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Trapped In The Closet...

What are we gonna do when the gay rapper pulls a Lance Bass on us?

Earlier this week, they tried to lay the title on Ne-Yo and alot of people were "So Sick"...sorry, I had to LOL.

In truth, with the way homosexuality is not tolerated in the Black community or the hip-hop community, who'll be the one individual to say the words "I'm Gay", either while in the spotlight or after their 15 minutes is over?

There's something going on © The Roots

While personally detesting the labels applied to brothers, time is starting to make me understand that this whole "down low brother" theory is not some conspiracy theory or phenomenon. When AIDS first came on the scene, its increasing infliction was attributed to drug users. Now, it's said to spread more because of homosexuality and unprotected heterosexual intercourse. And in the Black community, it's hittin harder than an 808.

So if my favorite rapper is playing both sides of the fence and fuckin a different broad in every city...and then I happen to run across the smut...yeah.

So will hip-hop accept the idea of a rappin Karamo? A media personality? Someone who's cds I bought? Who's video I saw and maybe picked up style cue? Who's lyrics I rapped during the course of my day? Who's show I bought a ticket for?

Will I buy their discs anymore?

I doubt it.

On a surface level, doing so leaves you open to alot of comments that you're condoning or glorifying the gay artist. " got that aggin _______ disc? Aww man!" You don't want to be that dude in the lockeroom trying to convince your boys that MC DigDug is the best when he was just on the cover of a mag tongue-kissin his lover.

Aww them aggins kissin © Riley

On a deeper level, for some reason, I truly don't think so because homosexuality is still a seedy issue for all of America. Yes, the media is trying to portray it as a lifestyle that's more prominent than middle America is willing to admit. Still, personally, I don't find too much fascination in watching the various portrayals like Will & Grace or Queer Eye episodes.

So while American culture may be open to accepting homosexuality, its subcultures aren't.

Rock-n-roll is American as you can get & they have Elton John. That's mainstream culture.

Subcultures, such as rap and country, will most likely never have those types of artists. Like country, hip-hop forms alot of it's base around the male bravado, "manliness."

Gay does not equate manliness.

No answers.

Just ideas and questions.

In the end, perhaps we need to focus on how we treat each other as people.

What another man does on his private time really ain't my issue anyways honestly.

Will hip-hop accept an openly gay rapper?
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Straws - The Punchline King

DJ_Smallz-Bohagon-Who_Am_I? I'm_Bohagon


Creed Taylor Inc. - The Best Of CTI Records

Nature - For All Seasons

Keak Da Sneak - Copium

The Brand New Heavies - Trunk Funk Classics 1991-2000

Too Short - Blow The Whistle (2006)

Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds [BONUS DISC]

The Roots - The Legendary [EP]

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Push Up Ya Lighters...

R.I.P. Stringer Bell

Spoken word is that distant cousin to hip-hop.

The one who doesn't talk much when everybody's around but really starts saying something when you're one on one with him.

I've been slowly accepting the art of spoken word more as my man Aubrey has been asking me to come out and support him.

In turn, I've noticed, and I'm generalizing here, spoken word artists come in a few forms...

  • Those fast-talking cats so closely akin to pimps, talkin fast but not saying much...
  • Psuedo Love Jones dudes trying to get @ females via the mic hehe...
  • Bemusingly angry chicks...
  • And then those individuals who have the true talent and presence with their words to captivate and motivate. This last group is the one I admire most and find myself pushin up my lighter for when we're @ the events. Admirable for their ability to impart wisdom and intellect, a concise worldview and mesh it all into a blend of words and voice that is plainspeak...

So when this showed up @ my e-doorstep, I figured it'd be worth sharing.

The Wire is that show for being cutting edge and hauntingly realistic. Every season thus far has been top notch and shined light on a variety of issues effecting many downtrodden communities, giving a dramatic portrayal to the "we sell the dope but we don't own no planes to bring it here" theory. Politricks and dirty business. This season should be no different as it will focus on the Baltimore public education system, or the lack of education perhaps.

And since that last group of spoken word artists usually have something to say when they speak, it looks like a nice alternative twist that should fit like a glove with the premise of the show. A nice platform to share your thoughts one might say.

While some my deem it a form of explotation, but I always think it's good when the powers that be embrace both the internet and hip-hop. At a certain point, we have to realize the power our culture holds with music as the medium. As well, we have to branch out and let the world officially know that we're not just on the corner rappin anymore. So when given a stage, we should seek to seize the moment for our benefit. It's quid pro quo - "you scratch my back; I scratch yours." Somewhere, some lucky cat is gonna benefit from the exposure and that's always a blessing.

Visit The Wire Spoken Word Challenge for more info on the contest.

In other media matters...

Scarface is a hip-hop and hood staple, as proven by the countless times seen on MTV Cribs.

Everybody "admires" the idea of being the ballsy toughguy who goes after it all.

But not everybody wants to take the pen chances or go out in a blaze of bullets.

Fear no more. You too can still be Tony Montana courtesy of Scarface: The World Is Yours brought to you by Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, available on XBox and PS2 on Oct. 8.

Peep the trailer for the game by clickin the pic below...

Last but not least...

Join Lovenoise and TSSCrew at the block party

It's going down © Young Joc

Click for more info...


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Red Cafe - Diddy Bop

Guilty Simpson - Clap Your Hands

Beyoncé - Creole

Jagged Edge - You Hurt Me

T.I. Feat. Stat Quo_-_Top Back A Lil’ Bit More

Blood Raw Feat. Slick Pulla- Ride Tonight

Mase Feat. RL - Let's Go

Guerilla_Black - 400 Shotz

Lupe Fiasco Feat. Sway - We Love You

Mobb Deep ft Tony Yayo - Gangsta

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Pimps, Playas & Hustlas...

Unless you've been under some sort of rock, we've all heard various takes on what the hell happened to Dave Chappelle and his critically acclaimed show. In recent months, Dave has slowly but surely been making his way back into the public eye and doing standup.

What you'll read below is a friend's recant of what Dave said @ a recent standup he performed @ Warner Theater in D.C. this past Saturday, as a small part of his comedic routine. It was too engaging not to pass along and there was no need to try to restate it because it was said good enough in it's original form.

Respect to MJPapa for allowing us to share it with you.

First off, Happy Birthday to Dave. He turned 33 last night and performed at the Warner Theater in DC. His wife and two sons came up on stage and the Howard University Marching Band surprised him at the end of the show.

His comedy was on point and he related his $50M contact to the life of Iceburg Slim, a Chicago pimp, who wrote a book about his life called, aptly, "Pimp".

In short, he told the story about a prosititue who was good for 2,500 tricks. She was called the "bottom ho". After about 2000 "miles", she wanted to quit--said she was all used up. Slim had to make a decision whether to cut her loose or ride her out for all she was worth and he called to meet her in a coffee shop.

Slim told her that he couldn't work with her anymore and that they needed to part ways. He asked that she turn one final trick for him tonight and she agreed. His instructions were clear--go to the motel across the street and knock on the door to a room where a man will be waiting. Slip a bit of this powder into his drink before doing the business and wait for him to pass out. When he does, take the briefcase on the table and come back to the restaurant.

The bottom ho does exactly as Slim tells her and heads off to the motel. Minutes later, she returns to the diner in a panic and tells Slim that something went wrong--she gave the man all of the powder and he was unconscious. Slim tells her he never meant for the business man to take the whole dose and they proceed back to the hotel where Slim checks his pulse. He then dials a phone number and soon later, a doctor shows up. After a few moments, the doctor pronounces the man dead. The bottom ho starts getting really scared and says, "We killed him!!"

Slim corrects her and says, "No. You killed him. And I'm here to help get us out of this." He tells the doctor and the prostitute to wait inside the room and he goes out into the night. An hour, or more, goes by and both the ho and doctor are terrified that Slim may never come back. Just then, Slim returns--now with two more men and a carpet. It's then that Slim opens the briefcase, which is filled with money. He pulls out two large wads and hand one each to the men. They take one look inside the room and know what to do, rolling the business man off the bed and up into the carpet, haul the body down a flight of stairs into the trunk of a waiting car and drive off.

Slim the pulls out another stack of bills and hands it to the doctor who thanks him and leaves. Slim then tells the bottom ho to grab her things and they exit through the bathroom window so as not to be seen by anyone. On the way out, the hooker is still stunned and what just transpired. Slim leans in real close and says, "That just there was a secret that you can never tell to anyone. Ever. We now have a bond that is unbreakable."

The hooker understands this and Slim allows her to keep working for him. She works for another year and ends up giving him 3,500 tricks - a thousand more than she was worth.

In the end, the whole scene was made up. The doctor was a friend of Slim's who happened to have a lab coat. The two cleaners were taxi drivers he met on the street. The money and briefcase belonged to Slim and the dead man was very much alive--Slim staged the whole thing. He closed his show with this story and said, "This is THE GAME. And when you can figure out what happened, you'll understand why I went to Africa".

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Young Jeezy Presents Live At The Seawall

Young Droop-1990 Hate

Radiohead - Live @ Bonnaroo 2006

PA (Parental Advisory) - Straight, No Chaser

Ray Lamontagne - Trouble

Jaylib - Champion Sound

Atlantic Starr-Brilliance (1982)

Atlantic Starr-Radiant(1980)

Atlantic Starr-Atlantic Starr(1978)

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The Flickin, The Fresh, The Fly and The Fugazi

Back to school and fall are always cherished for school kids and grown folk alike.

For one, it signifies the end of summer.

Fall and winter > summer

True indeed, in summer, the barenaked women rule and you can rock colorful outfits.

But any coolmotherfucker knows, fall and winter are about layers and accessories. A nice tweed hat. Matching leather and boots. Skullies. For some of you flyer folk, a scarf. TNF's in adundance and 'Lo knits.

For two, it gives you a justified reason to have to blow some cheese and splurge a little.

School kids get a shopping spree, be it small or large, courtesy of mothers or summer hustles.

Grown folks start scrappin together extra dollars to get that new-new butter leather or, for the ladies, those particular boots.

But sometimes, cats do it all wrong or follow the script to hard.

And you know we're always here to help alleviate the stress and sheepism. To give you some guidance so that when you do step out, the folks say uggggh © Master P, but as a positive and not a negative.

This is for those of you looking to be on the frontline of the cutting edge and what cats on the screen are doing. Seen on various videos and print worn by cats like the whole G-Unit crew, Jae Millz, Papoose, Busta, Chris Brown, Gino Green Global is the actual name of "the shirts with all the 9's on it." FYI - Those are actually lowercase g's. Now you know.

Peep the video footage by clicking the link...

Why rock it? One because from the ground up, the brand is street orientated. From the designers to the clothes they produce, they symbolize some of the gaudiness and one-up-manship that it is hip-hop - the colorful assortment and unique placement of the logos are just enough to catch the eye of anyone without looking awkwardly absurd while doing it...and now you know those aren't 9's so the shirts make more sense.

I'm co-signin for these cats tough.

Fresh, innovative, hip-hop influenced. Quality materials used, graphics that won't fade, affordable. And instead of focusing on flooding the market with designs, they only plan to drop a few pieces each season while making sure to maintain quality control of the joints they do decide to drop.

So in other words, visit, get on now, cop and be one of the few around your city doin it in these. Plus this shirt featuring the AZ lyric is quintessential hip-hop and is shittin on 3/4's of the materials in stores now.

Now I know, if you're like most, the idea of rockin Ecko prolly hasn't crossed your mind. Matter of fact, I think all I've ever owned from the label is a pair of jeans LOL.

That may soon change whenthis recent Spike Lee x Mark Ecko Clothing collabo touches the market.

Nothing too over the top; decent execution @ best. But I think it's appealing more because it's paying tribute to one of the most influential directors of the past twenty years.

If you've stepped your clothing game to apparel a little more gentlemanly than puffy coats and New Eras, but you're still a hat fanatic, there's still a way you can cover your dome without looking like conflicting generations are battling for placement on your body via your clothes. has a dope collection of hats that will allow you to accomplish the stylistic flow you want. Yeah, they cost more than the standard Lids joints, but as with anything, sometimes doing outside the boundaries takes an investment.

No matter how old I get, I will always rock sneakers. And ten times out of ten, they won't be standard fare bought from Footlocker. It's rarely mentioned here but I always like to mention that years ago, my homeboys Matt, Ahmad and myself were a part of the originators of this online sneaker craze, along with several other sites. So if you hate hypebeasts, resellers and eGay, etc., we proudly take some of the blame for that. Because while it has it's drawbacks, there's nothing like copping a pair of shoes that, previous to the emergence of online sneaker culture, would've only been a European or Asian exclusive or that original version of a shoe that you were too broke to buy when you were young. Now that you have the money to play, play hard.

Here's some help...

Your easy-to-follow, online guide to a variety of sneaker websites, blogs, retailers, etc.

One thing that has hurt the sneaker collecting and wearing is the overabundance of fakes/variants. If I see another pair of clear Jordan VII's in a white/________ (insert one of the seldom used colors out of the Crayola 64 box with the sharpener on the side) I think I might shed a tear.

Get educated...please.

spotting fake Air Force 1's

And for those of you set on rockin Bapes, make sure they're authentic.

how to spot fake bapes

As a general rule, if the price is too good to be true, it's a fake.

A song for the occassion...

Rhymefest - Go Out Clothes

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With 9th Wonder

Little Brother has made a stamp on hip-hop that won't be soon forgotten, partly because of the group's outspoken emcee in residence, Phonte, and partly because of its mainstay producer 9th Wonder. Since infiltrating the soundscape with The Listening (2003) 9th Wonder has committed to making music for the heads, forging a signature beat style that thrives in both his classic mixtape God's Stepson and on the latest LB release The Minstrel Show, specifically selecting exclusive and brilliant samples that have drawn him innumerable comparisons to Pete Rock, DJ Premier and other nineties-nostalgia icons.

But the road to underground idol status also tacks on purist nerd fans with unattainable expectations, and the weight of representing an entire generation's need to reconnect with substantive music. 9th remains unflappable, though, recalling the struggle that got him here and the reasons why he'll eat off this music shit for days to come. Sit back, relax and read. Another Sunday, Another Session....

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With....

Words by Drew Ricketts
Editing by Paola Mendoza

TSS> What up man? I'm glad we could get in contact. This a good time for you?

9th> Yeah it's cool.

TSS> I was just watching this "When the Levees Broke" shit on HBO, trying not to get too mad at the Feds.

9th> I was watching that too. A year later...still crazy.

TSS> Anyway, lemme get into the questions because a lot of people have submitted and I want to cover everything. Your music is infused with a lot of soul, what music were you brought up listening to? Was it soul or mostly rap?

9th> Both...Well, it's a lot of things. I have Southern Christian parents who were playing soul records and gospel. Then, I used to watch MTV --because after '86 was like the MTV era-- with Duran Duran, Huey Lewis and the News. My brother was into Stacy Lattisaw and the R&B artists out at the time. That was all fine and good but when he'd try to pull me over to that side...I just wanted to hear KRS-One and the rap stuff.

Growing up in the South is real different though, man. We have a Christian my folks would play Mahalia Jackson and James Cleveland 8-tracks as much as they might play records like The Commodores.

TSS> You have an older brother? How much older?

9th> My brother is 12 years older than me.

TSS> Is that the origin of the LB name?

9th> Nah, actually. Little Brother was what we came up with to be identifiable in stores as a distinct name when people are looking for our stuff, whether it's [among] rap groups or rock groups. It's like we're the little brothers of that classic hip-hop era -- the Nas', the De La Souls, Tribe -- but since then it has taken on a couple of meanings.

TSS> Aside from Little Brother albums, you've done work with some notable rappers. I heard a rumor that you have a particular studio ethic...something like only one take for every song? Is that true?

9th> Man, I look at it like this. This is rap's very raw. There's no "say it again" or "one more take"...just do the shit. Some people do things just to do it. That's one thing I learned from Kanye West, to go with the feeling of a song instead of trying to construct some thing because of a process. I don't believe in that.

TSS> I also heard this is somewhat different from the style that Murs has in the studio. How did you resolve that?

9th> (Laughs) Me and Murs fight like cats and dogs. We like brothers. He's told people in interviews about that part of the working relationship and it's all good. I just had to let him know that this is how I work. Regardless, we come out with the dope shit's all good.

TSS> How do you decide if you can mesh with a rapper's style?

9th> I don't try to judge that. I really don't care. Music is a feeling to me. I had never heard a lot of Murs shit before we worked together. His people got at me and I started listening and knew we could do a good one together. Good artists...we'll make it work. I think me and Mike Jones could do a record.

TSS> Do you think that goes against what people expect of you? Like the "purists" for instance?

9th> Listen man I don't care what these internet Super Hip-Hop fans think (laughs). They want you to emcee and breakdance and all this other shit. I want to make good music so I don't worry about if it's pure to some people. Hip-hop -- this hip-hop shit -- it's either in you or it ain't in you. That's can't put things in your music to make it more hip-hop or whatever it is. No internet chat board can say what's in you. So the whole purist thing...bump that too. You know what my theory is about these so-called purists? It's like the guy who ain't well-endowed and he goes and buys a big car...they're overcompensating.

TSS> I think that happens because there's a generation of young kids who want to be part of the 'real' hip-hop, so to speak but they have no frame of reference. They're looking for the connection. How do you provide the frame of reference to these listeners when they're hearing remade songs, as is the hip-hop tradition, with no real idea of how the music came about?

9th> It's up to our generation to do that. I mean the generation of 25-and-over people who really got to experience both major periods of hip-hop. The sampling and all that wouldn't be so bad if the average 31-year-old rap fan would act [his] age. For example, I understand, I didn't understand this a couple years ago, why a young person will hear a snap music song and enjoy it and dance to it. I understand why these songs get made...but what I don't understand is why when it comes on and you see this 31-year-old dancing to it. That's what destroys the frame of reference. We are the people who need to be putting younger folks on to the music that they'll appreciate so they don't think this stuff on the radio is the only shit. There's times where I mention what I do to a young person and they're like 'who's Little Brother? Are you on the radio?' I know that we ain't on the radio all the time but we're around and people don't know us.

TSS> So you just want those younger people to have the option?

9th> Yeah the option. I do my part because I'm a professor over here at North Carolina Central where I teach a course on hip-hop. I make sure that I'm telling the students and the younger generation about the music I listen to and the songs that influenced me. That's my class will put Q-Tip in context, my class will put KRS-1 in context. Anything we can do to reconnect with the young people, we have to do.

TSS> Here's a question I know is on a lot of people's minds. I have a friend who makes beats who has wanted me to ask you this among others...Will you make beats outside of the Fruity Loops format?

9th> I'm a stick-to-my-guns kind of dude. I stick with what I know I do best. I've been accused of mailing it in or staying in my own lane. I look at it like this, if the lane I'm in allows me to go a hundred-miles-an-hour, I'll be staying in that lane. I make songs on Fruity Loops. You can hang with it or you can't. There's no sense in any long diatribes about why I do it. I make beats on computers. It's a funny thing that a computer that I've had for so long can put food on the table but so be it. I gotta feed my two daughters and they're not telling me to use the MPC or to change what I do. I don't think they will either (laughs). None of the established beatmakers have ever told me to do something's only the Super Hip-Hop cats who are stressing that.

TSS> Now that you've worked with some of the guys that you always admired as emcees, is there anyone left on the wish list of projects?
9th> You know I'm really tired of this question...everytime I get it...
TSS> (laughs) I know you get it a lot.

9th> It's not because of the question. When you write this, I want you to make it real clear. Everytime I get this question...I say it clearly but the guy never gets back to me so put it in all caps for me...GHOSTFACE KILLAH. I don't have a lot of artists on that list. I'm running out of dream people to work with. I got to do the record with Buckshot (Chemistry, 2005) and he has always been one of my favorite emcees. There's no better feeling than working on music you want to do and live comfortably. I am living comfortably so I can't hate.

TSS> We got a question in that I have to revise a little...concerning that topic. The question was: 'How much do you charge for your beats?' but I don't wanna jeopardize your business...

9th> Haha. I'll say this man, when I first started out I would charge guys like $50 or $100. (Laughs) It's a LOT more now.

TSS> Do you measure yourself by the prominence of LB or by your own body of work?

9th> That's a good one. It's also the answer to the other question I get a lot which is 'why 9th doesn't tour.' The name 9th Wonder is just as big, if not bigger, than the Little Brother name. That's just the way it is. Sometimes, there can be a backlash that results from that. When we go somewhere people ask "wassup with LB?" as if to say that we're not down with each other because I'm not with the group. The thing about LB is we're one of the few groups that includes the's Big Pooh, Phonte and 9th Wonder. Since the late nineties, producers have rarely been in the group so people aren't sure how to react to us when we're separate from each other. I have to take care of a demanding schedule when I'm at home. My workload and my family are each important to me and if I don't address those, then I'm slipping. You make your own rules in this industry and one of mine is that I don't tour because I can't be close to home. Nobody controls my destiny. I can't go on the road for two months if my manager calls me and says so-and-so wants a beat. That would interfere with my work. With the group, it's always love. I have two businesses or brands to tend to, at the end of the day: one of them is Little Brother and the other is 9th Wonder.

TSS> What are your feelings about getting on via the internet and Okayplayer site? Has this been exciting? Challenging?

9th> At first I used to think that some people get to the internet to see how they can bother you. I don't want to jump on all the internet fans because y'all are the shit. It's just the few of that group who really don't have lives. We did get a lot of our exposure from there but there's kids on the net who have nothing better to do than e-mail you. You know Phonte always says how different it is now... like back in '89 I couldn't e-mail Chuck D to tell him how good or bad I thought his show was. At the same time, we want to reach fans in our age group. That's the real focus at this point. Who was a better witness to the Civil Rights movement? The people who were there or the generation right after? I think that's obvious...the 25+ fans are going to feel us [more] and we're going to reach them in whatever forum we can.

TSS> Speaking of, Phonte has had a bit of controversy surrounding his blog comments and some irresponsible journalism from a few of the writers at What are your thoughts on that whole eruption of opinions?

9th> When Phonte blogs, Phonte blogs...We are three men in a group and we're all going to have our say about different subjects. I'll give him this - that dude is really thorough. He was an English major in college and he knows about language and putting words together. He's not going to say something just to say it...he'll always justify it with examples. Right or wrong, we're all going to say what we want to say. I respect his ability to put his thoughts out there and he's willing to take any critique or feedback from it. I don't read every one of his blogs but the ones I do [read] have very concise information and opinions with strong backing.

TSS> Are there any projects you have upcoming that you are anticipating?

9th> You mean my projects or other stuff? I'm a fan first.

TSS> Your projects.

9th> I've been really blessed. I just got a deal with Asylum Records to do my own stuff where I have the power to put out music as I see fit. This is going to be a turning point for me because it won't be about 9th Wonder doing the boom-bap or my drums or whatever. This will prove to the industry that, hey this stuff does sell. Call it what you want. As for other stuff, people keep telling me about Rick Ross' Port of Miami which I haven't heard yet. And some wouldn't expect me to be checking for an album like that but one thing I learned from chilling with Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek is never to judge an artist by appearance. Memphis Bleek is a quiet guy but he's a workhorse in the is Young Guru, the Roc in-house producer...Everyone is thinking that Rick Ross, because he might dress a certain way or he came out this way...that he'll rap in one way too. That's just not true. I look at a guy like Paul Wall...Paul Wall put his wedding pictures up on the net. He a grown man. He's also someone's husband. A lot of people see him with the grills in his mouth and may think one thing but I feel that. He gets my respect for being himself...which is more than a lot of people can say.

TSS> Word. That's true. Were there low points during the time before LB got put on?

9th> Whew! Low. All the time, it was music that kept me goin'. Anytime I was hungry, I'd get some random e-mail from some kid in Texas saying 'yo I just heard this joint and I think you're an incredible musician.' That fuels the fire to know somebody out there will find you. Again, the 'net fans ain't all bad. There's bad people everywhere though and some need to learn how a critique [on someone's music] is different than an attack. I want to hear any critique that makes sense.

TSS> Aight time for the quickie signature questions that keep us goin' over here (laughs). What would you say to your first ex-girlfriend now?

9th> She stay about 3 hours away from me. I've run into her before too. Whenever that kinda thing happens, I'll always say 'How are you? what you been up to?' I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by being like 'Hey, look at me now.' It's a bittersweet feeling. I do wonder where she is now though.

TSS> What are your tracks in the player right now?

9th> Oh boy. It's a long list: "Mr. Porter" off that Big and "Blaze of Glory" by Jon Bon Jovi about to have a problem because I've been playing that one so much, "In the Midnight Hour," "Long Way," T.I.'s King (the JustBlaze version), "Guess Who Loves You," the GoGo's, Huey Lewis...whatever I'm feeling.

TSS> Which of these TV shows would you be on, Wild N' Out, Survivor, Big Brother, Desperate Housewives or The Wire?

9th> I'd be on Mysterio Lane with them chicks (Desperate Housewives) because that's closer to my life. It's not necessarily what goes on in my house but I live in that kind of community. I see that shit everyday.

TSS> What's a food that's a staple for you at home or in the studio?

9th> Spaghetti, jack. I can't live without some damn spaghetti.

TSS> That's funny because I make these spaghetti omelettes I've had since I was a kid. That shit holds me down major. You should try one.

9th> (laughs) Nah I think I'll pass on that, jack. Good for you though homey.

TSS> (laughs) Don't judge it by the name. It was good. Always an inspiration to speak with another dude making it happen. Stay up.

9th> You too, man. Peace.

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G.I. Joes...

Strong feeling that the picture above will be far ahead of the times of the majority but still...

O.c. feat organized konfusion - war games

...flu-like combination of MC's on the track with Prem lacin' the beat.

stray shots

Screwed Up Click - Freestyle Kings 3

DJ Radio - Mr. Sold Out Vol. 8 (Hosted By Lloyd Banks)


VA-Sleepy_Brown_Funk_Soul_Brother_(Mixed_By _Wally_Sparks)

DJ Smooth Denali - Hip-Hop Classics Vol. 11: The Streets Of New York

Stat Quo - Underground Atlanta Vol. 4

Dr. Dre-2001 (Instrumental Album)

Showbiz & A.G.- Runaway Slave

Large Professor- The LP (Unreleased)

John Mayer-Waiting On The World To Change (Limited Edition)-EP

Loon - No Friends

DJ Honda-HII

Paris-Sonic Jihad

8.26 Stray Shots Downloadable Text File

8.26 Stray Shots Changelink Page

God Bless The Dead...

Five years ago today...

Jay-z - I Miss You (Remix)

To Err Is Human...

But whoever decided Lake deserved to be on the same tracks as Mega for a whole album is trippin.

Luckily, the internet saw fit to make the adjustments for us all as fans. Below is a rip w/just Mega's verses...

Highly anticipated might just be an understatement...

Beyonce - B-Day

We requested this joint earlier in the week and JS came thru with the goods...

The Roots - Pre-Game EP

We finished giving you all the volume's of 9th's Sample Lesson, but we kept one joint in the chamber for you pasta-heads...

little brother - the minstrel show instrumentals

By now, you should be well aware that 9th will be Sunday's Smoking Session. Stay tuned.


Grafh Shadow Boxing

Trey Songz - Choices

GLC- Excercise Yo G

Royce Da 5'9" - Ding!

Rick Ross feat Kiotti and Memphis Bleek - Push It (Remix)

50 Cent - Ghetto Superstar

Justin Timberlake - My Love, Futuresex/Lovesounds, Chop Me Up (ft. Timbaland and Three 6 Mafia), Chop Me Up (ft. Timbaland and Three 6 Mafia)and Damn Girl (ft. Will.I.Am)

Zero 7 - Futures (Rub n Tug Remix)

8.25 loosies download

Who do you think would be the craziest 9th Wonder and MC collabo?
Free polls from


It's been fun but...I'm glad to kiss the bitch goodbye.

I've been lusting after fall and winter anyways.

So what the fuck I got clapped on for my truck
Then I laughed cause fuck the cash I just wanted my tape bacckkkk...


Red prolly could've been a wrestler in another life...but I'm glad he decided to rap because Funk Doc went ape on this album. He may have actually reached his epoch here because the dark beats meshed perfectly with his subterranean flow.

Last of the batch...well, maybe. Like your grandma though, you know we keep some candy in the dish...Volumes 7 and 8.

stray shots

Society Of Soul- Brainchild

Bishop Lamont - Who I Gotta Kill To Get A Record Deal

Young Dro - Best Thang Smokin (Webrip)


Big Noyd-The Stick Up Kid



Sly Stone - Fresh

Big L - The Archives (1996-2000)

J Dilla - Ruff Draft EP 2003

8.24 Stray Shots Downloadable Text File

8.24 Stray Shots Changelink Page

Three Little Birds...

I should've discussed shorty's album with you previously.

The same day we happened to post it on here there was a discussion poppin off about it on Okayplayer.

German born, Joy Denalane's album is bubblin...

Guest appearances by Lupe, Raekwon and Governor mix it up on a few of the songs and add to the album. But, shorty can hold it down solo. Solid mix of soulful singing with a strong hip-hop influence and presence, seldom since since MJB hit the scene. Not to compare the voices though because Joy's isn't as strong as Mary's but she still carries it well over tracks. Plus, you always gotta give credit to an artist who strikes out with a touch of activism on tracks, esp during this time when others are either nuetral, too timid to speak out or caught up in the glamour and glitz.


"Stirrin Up Something"

Smooth Smokey Rob and The Miracles type groove...


Easily recognizable sample with Joy riding high on the track...

"Heaven Or Hell"

Are singers now going to start covering rappers' songs? At least she's successful and makes it sound like rap covers wouldn't be a bad thing...

Joy Denalane - Born and raised

Retro's Weekly Roundup

(Position/ Name-title/Last Week/ % Change/ Release Before Last Week/ RTD)
#2 JENNINGS*LYFE PHOENIX 135,582 999 480 136,065
#4 CHERISH UNAPPRECIATED 90,733 999 165 90,900
#7 ROSS*RICK PORT OF MIAMI 78,724 -58 187,269 266,571
#8 TRICE*OBIE SECOND ROUND'S ON ME 73,850 999 297 74,150
#11 GNARLS BARKLEY ST. ELSEWHERE 50,091 -7 53,747 772,226
#14 CASSIE CASSIE 40,814 -59 100,065 141,188
#15 PUSSYCAT DOLLS PCD 39,496 0 39,576 2,006,292
#20 LETOYA LETOYA 33,926 -23 43,879 308,225
#21 YUNG JOC NEW JOC CITY 33,789 -14 39,240 605,874
#22 RIHANNA GIRL LIKE ME 33,327 -8 36,384 887,291
#25 DMX YEAR OF THE DOG AGAIN 28,120 -40 47,147 201,849
#28 FURTADO*NELLY LOOSE 27,438 -14 31,757 647,941
#33 NE-YO IN MY OWN WORDS 24,840 -7 26,663 1,220,369
#36 PHARRELL IN MY MIND 22,941 -26 30,904 247,499
#38 INDIA.ARIE TESTIMONY:VOL.1,LIFE & RELATIO 20,703 -17 25,038 408,898
#50 BUSTA RHYMES BIG BANG THE 16,301 -10 18,059 503,487
#53 CHAM GHETTO STORY 15,264 999 111 15,375
#66 E-40 MY GHETTO REPORT CARD 12,787 7 11,900 398,567
#67 BROWN*CHRIS CHRIS BROWN 12,776 3 12,405 1,506,894
#76 T.I. KING 11,753 -20 14,732 1,442,740
#77 CHAMILLIONAIRE SOUND OF REVENGE 11,701 -14 13,618 1,148,000
#83 BLIGE*MARY J. BREAKTHROUGH 10,660 -10 11,888 2,527,893
#84 ICE CUBE LAUGH NOW CRY LATER 10,587 -19 13,125 408,515
#85 PAUL*SEAN TRINITY 10,535 -6 11,194 1,164,958
#93 JURASSIC 5 FEEDBACK 9,612 -10 10,734 70,651
#95 BLACK EYED PEAS MONKEY BUSINESS 9,220 2 9,067 3,928,816
#98 PIMP C PIMPALATION 8,992 -23 11,734 176,632
#115 OMAR*DON KING OF KINGS 7,921 -17 9,553 245,471
#125 COLE*KEYSHIA WAY IT IS 6,672 1 6,632 1,346,561
#128 JONES*DONELL JOURNEY OF A GEMINI 6,475 10 5,896 134,535
#134 ISLEY BROTHERS BABY MAKIN' MUSIC 6,312 -9 6,949 329,271
#135 EMINEM CURTAIN CALL 6,267 -4 6,539 2,503,367
#139 THREE 6 MAFIA MOST KNOWN UNKNOWN 6,018 -9 6,641 932,936
#146 FRANKLIN*KIRK HERO 5,580 -3 5,730 615,689
#148 AVANT DIRECTOR 5,522 -14 6,388 357,380
#149 LIL' WAYNE CARTER II 5,503 2 5,421 1,023,161
#152 BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY GREATEST HITS 5,434 -1 5,471 595,414
#153 SHAWNNA BLOCK MUSIC 5,406 -22 6,930 123,971
#163 CAREY*MARIAH EMANCIPATION OF MIMI 4,965 3 4,825 5,691,350
#173 FIELD MOB LIGHT POLES & PINE TREES 4,620 -22 5,892 159,356
#193 MARY MARY MARY MARY 4,089 -6 4,348 460,182
#197 MARLEY*DAMIAN WELCOME TO JAMROCK 3,977 7 3,701 559,308

Damn. Obie coming in at Number 8? He had multiple videos, and solid tracks on the album only to sell a little over 70k? Maybe his radio promotion is to blame. Not that I listen to the radio all that much, but I haven't heard shit about his album dropping or of any radio appearances in my area.

Lyfe getting his just due, pulling in 136k or so. The dude is talented as hell, and free of the bubble gum style that most of today's R&B artists seem to adopt to sell.

RAAAOOOOSSSSSSS is doing his thing, reaching gold in 3 more weeks or so.

Crack Man X just popped 200,000, and although I didn't like his album, I'm glad he's at least doing modest numbers.

Cham dropping a little something for the reggae-minded folks, his first single a duet with Alicia Keys. Not a bad look, and a decent album, but I don't think anyone really thought he was going to blow up.

A lot of other hip hoppers hanging tough in there, good to see some representation in the top 200.

But seriously, can someone PLEASE cop Masta Killa's album? All I'm askin for is for the least known Wu member to break 30k.

Also, go cop that Method Man joint next week. I gave it a spin and it's got depth. Help a salty MC out, and let's all collectively pray that he smacks that fake ass hair off of Wendy Williams' head.

More of the most...

Two more from the series of eight...

got a little back-to-school/"fall hurry the fuck up" in the pot so stay tuned for that. In the meantime...

30% Off Champs/Footlocker With The Friends and Family Sale August 24-27

Timberland 40% off online with free shipping

Coupon Code: 846066
Expires: 8/27/06

, we did have five successful participants in the Outkast giveaway.

The answers?

1. What high school did Big and Dre attend together and eventually meet?

Tri-Cities High in East Point

2. What hip-hop star was to be a member of Outkast, but ended up signing with another group?


3. What was the first single Andre produced?

Elevators (Me and You)

4. What was the name of Dre's and Big Boi's first group?

2 Shades Deep

5. Before progressing to the limelight, what occupation did Outkast share in high school?

Besides stealing cars, and selling dope; they eventually got jobs at the shoe stores.

6. What is Outkast's DJ's name?

Mr. DJ

7. On Speakerboxx, which song did Big Boi's son appear on?

Bamboo Interlude

8. What was the name of Dre's character in the movie The Four Brothers?

Jeremiah Mercer

9. From what song did the title of today's post originate?


10. Name your favorite Outkast track.

Participants choice...

Thanks to all those who participated. Hopefully, we can keep doing more things of that nature.

stray shots

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - I Can't Feel My Face [Advance]

J Dilla - Welcome To Detroit 2001

JT The Bigga Figga - Name In Your Mouth



McGruff - Destined To Be 1998

Children Of The Corn - The Collectors Edition 1990's

The Chi-lites - Greatest Hits

Cameo - Word Up

Prince - The Black Album [1987]

Layzie Bone - The New Revolution

Joi - Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome

8.23 Stray Shots Downloadable Text File

8.23 Stray Shots Changelink Page

"I'm Outkast'ed And Claimin True..."

Noz over @ XXLmag Online cooked up an Outkast/Dungeon Family 101 for those of you you've been under a rock since '94.

And with the frenzy around Idlewild, we figured we'd go ahead and sucuumb.

The soundtrack drops today, Tuesday 8.22.

The movie hits theaters on Friday.

...we've got some goodies to pass along...

The Tooth Fairy says we can have 5 copies of a Limited Edition 10" Outkast vinyl. Side A has "Morris Brown" and Side B has "Idlewild Blues".

And we're passing those along to you all...since I haven't had my 1200's since like '98. Plus, we like the idea of "rewarding" you for making us noticeable enough to recieve goodies from labels.

DJ's, you can use'em to spin. Collectors, you can save them for posterity. Ebayers...well, we know what you'll do...but nevertheless...

The skinny?

The first FIVE people to answer these ten questions correctly win.

It's that simple.

The Questions

1. What high school did Big and Dre attend together and eventually meet?

2. What hip-hop star was to be a member of Outkast, but ended up signing with another group?

3. What was the first single Andre produced?

4. What was the name of Dre's and Big Boi's first group?

5. Before progressing to the limelight, what occupation did Outkast share in high school?

6. What is Outkast's DJ's name?

7. On Speakerboxx, which song did Big Boi's son appear on?

8. What was the name of Dre's character in the movie The Four Brothers?

9. From what song did the title of today's post originate?

10. Name your favorite Outkast track.

Remember, first five folks who respond with the correct answers win.

Submit your answers to

Be sure to visit

More of the most...

Two more from the series of eight...

Generation Now...


Big Kountry > Kanye


Slim Thug, Big Kuntry, Twista - Overnight Celebrity

Where does this come from?

Well, last nite I was scrambling around the crib, doing various things and needed a disc to provide the soundtrack.

And I stumbled across this joint.

Today, I'm glad I did.

If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), this was after the Down With The King tape that knock everybody on their collective asses. The key with Gangsta Grillz XI and XII was that they focused more on Drama as a DJ instead of the artists who would later follow. Me and my lil brother were riding in the whip listening to both XI and XII when it hit me "this dude is about to take over if he keeps lacin shit like this."

He eventually did and the rest is history in the making because he hasn't stopped.

Key points on this tape...

  • Mike emerged as a beast. The pissed off Mike we see today? This tape was the first time we saw that version.
  • Stat Quo (has he dropped) stepped into the spotlight...
  • Wayne dumbed out on the beat and we glimpses of what was to come...

Too much heat. All the tracks would have prolly caught a little buzz on their own.

But sequenced by Dram, this tape was choke full of potential explosives.

To detonate, download and press play....

T.I.P, DJ Drama, Cyndi - Intro
Killer Mike - Bad Day Worst Day
Slim Thug, Big Kuntry, Twista - Overnight Celebrity
Bun B. & T.I.P - Is That Your Chick
Stat Quo - 1 Dope Boy in a Cadillac
Killer Mike - Wheres The Love?
T.I.P. & Lil Scrappy - Tipsy Revisited
Greg Street - Gangsta Grillz Radio
Slim Thug, Bun B, Chamillionare - In Money We Trust
Paul Wall & Bun B & DJ Drama - Jesus Walks
Lil Wayne - Wayne is Here
Stat Quo, Bonecrusher, DJ Drama - In The Streets
Big Kuntry & T.I.P - Throwback 2004
Jae Millz & Aphilliates - Generation Now
Killer Mike - Road Story!!
Stat Quo & Killer Mike - More Problems
T.I.P, Slim Thug, Bun B - 3 Kings
Bohagen, Playboy Tre, DJ Drama - 25 Niggas
Willie The Kid - In Society (Cannon Music.
Bun B, Lil Jon, Banner, Baby D, Kay Slay - Drama
Bleu Davinci & Young Jeezy - Rich & Rock Ice
Sean J of Field Mobb - Guess Whos Back
Juvenile & Souljah Slim (R.I.P.. - Slo Motion
Paul Wall - Chick Magnet
DJ Drama - Outro
Big Floaty - Give it to Em
Bleu & Young City (Da Band. - Real in Here

DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz XI (Generation Now)


Anybody holding The Roots - Pre-Game [EP]?

If so, please post it in the comments or email it (

Stray Shots

Bishop Lamont - Welcome To L.A.

Kelis - Kelis Was Here [BONUS TRACKS]

Bronze Nazareth - The Great Migration - 2006

Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening 2006


Dre - The Trunk [Advance][2006]

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