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Rock The Vote With DJ Neil Armstrong & Fifth Platoon

The 5P gives and gives and gives.... and now we're askin ya to help us out...

For those who aren't in the know - there has been a mixtape awards for the last ten years, originated by a fellow named JUSTO. He passed away last year (RIP), but his legacy will continues on...

We are requesting that you guys help spread the word about the 5th Platoon & Neil Armstrong, by nominating him in the awards. It will help greatly in spreading the word about his body of work to a lot of folk that haven't had a chance to hear it yet... If you've ever enjoyed a DJ Neil Armstrong Mixtape, and one of his cd made ya smile, please just take a moment , to go to, and give him your stamp of approval.

Like pretty much all awards shows, there are a plethora of categories that people can get nominated for. For example - Best Graphics, Best mixtape DJ overall, Best mixtape video....

Neil Armstrong would like to be nominated in particular for these 3 categories - Best Blends Mixtape DJ , Best Mashup Award, and Best New Mixtape DJ

But feel free to vote for him for anything you see fit, just keep it to the categories that exist - so you can't vote for Neil as the "Best EMO fruitcake Mixtape DJ", even if you wanted to (that means you Daddy Dog & Vinroc)...

To vote, go to, click on the vote now button, and click on the particular category you want to vote in.

For each vote, you can nominate up to 3 DJ's. To make clear - this is to vote for NOMINATIONS, NOT the final winner. After all the nominations are in, a board of directors will come together and figure out who will be the DJ's in the final running for the award...

Some other suggestions for voting that you may want to cast -

Best Blends - DJ Daddy Dog, and DJ Unexpected

Best Mash Up - DJ P, Mike Relm, Aristocrat, The Rub

Best Down South - DJ Drama, CHOPS

Best Hip Hop Mixtape - DJ Mick Boogie, Green Lantern

Best Promotional Mixtape - Cornerstone 1200 Squad

Best West Coast Mixtape - The Demolition Men

You don't have to nominate 3 people , but you can - in fact, you can nominate yourself if you wanted to!! But please, keep the childishness aside - someone is going to have to tally these things up...

Now some of you may be thinking "shoot, I never heard Neil's cds, his cds are cream crap, and I hear that he gets gassy a lot and his flatulance stings the nostrils...."

Here are some reasons to persuade you to give Neil the vote -

Rolling Stone - 2005 "Top 10" Mixtape DJ List's Honorable Mention 2005 "Power 30" List

Cornerstone Mixtape #79 - Best of 2005
The Almighty 5th Platoon

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