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Sorry, yesterday was so nuts...

Written By GuevaraGhost

i fell asleep after all the madness...

So anyway, I go home and get myself cleaned up after getting HARLEM SHOOK. It wasn’t pretty but im over it. I hope my mouth didn’t write a check my HARLEM SHAKE skills can’t cash.

I just put on my game face and got ready for the CONTEST. So I show up at school and get signed in. They give me a trucker hat with my number on it and said I was gonna be in Group 6. The gym was PACKED. Poppin’ Pete was already there gassing up the crowd by doing some unintentionally homo-erotic dance routine with “Funky Brewster”.

I just gave them a stoneface and sat down with ANNA to wait for my group to be called.

The contest gets going and I’m starting off strong. Kids are just dropping like flies. 100 turns to 80…60…40 and im still in there. The judges are like “YOU, OUT…YOU OUT!” I’m in the TOP 20 but unfortunately so are the usual suspects, Pete, Hank and them.

I know this is the time to put my HARLEM SHAKE skills in OVERDRIVE. I start doing all types of combos: bounce combos, hop combos, cheddar cheese pretzel combos, you name it. Anna’s on the side doing her little offbeat German Polka shuffle to the music but I can feel her support. BOOM, 5 more people go down including FUNKY BREWSTER!

Right now my legs are crazy and im just rockin’ steady. Its like im channeling Crazy Legs or something. Im pretty much having a seizure on the dance floor. I had to fight off one teacher from trying to stick a wallet in my mouth. He thought I was gonna swallow my tongue or something. People couldn’t believe what they’re seeing. IM IN THE TOP 10!

So then I go into this BUCKTOWN BOUNCE shake just trying to keep up with POPPIN PETE and everybody else. Then alittle DIRTY BIRD shake with a smooth transition into the ROBOT. JOHNNY 5 was alive! Now a few more kids get eliminated!

The top five is me, “Willie Wiggles” “Poppin’ Pete” “Newman Beatbox” and this kid who’s not part of Pete’s crew “Dance Armstrong”.

So I set it off with this hybrid DAME DASH dice roll shake. Im doing the shake with my left and trying to ROLL TRIPPS with my right. Im dropping invisible singles on the floor, blowing on my imaginary dice, all that. Its like im playing CEELO….with myself, right there on the dance floor.

Beatbox & Wiggles get CUT!

Now it’s TOP 3 and im staring to freak out. DANCE ARMSTRONG is coming on strong and POPPIN PETE is doing his usual thing. I come out of nowhere with some Lord of The Dance type footwork comboed with a Savion Glover type tap step. It didn’t faze either of them.

I see Dance Armstrong starting to slow down alittle so I decide to hit him with the FLINTSTONE FLOP. As soon as he sees that he just runs out of steam and hits the floor! He’s OUT!

This is it, the finals! Im not a big Phil Collins fan but I can feel it coming in the air tonight. I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, oh lord.

ME vs POPPIN PETE in the showcase showdown. The judges tell us this is gonna be a winner take all, no holds barred, sudden death shake off! We were like two gladiators in the Roman Coliseum except instead of swords our weapon of choice was dance. We start going at it and the place is going absolutely bananas.

Im movin’ & groovin’. Pete’s shuckin’ & jivin’. We’re going back and forth, it’s a dead heat.

I start doing this year 2019 slow motion ghetto matrix bullet time shake. People couldn’t believe it. Pete looked stumped. He looked at the judges and was like “Is that even legal?’

I just told him: “A real man doesn’t have to say NO SLO-MO!”

The crowd was like OOOOOOHHHHHHH.

We keep going back and forth but I can see Pete is fazed. He’s starting to get tired and his Harlem Shake looks like its drifting towards the Upper West Side. I’m just doing a fist pump shake and a 2 step. My adrenaline is pumping and it look like Pete’s legs are gonna buckle.

I felt like SUBZERO when I heard ANNA’s sweet German accent slice through the crowd and yell: “FINISH HIM!”

I know what had to be done. I just start shaking double time, triple time. The whole crowd was a huge blur, it was surreal. I slow down for a sec and look him right in the eye. The place goes silent. I just said “TIMBEEEEEERRRRR” then brushed the dirt off his shoulder.


I WON! Everybody came pouring out of the bleachers and rushed me. It was INSANE. Anna couldnt stick her tongue down my throat fast enough. They ended up giving me this GIANT cardboard check for $1000. YES! I got the money, power, and finally some RESPECT. I felt like a LOX song!

As of today Mom’s Benz is officialy in the shop getting fixed and I got $50 left over to try and buy my way into Anna’s pants. CRAZIEST day of my life, I’m still trying to recover…

Stray Shots

Something a little different today. We gonna give you some vids to peep.

Dumb hot video and it shows we Com deserves credit for this album.

Common - "Testify" Video(Eight Minute Mini-Movie)

This track is slept on by so many. The beat is serious and Em brings it like he hasn't in a while.

Trick Trick feat. Eminem - "Detroit City" Video

Juelz Santana - "There It Go" (The Whistle Song) Video

Lyfe_Jennings_ft_Fantasia_- "Hypothetically" Video

ADD .mpg
PASS = lyfetasia

JR Writer feat. Lil Wayne and Cam'ron - "Bird Call" Video

Now i hear that "Pete The Pop Lockin Playa"

Written By GuevaraGhost

...and his friend "Hustlin Hank" (yes, thats what they call themselves) were trying to get their hands on the German chick. Tonight! GOD does my life SUCK. Shes a sweet girl and very impressionable. Now these dancer kids who run the school are probably gonna foul her before i get my shot.

my shoulders are killing me

This kid DJ Tanner is gonna be on the wheels of steel for the competition. Im cool with him, he wished me luck when i saw him today. He said he's been saving some of his dopes beats and freshest grooves especially for tomorrow. I wanna be ready for whatever he puts on.I can feel the funk in the blood. If dancing was a house, Poppin' Pete would be evicted.

So I get to school this morning all braided up and there’s a huge buzz about the contest tonight. People I don’t even know heard about my story started wishing me luck in the hallway. So I’m in the library during my 3rd period study hall and one of Poppin Pete’s henchmen “Funky Brewster” (again, I’m sorry, all the kids in my school are total douches and refuse to go by their real name) comes over and starts talking to me.

He says that Pete The Pop Lockin’ Playa heard about all the junk I’ve been talking and wants to challenge me to a DANCE FIGHT after school BEFORE the HARLEM SHAKE CONTEST. Im like I told him I had to practice my routine for tonight and I was totally against unsanctioned dance contests.

So now it’s lunch time and I see Poppin’ Pete and Hustlin’ Hank making a bee line right for my table. I’m sitting there with Anna enjoying my kiwi strawberry Capri-Sun and Pete is like “You better get down (dance) or lay down (die). 3pm, out by the dumpsters in the parking lot. ”

I couldn’t back down in front of Anna so I was like “Sorry to knock your HUSTLE HANK but it looks like your boy PETE is gonna get POPPED!” In my head I was like, what the hell am I getting myself into. Word spread around school quick.

Now it’s almost 3pm, I cant find Anna, and there’s no way to get out of this. I make my way toward the dumpsters and I see this huge crowd. Its Poppin’ Pete and the rest of his goonies, “Hustlin’ Hank”, “Funky Brewster”, “Willie Wiggles”, and “Newman Beatbox”.

I see Poppin’ Pete and he’s got his hands around ANNA teaching her to do the THUNDER CLAP. I’m heated.

As soon as she saw me she ran over and said I didn’t have to do this. Someone could get seriously hurt or even expelled and to save all my energy for TONIGHTS CONTEST. I just said, “I danced my way into this mess, now I’m gonna dance my way out” And tossed my Jansport to the side…

Nobody had a radio so “Newman Beatbox” said he would lay down a stone cold groove. He sets it off with alittle “BOOM, BAP, BOOM BOOM BOOM, BAP!”

Pete starts HARELM SHAKING. He starts with a couple rare combo’s I’ve never seen and he says: “SHA SHA, SHAKE, SHA SHAKE SHAKE… SHAKE SOMETHIN’!”

His whole crew was like OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!

My face goes . Its my turn to rock. I thought i would start it off safe with alittle LEAN BACK, LEAN BACK… and then slip into the ROCKAWAY. All of a sudden I freeze up, catch a cramp in my leg and hit the floor. I didn’t know what the hell was happening. Even more OOOOOOOHHHHH’s now.

All of a sudden his whole crew takes advantage and jumps me! There was this huge cloud of dust and I was at the bottom in the fetile position. Like SIX guys just HARLEM SHAKING on top of me(pause?). I think one of them was doing the RUNNING MAN too because I felt some feet near my groin. Anna ran and got help, so the assistant Principal ended up coming out so everybody started running. I finally got up but the damage was already done.

Im battered and brusied, and only a few hours from the HARLEM SHAKE CONTEST! They just wanted to take me out so they can have tonights prize money all to themselves.

God I hate typing… more on the actual CONTEST in a bit.

Stray Shots

Wu-Tang Albums (Props to Dally)

Enter Da 36 Chambers

Part 1 Part 2

Wu-Chronicles I

Part 1 Part 2

Wu-Chronicles II

Part 1 Part 2

Iron Flag

Part 1 Part 2

Wu-Tang Forever

Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Part 2

The W

Respect Mine (Promo CD)

The Lost Anthology

The W

Death Row Presents - 20 Years Of Hip-Hop History (Two Discs)

PW is

Frayser Boy - Me Being Me

Ras Kass - Institutionalized

PW is dukins

Remy Shand - The Way I Feel

S.O.S. Band - Best Of The S.O.S. Band Fresh Link

Bobby Brown - Don't Be Cruel

Blackstreet - Another Level

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - A Night In Tunisia

Big up to Dingle over at Am I High? for passing me this joint. This album is finally getting released (let's hope) after years of arguing between the label and Fiona. Why post this? If you've been following the musical fuss behind Late Registration, Jon Brion assisted Kanye in creating it and is known throughout the music world for his production work. He's been working with Fiona, previously on When The Pawn..., and he doesn't fail here. It's not for everybody, but if you love music, instrumentation and sounds, you should like this piece.

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

Long story but please bear with me...

Written By GuevaraGhost

I need MAJOR help

My parents went away last week for their 20th wedding anniversary and left me home alone. So ive been talking to the german exchange chick in my Bio class for most of the semester and this week was perfect to make my move since i got an empty house. I told her i was gonna show her a "piece of Germany".

So yesterday i grabbed the keys to my moms Benz wagon, had some stoner dude pick me up a 6 pack of Becks, and i thought we could finish the night off with a sausage tasting

Long story short, we're in the car, the Becks is kicking in with her (i didnt drink and drive) and she says its cool to go back to my pad. In the back of my head i start flipping out. Then when i go to make a uturn i forget that i have it in freaking reverse. I backed up into a telephone pole!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrr! nooooooo!! Cockblocked by a pole, pole blocked! I got a MEAN dent it the back and im flipping out and it kills the mood. I was in a get in those ribs mood and she was in a take me home mood.

So i take it over to this oily machanic dude i know to get an estimate today. He tells me $950 BUCKS!! Im like Allah, jesus, whoever, please just kill me. So i go to my boys house and everybody thinks its FUNNY! This girl Casey was there who is like the head of all the dances and all that says she might have an idea to help me out.

She said that our school dance team was sponsoring a HARLEM SHAKE contest on monday and the GRAND PRIZE IS $1000! At first i was like yessssssss but then i remembered i didnt know how to Harlem Shake.

Im determined to get this done whatever it takes but the compitition is supposed to be steep. Like 100 kids signed up and they're bussing in actual Harlem residents to judge the contest. I need some soul quick! If i win i can get the car fixed and cleaned up before the parental units get home next thursday.

Any tips? anything? videos? i just spent an hour watching this girls copy of Darrens Dance Grooves and my head is spinning. Im practicing in the mirror but it just looks like im drowning. My arms are just flapping all over the place and i almost dislocated my shoulder. i'm broke. My parents left me money to eat and stuff but thats just about to run out. I spent most of it on a couple pairs of Dunks the day they left now all i can afford is like a slice of pizza a day.

More to come tomorrow.

Stray Shots

Trina-The Glamourest Life

Twista - The Day After

Lil Kim - The Naked Truth

Ruff Ryders- The Real City of God

Ying Yang Twins - United States Of Atlanta

Raekwon - The Lex Diamond Story

Public Enemy - Times Up The 20 Greatest Hits

J-Love Presents Mobb Misses

J-Love Presents Mobb Misses Part 2

Track 26 is left off that joint so here it is.

Track 26

J-Love Presents Ghostface - Hidden Darts Part 2

Change the exe to rar.

J-Love - Masta Killa No Said Date

J-Love - Raekwon Only Built For The Streets

Maxwell - MTV Unplugged Fresh Link

Thelonius Monk - Riffin' Fresh Link

Taste Of Texas

Aight this time instead of just one artists out that Lone Star State. I am gonna give yall a lil Taste of Texas. My first two posts where ova Chamillionaire and Bun B of UGK but thats not only people going hard down in Texas. Gonna drop all little Boss Hogg Outlaws (Slim Thugs group) on yall. Also Mike Jones old partner in crime Magnificient aka Magno. I am gonna go way back with some old school SUC (Screwed Up Click) shit. And of course I drop some more Chamillionaire stuff (some older stuff) cause I am addicted to this dude. Also got some other stuff to check out if your not familiar or up to date with H-Town rap.

Boss Hogg Outlawz (BHO)
Most of you know about Slim Thug with recent hits "3 Kings", "I Ain't Heard of That", and "Like a Boss", but I bet alot of yall, not from Texas, know about his group the Boss Hogg Outlawz. Before Slim Thug's new album, him and the rest the crew where wreckin the local mixtape scene in Houston. Slim Thug got started rapping on the old Swisha House mixtapes but after that he started his own record label. He named his label Boss Hogg Outlawz because he drove a convertible Cadillac that was similar to Boss Hogg on the television show "Dukes of Hazzard." The BHO crew consists of: Slim Thug, Killer Kyleon, Chris Ward, PJ (the Rap Hustla), and Sir Daily.

Boss Hogg Outlawz Mix

Magnificient aka Magno
Alright alot of people never heard of this dude....plain and simple he wrecks tracks. He use to rap with Mike Jones and they had a cd called First Round Draft Picks. In Houston most people thought Magno wrecked the CD but with Mike Jones the CD was almost couldn’t be listened to. Mike Jones popularity grew in other states with his repetitive flows and his constant shouting of his name. As this happened Magno started to get left behind ad Mike Jones started to go mainstream. Mike Jones started to spread rumors that Magno wasn't comming to shows or that Magno was playing basketball while they where trying to make records, because of this Magno split with Mike Jones and started his own label called Wildlife Records.

Magno Mix

Screwed Up Click (SUC)
Before Watts and OG Ron C and all them other DJ’s that slow down and chop their was the infamous DJ Screw, who invented that shit. The Screwed Up Click has/had a wide-range roster of Houston Rappers like Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Fat Pat and Botany Boys. Others like Lil Flip and Z-Ro will always be heard yelling out SUC or DJ Screw in their raps. At one time SUC had around 30 or so members. The SUC really gave Houston its own identity and any rapper coming out of Houston gives props to the late great DJ Screw. Screw died in 2000 leaving the art of screw to Watts and Ron C. To learn more about DJ Screw hit up VH1's biography on him, I was surprised that they did such a good job.

Screwed Up Click Mix

Aight I got some more Chamillionaire songs for you guys. They mostly just some old school flows. Don't think I need to say anything more about him as I wrote a thing on him so if you wanna know more hit that up. Here is his website but it don't look like it been updated in a long time

Chamillionaire Mix

Here some other Houston songs for you guys Just some songs by SPM and other popular Houston songs, so if you up to date with Houston rap then you prolly got most of this but it may still be worth the DL but if you don’t have much Houston stuff, this link is a MUST for you to hit up.

Houston's Finest

Here some songs just chopped n screwed. Here what's in the link: Cash Money - Get Your Shine On, Game - Put you on the game, 2-pac/Biggie/Akon - Getto Remix, TI - ASAP, Bone Thugs - Extasy. K, some these songs have Boss Hogg Outlawz as the file name that just cause I took em off some CD's of theirs and was to lazy to change it.

Screwed Mix

Down here we say already. Does Houston have the best rappers? Already. You bout your paper? Already. You blow dank? Already. You sip drank? Already. Do I got some other hot songs for you yall? Already. I just uploaded all these so I know they work.

Pitbull - "Oh No He Didn't"

Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Hawk, Bun-B, Trae – "What U Know About"

Big Tymers - "Saturday Night"

Luda Ft Lil Flip – "Screwed Up"

Slim Thug & ESG – "Braids & Fades" (Chopped and Screwed)

UGK - "Front, Back and Side To Side"

Sly Boogy – "Keep on Hustlin"

Ghostface - "Be Easy"

Rhatt ft Akon - "Exclusive"

Riflemen - "Telecommunications"

The Coup - "Takin' These"

Words by HtownTXballa

Stray Shots

The Fugees - "Take It Easy"

Destiny's Child - "Stand Up For Love"

50 Cents - "Window Shopper"

50 Cents - "Hustler's Ambition"

Jumpoff aka That Dude aka Hustle&Flow aka...

Since Dally got the spot poppin and visitors are out the roof, I'mma use this time to say something.

Joe Budden is THE shit.

Joey deserves more respect.

Some of his recent shit, subpar.

I credit that to some label bullshit clouding his vision and trying to lead him in a different direction to sell records.

Joey is best at tellin stories, specifically about his life.

He's best at spitting metaphors and similies, and not trying to craft party tracks.

The man must sit and watch CNN, ESPN and other shows and just write because his shit is always current, relevant and comedic as fuck.

"it's a few rappers that's quick to joans/so i just turn they song off and think 'sticks and stone'"

"...with no watch b/just my regular shit on/t-shirt, rubberband tellin me 'Livestrong'"

"...and the boys thinkin it something that's sweet/I'm Lance Armstrong/Keep gettin accussed of somethin I beat"

"...just say what i feel/just like Kanye West live standin next to Mike Myers/up like gas prices/might be on private jet/while you at Exxon 'gimme 5 reg'"

" niggas ain't men/ya'll girls/niggas couldn't bench what i curl/shouldn't be a question bout your favorite rap/but my label got me questioning my favorite rapper/so i bogart/no squad or Ciallis needed to go hard..."

Was that a shot at Jay? Hmm....

"as if ya'll needed to be reminded/I don't look for trouble/i just help a nigga find it/A&R's feel like everybody's the one/i walk around feelin like everybody my son/shorty feelin the god/ i can't blame/ain't kick down the door/but came thru like Kramer..."

"...on my Eric Benet shit/fuck everything"

Man oh man....dude is sick.

These plus "3 Sides 2 A Story" from yesterday (go back and get it)...Jumpoff back on his grizzly.

Joe Budden Freestlye Part 1

Joe Budden Freestlye Part 2

And you just needed this. A retail tribute with a lot of different artits.

So Amazing: An All Star Tribute to Luther Vandross

PW is Beat Snatcher

Aiight...Dally's really on some David Banner/Incredible Hulk shit.

But now, like some old tag team wrestling shit, Dominicanluimi has joined him on this shit.




There's no way I can intro what we're about to show you lol.

Give them some comments either in this post or on the side for what I'm bout to present to you.

Click below, sit back and scroll.

The Link To Hades

And we're about to cross the 50,000 mark in visits.

I, personally, Gotty, on behalf of everybody affiliated, want to thank everyone for the constant encouragement. Like I said, this shit started out as a small daily email to a circle of about 20+ friends, just shoot'em them off-the-wall selections to get'em thru the day.

And now, we got a whole lotta friends and hopefully we're helping you get thru the day with a smile.

To quote the Goodie M.O.B.

"People don't use our music to get high/They use our music to get by"

Gaww-deeee! The Remix

Let me tell you how things work around here sometimes.

I started out with a few links and a small idea for today's post.

I was gonna tell you how Joe Budden murdered this track, telling a story from different points of view.

Joe Budden - Three Sides To A Story

Plus these joints....

Isley Bros - Eternal

Isley Bros - Live It Up

Isley Bros - Mission To Please

Isley Bros - Go 4 ur Guns

All Passes = magic


I started piecing that together last night before bed.

Simple right?

So I wake up this morning, and I think Dally's lost his mind. I mean this motherfucker flipped or some shit.

Son, emailed me three times and what was included told me all hope was lost for having a pretty post today.

No prepared links for you.

No need for a quirkly little intro and story.

No way I was even considering setting all these joints up in HTML on a Sunday during football season lol.

"Yeah baby I like it raaaawwww"

Straight sushi.

Cut & paste into your browser.

Take it or leave it lol.

Oh yeah...before you start looking below.

If you download ONE album
, all I ask is that you give this dude his props by leaving a comment. If a link is down, don't whine. Comments, not complaints. You've got a few other albums to choose from. My granny used to say, "Beggars can't be choosers".

Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus (upped by Froz1)

Ruff Riders - Ride Or Die Volume 1

Ruff Riders - Ride Or Die Volume 2

Ruff Riders - Ride Or Die Volume 3

Ruff Riders - The Redemption

The Game - Feel My Pain

The Game - Ghost-unit

Tony Yayo - Thoughts Of A Predicated Felon

Kanye West - Late Registration

Black Rob-Life Story.rar
Busta Rhymes-Genesis.rar
Busta Rhymes-It Ain't Safe No More.rar
Busta Rhymes-The Coming.rar
C-Murder-Trapped In Crime.rar
DMX-The DMX Files.rar

112-Hot & Wet.rar
DMX-The Great Depression.rar
G Unit-No Mercy, No Fear.rar
Method Man-Tical.rar
Nas-God's Son.rar

Nas-It Was Written.rar
Alicia Keys-Songs In A Minor.rar
Ashanti-Chapter II.rar
Drama-Causin' Drama.rar
Eightball & MJG-Comin' Out Hard.rar
Eightball & MJG-In Our Lifetime, Vol 1.rar
Eightball & MJG-Memphis Underworld.rar
Eightball-Lay It Down.rar
Eminem-Marshall Mathers LP.rar
Eminem-The Eminem Show.rar

Eminem-The Slim Shady LP.rar
Dru Hill-Dru World Order.rar
Dru Hill-Enter The Dru.rar
Pastor Troy And The Congregation-Book 1.rar
Pastor Troy-Hell 2 Pay.rar
Pastor Troy-Universal Soldier.rar
DTP-Golden Grain.rar
Project Pat-Murderers & Robbers.rar
















Most Wanted

Tela - Piece of Mind

AND that Paul Cain we upped last week. I gave it to ya'll and I ain't even get it for myself :(

If you got those, get at us.

And major props again to Dally!

"You Must Learn...."

If Donny Hathaway or Stevie Wonder ever took the time to sit down and strum an acoustic guitar, chances are that the soulful creation of
their efforts would have sounded alot like Raul Midon's.

That pretty much sums it up.... On his debut Pop/R&B/Jazz (with light
Latin undertones) cd, "State of Mind," he draws from both of his
musical inspirations, even managing to get Stevie himself to jam on
the harmonica on the cut, "Expressions of Love," while dedicating the
track "Sittin' in the Middle," to the late great Hathaway, in a style
that would have made the man proud.

In addition to Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz makes a guest appearance,
jamming and harmonizing beautifully with Midon on "Keep on Hoping."

Raul is a very accomplished singer and guitar player, but still a bit
raw as a songwriter when it comes to being consistent. Perhaps this is
because he is trying to paint vivid pictures, that he himself is only
able to see with his mind's eye, being blind since birth.

The following song should give some perspective to what it must be
like to be deprived of something as basic, yet as taken for granted as

"All in Your Mind"

Stand with me on the riverbank
Where the cool wind brushes our face
You are welcome to do nothing at all
In the lonesome of this sheltered space
Through my eyes you can see the world
Well you might be surprised what you'll find
A cool wind and a warm touch
And a moment that is all in your mind
And if you find a reason to change your point of view
Might be the time and season for doing
What you've always wanted to do

Put my thoughts on a single page
But the paper didn't have any lines
For painting pictures of magic and light
And a moment that is all in your mind
Yeah, it's all in your mind
It's all in your mind
It's all in your mind

And if you find a reason
To change your point of view
Might be the time and season
For doing what you've always wanted to do
What you wanted to do

Thought to call you the other day
But I figured that you don't have the time
For painting pictures of magic and light
And a moment that is all in our minds
It's a moment that is all in your mind.
And it might be that it's all in your mind.

Raul Midon - State Of Mind


Peace B Un2 U,

CoolHand Luke

Rings Of Smoke

Fuck a greatest hits. Take Ike in his purest form in these four albums.

Isaac Hayes

Black Moses

Hot Buttered Soul


...To Be Continued

PWs = magic

David Banner - Certified (Retail)

Mack 10 - The Hustler's Handbook

Kanye. John Legend. Seventeen piece orchestra. Nuff said. Stolen from Dingle who stole it from OkayPlayer's site lol.

Kanye West - Live Performance At Abbey Road Fresh Link

Shadyville Ent Presents - The Best Of Gunit Radio

DJ_Kay_Slay_Present_Papoose_And_Memphis _Bleek-Bedstuy_Do_Or_Die

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It:Thug Motivation 101

Boyz II Men - Legacy (The Greatest Hits)

This is classic material, pure Saturday morning soul. Recommended highly.

Donny Hathaway - Extension Of A Man Fresh Link

Understand, nobody can loves the Neps/Skateboard P/N.E.R.D./Clipse/Reup Gang more than my man Dingle over @ Am I High. When I heard it was coming out, I just kept an eye over there and waiting on him to alert the world. Well, wait no longer.

"I sell nose candy ... Willy Wonka"

"I'm Emeril with the pie,
stirring in the pot,
then add that fire to it,
bam, kick it up a notch!"

"You and meeee...Bape, Ice Cream, and B-BC...Just because we skate down the roads, don't mean we can't slam Phantom doors..."

Clinton Sparks And The Clipse- Reup Gang Presents We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2

Most Wanted

Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus

Tela - Piece of Mind

If you got those, get at us.

Oh yeah....

40% Off @ and free ground shipping


"If Your Hand The Same Color As Mine..."

...Black man rise!"

Styles P "Ghetto Children"

We admit it.

We've been slacking on our R&B and Soul grooves in the past few weeks.

Forgive us.

But, today seemed like a good day to get back on our A-game.


Willie Hutch died recently.


Wille Hutch, the creator of arguably one of soundtrack to the best Blaxploitation movie ever, "The Mack."

Still wondering?

Remember when Project Pat did "I Choose You?"

Let me backtrack.

The first time I watched The Mack, when I was of age and knowledgable, it changed my life.

And the track "I Choose You" was playing in the background when Goldie was just gettin back on his feet, fresh out the joint.

The big intro.

The orchestrated sound.

Then Willie wailing "whoooa whooa whooaaa"

The track is murder. Stone cold pimpin'.

It was a track I literally was dying for someone to sample but do it right.

Pat did.

So respect due to Willie for laying the foundation and the rest of these artists for creating something beautiful.

Picking up where Gotty left off, this is Retro checking back in. It seems Gotty and I are one of the few of our generation that truly enjoys OLD old school. And the era of blaxploitation is no exception. I think we can all agree that they don't make 'em like they used to. To a casual observer, these flicks seem nothing more than a high period in black alternative cinema, with flashy names, flashy personalities and even flashier scores/soundtracks.

But to me it was much more than that. Drug dealers, pimps, thugs, prostitutes, and any other bottom of the barrel professions were brought to glorious heights and shoved in the face of mainstream America. These movies proved that sometimes you gotta do bad before you can do right. People coming from the hood of any part of the country can relate. That's what made them heroes to me. Hated by many but still doing the damn thing!

I think that's what we're missing these days. Instead of these heroes of Black America like Coffy, Shaft, Superfly, and so on, we're stuck with the likes of Uncle Tom's like Cuba Gooding Jr, Will Smith (see: Shark Tales), Chris Tucker and dare I say it, Martin Lawrence. Not heroes. More like minstrel actors. Content to soft-shoe for the adoring, ridiculing public, exaggerate their swagger and "blackness" to ludicrous proportions. For what? To sell movies, whore themselves, and set their people back generations.

We need integrity. We need pride in ourselves. And most of all, we need heroes, to set the example. No matter where you came from, all that matters is where you're going. I miss that. Word to The Mack. RIP Willie, you've inspired me more than any ballplayer or rap artist ever could.

Willie Hutch - The Mack OST

Gene Page - Blacula OST

Rudy Ray Moore - Dolemite OST

Issac Hayes - Shaft OST

Issac Hayes - Truck Turner OST

James Brown - Black Caesar OST

Melvin Van Peebles - Sweet Sweetback's Baaddaaassss Song OST

Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa OST

Jerry Peters & Jerry Butler - Melinda OST

Roy Ayers - Coffy OST

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man OST

We've had a pretty good response to our "Euro-Excursion". We've got one more final contribution for the week from MrC. In the sake of space, we couldn't put all the tracklistings on the main page but if click here you can view them on a seperate page.

Blackalicious - A2G EP (1999) (Mo'Wax)

Quannum Projects - Quannum Spectrum (1999) (Mo'Wax)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

DJ Format - If You Can't Join 'Em ...Beat 'Em (2005)

Part 1 Part 2

Position Chrome Retrospective mixed by Panacea (1999)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Position Chrome 18

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

DJ Scud & Panacea present The Redeemer - Hardcore Owes Us Money

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Panacea - Low Profile Darkness

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The password for all of these is MrC23 except the Blackalicious,
which is Mrc23.

Big up to contributors Froz1 (tell me that ain't an oldschool graff name) & MrC for puttin in work today. All we did was ask for help. And straight up, they came thru with all the music you see. So be sure to drop some comments in the Contributors section and on this post.

God Bless The Dead


I’m starting where I left of with the “Eski-boy” Wiley. Wiley’s part of a crew called Roll Deep and until the last six months, people only knew Wiley as Wiley. Now Roll Deep has dropped their eagerly anticipated album. Obviously the underground garage heads know all about Roll Deep; an entourage made up of about ten to fifteen MC’s from East London. Until now that have been strictly underground, but due to the success of Wiley and Dizzee, they’ve dropped one hot album!

“In At The Deep End” isn’t your typical garage album. It’s a mix between garage/grime/eski. Obviously Wiley has had an impact on this album as he is the most successful MC from Roll Deep. Roll Deep have managed to fuse grime with some catchy pop tunes to good effect. They are keeping it street but they’ve managed to appeal to another audience at the same time which I think makes this album a success! The first and biggest tune off the album is “When I’m Ere”. This is UK Grime at its best…a pure grimey beat and some sick mc’ing. When this tune drops in the clubs in London, watch out cos the crowd seriously goes crazy! Next release off the album is “The Avenue”. A blend of 80’s samples and grimey lyrics, different but I think it works. Judge for yourself! Some other personal favourites of the album are “Show You” and “Poltergeist”, the latter being another prime example of the grime these guys can come out with. A lot of cats in the garage scene are saying Roll Deep have sold out, become commercial because they are changing their sound slightly and trying to appeal to a different audience. I think that’s true to an extent, but there’s no doubting these guys have dropped a good album here.

Roll Deep – In At The Deep End

The second installment for today comes from another young Londoner who goes by the name of Kano. Kano’s been around for a while now, making his name on the underground scene, doing pirate radio stations and gigs. There’s been a big hype about this guy even before he dropped his album; his raw talent is undeniable. I personally think he is one of the best lyricists/MC’s in the UK at the moment. Again Kano keeps it real, he talks about life on the street, how shit goes down in clubs and there’s the token tune about love/girls…that kinda shit. The previous three albums have all been based around grime but have been creative enough to switch genres through different tracks, and that’s exactly what Kano does here. The first release was “P’s & Q’s”. Another massive club tune, “P’s & Q’s” advertises Kano’s pure raw MC’ing talent to the UK. One of my faves is the opening track, “Home Sweet Home”. We hear Kano spit about how it is on the streets and where he’s come from. Another personal fave is “Sometimes”, where Kano is asking us what makes him different from the others.

“It’s not for the cheddar, it’s not for the fame, it’s not for the Rolex, it’s not for the chain, it’s just for the respect”

That line basically sums up where Kano is coming from. His passion for music can’t be questioned; he could have gone on to become a professional football player (that’s soccer to you guys!) but he gave it up to pursue his music career. Kano is as real as it gets and his spitting is as good as anyone. Cop this shit and drop some comments!

Kano - Home Sweet Home

Stray Shots

3-6 Mafia - The Most Known Unknowns (New Link)

Lil Kim - The Naked Truth (Clean)

Cutmaster C - The Hood News (The Howard Stern Show)

PW = dukins

Dwele -Some Kinda (Advance)

The Roots - Organix

Omarion - "O"

Jodeci - Forever My Lady

Smooth Grooves - Jazzy Soul Volumes 1 - 3

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

The Commodores - Anthology (Two Discs)

Disc 1
Disc 2

Baby - Fast Money

Lil'Wayne - Tha Carter

Turk - Still A Hot Boy

B.G. - Life After Cash Money

Nature - For All Seasons

Eric B. & Rakim

Paid in Full (Platinum Edition)

20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Eric B. & Rakim

Don't Sweat the Technique

Follow The Leader

"International, National, Local...Worldwide"

Recently, we've gotten heavy feedback from around the globe in regards to this thing of ours. Shoutouts and props along with contributions to write and drop new music. And since we like to bring all types of flavors to the mix, today seemed like an excellent day to start gettin it in.

So I called on my man Raj to fill in and drop some jewels about hip-hop on his side of the globe. That's right, we international motherfuckers. Deal with it and dig the words he drops on you.

I finally got this UK rap organised and uploaded. This is the first of a few instalments. The first 2 guys I am introducing you to are 2 of the biggest names to have come out of the UK Garage scene. UK Garage has been around for awhile now and it’s mainly based in London. Both Dizzee Rascal and Wiley are from the streets; they know what the rough streets of London are like, how gun crime is a real problem…Dizzee even got stabbed in Ayia Napa a while back. One thing about these 2 dudes here is that its not all about the money or the bling or the bitches. These guys are spitting about their life, life on the street, growing up in East London and I think that is one major difference between some of cats dropping shit in America and the UK rappers/mc’s.

Firstly Mr. Rascal! Dizzee first exploded onto the scene almost 3 years ago. He already had a name in the underground and slowly built his name up commercially. His voice is very distinctive making his different from the competition, kinda like how DMX was different to all the other rappers when he first exploded.

Dizzee’s first release was “I Luv U”; the tune which unleashed Dizzee to the outside world! 2 other hot tracks on the album are “Fix Up Look Sharp” and “Jus A Rascal”. “Fix Up Look Sharp” was once labelled as the UK version of Clipse’s “Grindin”! Some of the tunes on this album are poorly produced, but there’s no doubting this guys got big talent. Here in the UK we got an award called the Mercury Music Prize. Awarded yearly, the prize celebrates the best in British music, and in 2003, Dizzee became the first rapper to win the award. For a debut album, I think that speaks volumes about how Dizzee is regarded in the UK.

Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner

Secondly we got Wiley. Born and raised in East London, Wiley grew up with Dizzee. Wiley is a part of Roll Deep and Dizzee used to associate himself with them as well. Wiley isn’t as mainstream as Dizzee, but he’s getting props from loads of people due to the fact that he’s continuing the growth of UK Garage. He doesn’t like to think of his music as Garage though; he calls his music his own genre, “Eski”, which I think is named after the “Eskimo Dance”, a garage gig that goes down in London. Wiley dropped this album about a year or so ago. He mixed up grimey garage beats with his own Eski shit to good effect.

The definite stand out tune on the album is “What Do U Call It”. He basically explains to use that he’s using the garage scene to bring his own sound and if anyone aint down with that then fuck you! This tune is a massive Garage tune and every time it’s dropped in clubs, the Garage fans go craaaazy! The 2nd release of the album was “Pies”. It sounds like he nicked most of the sounds from some old skool computer games. Another tune to look out for is “Treddin on Thin Ice”. Personal fave off the album is “Special Girl”. There’s no doubt Wiley can spit, and in this track he’s chatting bout what kinda girl he needs. No doubt that the best way to start of the UK stuff with the pioneers of garage.

Wiley - Treddin on Thin Ice

By the way, if there is anyone reading this and they think anything I am saying is incorrect or just plain bullshit, just say so. I’m just giving you guys my knowledge, if someone out there knows more, feel free discuss!

Small Update

A few small updates....

One, I/we asked for contributions and we recieved a decent response over the past few weeks. It's appreciated and we wanted to show that by recognizing a few cats that have been gettin in it with us. Take time to view the link to the right or clicking here & be sure to shoot'em a comment.

Speaking of comments, we're gonna make it even easier for you to post a comment with the added comment box on the right. You don't have to leave the main screen so take thirty seconds and post a word or two. As well, the original comments section after the post has been changed so you don't have to travel from screen to screen as we've added a pop-up box for the comments. Let us know which one you prefer, pop-up or the sidebar.

We've also added a donations button directly linked to Paypal. We all have Paypal. We all end up with that small odd amount leftover. Did you like an album? Did you like a feature? Are you tired of us asking you questions haha? Donate! No contribution is too small.

As always, click a damn if you like this place. Put at least a little paper in our pockets lol.

And we'll continue to strive to make this place just a little better.

"...You Know 'Kiss/Stocky, Bald-Head, Light Brown"

...iced down
and my room look like Nike Town"


(Bet you thought this was gonna be a Lox feature lol.)

This is gonna be hard for some to understand.

I'm a shoe addict.

I admit it.

It's been this way for years.

Currently, the sneaker culture is a HUGE thing to the mainstream.

But, cats like us were doing this WAY before it was the thing to do.

The recent boom in the fascination with sneakers, the whole internet experience that revolves around it, I'll proudly say me and a few other cats played a small role in that.

But trend be damned, I've always had a love affair with shoes period.

Some collect Beanie Babies, baseball cards, Star Wars memorabilia.

We collect & rock sneakers and shoes in general.

My favorite pair...whew, hard to say. Maybe the Bo Jackson's Trainer SC Highs in white/purple and orange, Syracuse colors baby! When I got those, it was game over. I was done. They were so sweet, I couldn't bear to even wear them and had to get rid of them to avoid the tempatation lol.

My most expensive pair of kicks...probably pair of Mauri alligator boots lined with mink. Fuck stompin' in my Air Force 1's. When those come out in the club or the block, cats gotta look and say "damn!"

I don't cop half as many pairs as I used to.

Actually, I hardly cop any shoes at all anymore.

I've sorta outgrown the actual buying part and become somewhat wiser with my dough.

But Lil Ruff can tell you.

There was a time when I was coppin one to three pairs per week for like a year straight lol.

I've done the whole Jordan collection at least 2-3 times over going from I all the way up to whatever the latest one was.

The highest my collection has ever gotten...maybe 170-185 pairs. I dunno.

My current rotation....prolly about 80 pairs including Timbs, gators, crocs, ostritches, dress shoes by all those Italian designers whose names end in vowels, Nike's, designer sneakers like Louie's, Gucci's, Coach, Prada's...or as Tone likes to call them "Scrooge McDucks."

There's no bigger rush for cats like us than a release date of a sneaker, winning an eGay auction, waiting for the mailman and throwing up gang signs if he doesn't show up with our shoes on the day we're expecting them lol....ahh, and putting on a new pair.

Neckbreakers. TNS (Taco Neck Syndrome - The head-turn a shoe causes). Whatever.

But even if nobody looked, we'd still be rocking the freshest pair of shoes.

Summer 2000

Summer 2002

Summer 2004

Recent Closet Pics

P.S. - If you ever run across these Tod's in a US size 12 or 13, get at me. I'm on a hunt for these pieces.

Appropriate theme music for today's post.

UGK - "Belts To Match"

Raekwon - "Sneakers"

Other guilty pleasures know those songs you really don't tell anybody you listen to. The ones you cut down at the red light or when you pull up to the gas station. The joints you sing in the shower or when they come on the radio while during your best Tom Cruise "Risky Business" impersonation....yeah those.

Evanesence - "My Immortal"

Destiny's Child - Emotions

Bow Wow featuring Ciara - "Like You"

Damien Rice - "The Blower's Daughter"

The Romantics - " I Hear The Secrets That You Keep"

Jaguar Wright - "Love, Need & Want You"

And this ain't even guilty because this is straight FUNK!

Sly & The Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay"

And I don't know if you have the time but here's a small Prince discography. Albums include...

Sign Of The Times
Purple Rain
Diamonds and Pearls
The B-Sides

Prince Albums

Password is dukins

Oh yeah...for you shoppers.

Polo 25% Discount Code (I always rack up with these joints)


Til October 10th

"Praying For Help..."

Remember when X wasn't gettin high like Whitney and Bobby?

When he basically took the game by storm?

Dark Man was that dude for real.

He didn't fill the void Pac left.

He created his own spot.

The growl.

The rugged voice.

The dog references and comparisons, and the animalistic attitude that said "I'll rip your ass in pieces you shithead!"

The open spirituality and the "praying for help" that I must say nobody else but Pac had touched on.

I dunno if we'll ever hear that music again from X.

Thank God it was captured and recorded when it was.

It's Dark And Hell Is Hot

The Great Depression

Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood

Password is x

Stray Shots

Hell Rell - Streets Wanna Know

Change the *.jpg file to *.rar to extract.

"Money In The Bank" Best of Banks 2

Stop The Banks (3 Discs)

Slick Rick - The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

Capone and Noreaga - The War Report

N.O.R.E. - 1 Fan A Day

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Road To The Riches

Part One Part Two

EPMD - Strictly Business

Part One Part Two

Password for those two is Zades.

And we've been kinda slackin' on the soul and r&b ups so here's some small stuff til we can hit you off lovely.

Leela James - A Change Is Gonna Come

Total - Kima, Keisha & Pam (1998)

Change the *.i41 file to *.rar to extract.

Deborah Cox- One Wish

Kelly Price - Mirror Mirror (2000)


Change the *.i41 file to *.rar to extract.

Gerald Levert - Love & Consequences

Password is levert.

Somebody requested Dwele so here's "Subject," "Live At The Jazz Cafe," and the "Lost Track Of Time" EP all wrapped in one.


A little added bonus is this vid. I don't watch videos when they come on tv at all so I dunno if this is already out. But, for a hot song, they did an excellent job with this joint.

Game - "Put You Up On Game" Video

Respect due to Zades and Dally.

Long Live The Kane....

Ruling and schooling MC's that I'm dueling
Watch them all take a fall as I sit back cooling
On my throne, with a bronze microphone
Hmm, God bless the child that can hold his own
Cause I get raw


Brain cells are lit, ideas start to hit
Next the formation of words that fit
At the table I sit, making it legit
And when my pen hits the paper, ahh shit!

“Ain’t No Half Steppin’”

With those bars I was hooked. Since that first day back in 1988, when I first heard Big Daddy Kane’s “Ain’t No Half Steppin’” bumpin’ out the boom box of my friend’s older brother, Kane has sat at the very top of my list of rap’s all-time greats. Later I caught his work with the Juice Crew and his status was forever cemented.

What you have to understand, and most older cats will agree with me, before Kane stepped on the scene, Rap had a very choppy formulated sound. Go throw on some old Sugar Hill Gang, Run DMC, LL. Cool J, ect… Tell me if they don’t all sound the same. For me, Kane was the architect who laid the blueprint for a lot of today’s rappers to build from. BK, (Before Kane) R&B samples were seldom used, if at all. He made it both an art and a science (of course, this was BEFORE you needed to get clearing for usage of samples.) BK, rappers weren’t using rapid-fire delivery packed with multi's and clever wordplay or spitting lines imbedded with metas and punches. Half of these cats today should probably be paying the man royalties for how much they sound like Kane haha. Seriously, he birthed many of our favorite rappers styles, both musically and image-wise. Shit, I sincerely wouldn’t be shocked if he has lately gone back to doing what got him in the door in the first place, ghostwriting…

BDK was a man of many hats and he wore each of them well. He could straight rip a mic and was feared in a battle and at the same time, he had that sex appeal that the ladies loved, only rivaled by Ladies Love Cool James. Perhaps at one point the Smooth Suave New Jack Swinging Player Mack Vampire overshadowed the Braggadocios Ferocious Wordsmith with the Immaculate Delivery Full of Worldly Intellect and Social Understanding with the Gift of Gab, but realize that this was all part of the man’s master plan. I keep hearing cats say Kane lost his fire when he “crossed-over.” Well, if crossing over is releasing a ballad on your FIRST cd, then I guess he did. Anyone that listens can see that Kane had a vision and he wanted to touch as many people in as many ways as he could. All of his references to movie stars, entertainers, pop culture, ect showed that he wanted to become one with them. Ok, I’ll give you this, a couple of his cds weren’t up to the standards of his first 3-4, but a successful first cd is often the measuring stick that proves to be the kiss of death for any artist.

Anyway, I can’t do the man’s music justice with my words, so I’m just gonna throw up his first three albums… I have all of them and then some, so if reactions are favorable, I’ll put them up next along with some other Juice Crew classics.

Long Live the Kane

It’s a Big Daddy Thing

A Taste of Chocolate

Password is Coolhand

Next up is Juice Crew alum, Masta Ace’s “A Long Hot Summer”.

Aight, I’m gonna cut right to the chase, since I just rewrote “War and Peace” with my review of Kane. This may be the BEST concept cd you’ve NEVER heard. Tight all the way around and if you’re the kind who likes stories, this is for you.

Tight Lyrics- check
Tight Delivery- check
Tight Production- check
Bumpability- check

For real, hearing is believing…. Straight up, this cat spits fire and is one of the most underrated out there.

Masta Ace- A Long Hot Summer


Peace B un2 U All,

CoolHand Luke

Stray Shots

Biz Markie - Goin Off

Biz Markie - Biz Never Sleeps

Kool G. Rap and D.J. Polo - Live And Let Die

J-Love Presents Kool G. Rap - A Legend

Kool Keith Presents The Undatakerz

Richie Rich - Seasoned Veteran

Rakim - The 18th Letter

Rakim - The Master


Password is south

"Don't Watch Me, Watch TV!"

To understand Juelz, you must understand hip-hop is not Algebra.

It's not that hard.

Good beat.

Catchy lyrics.

Nice hooks or choruses.

Good music.

Now, Juelz isn't the 18th Letter.

He's not heir to the throne.

But he and the rest of the Dips are good at what they do, like it or not.

They use wordplay to their advantage.

A few cool brand names or automobiles mentioned, speak on stacking paper, some new slang, repetition of a key word, choppy, incomplete lines, guntalk, requisite bitch-hoe-bird lyrics.

Deeper down though, if you listen to Juelz, he can actually spit a few ill bars when he chooses to.

And while Cam touches on some subjects indirectly, Juelz speaks about them head on.

Go back and listen to these closely.

Failed relationships? Honesty?

"My Problem (Jealousy)"

A man crying?

"Who Am I?"

Introspective reflection...Okay...I'm reaching on that one lol. But still...

"One Day I Smile"

Straight get down for the ladies?

"Only U (Remix)"

Comical abilities?

"Fuckers And Friends"

Pure RAW energy?


Tell me you ain't holler out "Baaandaaannnaaaaa!" after hearing that joint?

Still not amped? As my son would say, "Peep game, peep play."

They say I walk around like I got a S on my chest
Tech on my left, gangstaz wit me ready to step. (Jeah)
I like a chick wit big breasts on her chest
Not flat lookin like somebody stepped on her chest. (Jeah)
What, (jeah) Shit, (jeah) Fuck, (jeah) Bitch, (Jeah)
You so crazy. (Jeah jeah jeah jeah!)
My niggaz spit the glock (oh so slow whoa)
Rude boi lick a shot (BO BO BO BO!)
Neva seen up in a pot (oh so much coke)
Cook it to a bigga rock (aye aye oh oh)
And I be wit dem gangstaz (jeah), I creep wit the gangstaz (jeah)
Crack a dutch or Philly and cheif cheif wit the gangstaz
I stay wit a lady (jeah), she stay wit a lady (jeah)
They makin me crazy. (Jeah jeah jeah jeah!)
I spray em wit babies (jeah), in they face till they hate me (jeah)
And I'm makin em crazy. (Jeah jeah jeah jeah!)
And they like when I do it (jeah), they like when I move it (jeah)
They like when I work it, they like when I hurt it
I stay icy on purpose, like icy perservers
More than likely I'm the nicest you hearda. Jeah!

"More Gangsta Music"

When this track comes on, I immediately start shouting out all the adlibs, the "jeahs", hop around like a wild ape and literally lose my mind!

If you can't vibe to this verse, see the adrenaline Juelz would say "Commit That!"

Either way, don't sleep on Human Crack.

Juelz Santana - From Me To U

You ever heard a thoro cat, a head who you respect musically, tell you "Man I don't fuck with 50. I wish dude would spit his old shit!" This is the album they talkin about right here without a doubt plus these other joints.

Power Of A Dollar

No Mercy No Fear

Behind Bars

Guess Who's Back Again?

Paul is my dude. Fab's brother, nice flow, rugged voice. I love this cat although I'm pretty sure he's never gonna blow.

Best Of Paul Cain Vol. 2

I gotta give the boy Dally Dally straight up props for diggin and bringin on this joint. If for nothing more than reminding me what a serious song "Wolf Tickets" was. If you don't know, I suggest you Amazon the tracklisting to remember why this shit is neccessary.

The Click - Game Related

And since Dally sparked it, we gonna give you a little West West love.

Respect the architects of this gangsta shit.

Eazy E - Eazy Does It

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

N.W.A. - Niggas For Life

Stray Shots


Filefront has been buggin today but we'll still throw a backup link from them just in case.

Backup Link

Ghostface Killah - "Be Easy"

John Legend feat Van Hunt and Joss stone - "Family Affair"

All-Star feat. Young Jeezy - "Young Rich Nigga"

Mariah Carey feat Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - "Shake It Off" (Remix)

Whiney_Houston-The_Preachers_Wife Soundtrack

Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack

Password is smoked

Teddy Pendegrass Greatest Hits

Password is foot

Love to LouiePo and Dally for the continued contributions.

Oh yeah....Jay says he is not done. Well, not exactly.

Somebody bout to get it lol. Wanna place bets? I got my dough on Game, Cam and Jimmy.

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