like a religion, anorexic celebrity driven, financial fantasy fiction
Contradiction cause the life we was given resembles life in prison, FED time with Manuel Noriega
The real Noriega who did America a hundred favors with contras, the ? and the CIA
Movin Escobar's coke through the MIA
This is the third world speakin, to a dead man walkin
And everybody talkin bout the south's taking over
It's true mutherfucker but it's coming over the border
Fuck your chain, my people will kill you for water
Fuck fans brotha, I got soldiers supporters
That'll cut your throat if you strapped with a tape recorder
That's right mutherfucker, welcome to the new world order
Where truth is always censored by corporate reporters
The government runs the drug politics on the corner
That's why I never stress rappers and their employers
I'll put a bag over his fuckin head and torture your lawyer
Cause it's too simple to shoot ya, i'll taser the roof of ya mouth or electrocute ya
I'll root you out with the ruger, the German luger, U-boat and the troops in the scuba
Brotha you can't overthrow me like the island of Cuba
Brotha's will never find ya body like the bitch in Aruba
And i'll maneuver through the state department and their friends
With secret deals like the Nazi's in IBM
And now you know this ain't a trend or a fashion
This is my life and my passion, fuck tryin to cash in
I need more than advancements and a rented mansion
So while you little house brothas are singin and dancin
I'll kill you and take your land like an Israeli expansion

For those that don't know, Immortal Technique is a Harlem rapper born in Peru. He's one hundred percent independent, which means he releases all his music himself. No distribution deal with Koch or anything like that. And this song is a good indication of why he does it himself. Because he says some REAL shit. For those of you out there (I know you're there) that aren't too busy making ya shoulder lean, you should definitely check this dude out. He's released two albums (Revolutionary Vol. 1 and 2) and is in the middle of prepping his next release called The Middle Passage. If this song does anything for you, you should definitely spend the cash to cop his other albums. For any further info on Immortal Technique, you can check out his website at Preach!!

Words by Kye Stephenson - Contact Kye

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