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"People Focus On The Destination...

...and seem to forget about the journey."

Interesting quote if you ask me. Go read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. Enjoy today! Kiss your momma or your kid. Tell the important people around you that you love them. Try skipping (eff the people looking at you lol). And "Work like you don't need the money, love like your heart has never been broken, dance like no one is watching, sing like no one can hear you, and live as though Heaven is on Earth."

So, keepin in tune with's theme music to get your spirits up.

Old but classic...

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - "Keep On Pushin"

Timeless classic...

Soul II Soul - "Keep On Movin"

More recent and slept on in my opinion...

Nelly featuring Anthony Hamilton - "Nobody Knows"

And still in the same spirit, a video that deserves your time if you have four minutes to spare. Real soulful. Should work with Windows Media Player or whatever you're using.

Mos Def - "Umi Says" Video

This is by request of Challenge My Mind. Respect due to the song and artist.

Otis Redding - "I've Been Loving You Too Long"

If 50 ever goes back at it like this, I'll be his number one fan.

50 Cent - "Be A Gentleman" (Jay-z Diss)

Submitted by Juan

Marques Houston - "Sex With You"

And since Beyonce's number one fan has joined the fold (Welcome back Toes!), I figured this was worth a re-up. It's B and his crew peforming Jay's cut "December 4th" from the Black Album as her birthday present to him. Creative and cute.

Decemeber 4th Video

And a new mixtape for you to ride to on this holiday weekend (one of these links should be working).

DJ Cipha Sounds - The Official Mixtape For The Streets (Hosted By Ghostface)

DJ Cipha Sounds - The Official Mixtape For The Streets (Hosted By Ghostface)

And since I haven't given you all anything out the ordinary this week, I present to you a country classic that crosses all genre and ethnic lines.

Bonnie Raitt - "I Can't Make You Love Me"


No More Games

fuck a story i aint even gonna describe the know what it is

d'angelo - untitled how does it feel

boyz II men -uhh ahh the sequel

lenny williams -cause i love you

hi-five-i like the way( the kissing game)

en vogue never gonna get it )

jamie foxx-dont let the sun go down on our love

janet jackson-would you mind?

mase- i need to be?

johnny gill- my my my ?

jon b -they dont know?

new edition -if it isnt love

isley bros-make me say it again

craig mack-flava in ya ear remix

mc eigt-str8 up menace

digital underground-freaks of the industry

too short- so you wanna be a gangsta

akinyele- put it in your mouth

dj ez rock rob bass- it takes two

ugkz- wood wheel

Adrenaline Rush

its summertime so why not

will smith jazzy jeff- summertime

gotti wants the credit for fnding this but i am the one who told him the name of it to find so its a 50/50

men @ large - so alone

im shock G the one who put the satin on your panties
digital underground- humpty dance

another one for juans tastes

aaliyah - at your best

looks like the rumors are true this one of a few mobb and 50 tracks floating around

50 and mobb deep - outta control

another slow cut yall wasasking for hip hop and when i put that yall asking for slow so i am putting both tonite
xscape - understanding

dmx must not wanna be a preacher no more he has about 4 or so songs around
dmx - the industry remix

one of my favs
zapp n roger - computer love

i rember this came out when i was in 6th grade you heard it in every car
color me badd- sex you up

a west coast classic remixed
luniz - 5 on it remix

no words for this one
michael jackson - the way you make me feel

ill be getting my presentation game up to par soon yall i am new so dont kill me

"It Is Better To Strike A Match...

...than to damn the dark."

Food for thought. You do the dishes.

Aiight...alot of work to be done today so bear with us. First, let me knock out the requests.

DeBarge - "All This Love"

So, somebody needed some DeBarge. Of course we answer. It was too easy.

DeBarge - "All This Love"

DeBarge - "Time Will Reveal"

And I remember my sister puttin me on to this when I was like 8 lol.

DeBarge - "Love Me In A Special Way"

And just for the source of B.I.G.'s sample...

El DeBarge - "Stay With Me"

Case closed.

Moving on, another anonymous user wanted to question my statement that I "knew women..." and then went on to say "what song would u play to rekindle the fire..lets see what song u pick."

Well, ma'am, I'd pick something appropriate. Something that fits my persona since I'm a hip-hop dude truth be told and at the same time should could vibe to. "Every good hero needs theme music" (What movie ya'll?) so she'd picture me walking up with this playin in the background and then I'd spit something like "Let's do some math. Add me and you together, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and multiply our orgasms."

Talib Kweli feat. Bilal - "Can I Talk To You"

"Re" is a prefix that means "again" so I'd try something I know that the woman would definitely remember, a song that when played would immediately start the neurons in her brain to working (elsewhere if possible :))

Jagged Edge - "What You Trying To Do"

And then I'd hit'em with something like this.

Ginuwine - "Do You Remember"

Then, this JE cut is always a killer.

Jagged Edge - "He Can't Love You"

Finally, I'd slay'em with...

Maxwell - "Suite Lady (The Proposal Jam)"

I mean how could you miss with a track that starts out with the lines...

"It's been so long since I have had you lady/Since I have had your brown legs wrapped me"

Checkmate. Smooches :)

Juan called out the source on that Tevin Campbell "Break It Down" track so here you go.

Prince - "Shhh"

As well, she reminded me of this joint

Intro - "Come Inside"

A hip-hop classic.

Masta Ace - "Born To Roll"

And since he's got a reality tv show now, might as well give him his props for being the original "King of R&B", it's in other areas lol.

Bobby Brown - "Tenderoni"

Bobby Brown - "Rock Wit'Cha"

New stuff....

I haven't had the time to listen to this yet so give me feedback.

Trey Songz - I Gotta Make It (Advance)

Apparently, this guy is Jay-z's first Down South signee to the Def Jam/Rocafella/whatever it is now label.

Aztek Mixtape

Peep ya boy's name in his grill by clicking the pic and then check out his latest mixtape.

Paul Wall & Lt. Dan - It's Going Down Mixtape

And the Guatamalean needed this
Paul Wall feat. Big Pokey - "Sittin Sideways"

Jimmy may be by far the grimiest lookin dude out right now but I swear he's the truth.

His new song...

Jim Jones - "Baby Girl"

And if you got time, his new vid...

Jim Jones - "Baby Girl/Gees Up"

click picture for a link to the video.

And in the news, finally...

"B.I.G. Case Lawyer Says Police Confessed"

click picture for story.

And, I think it's a wrap. I'll take this for now...peep the name on it. Tone gave it to me ;)

Postcript - Keep the comments, witty remarks and requests coming! It's what let's us know you all are still there.

Bob And Weave...

Aiight...I'mma slow it down a little to give Sir Pianomayn a chance to recouperate. Right now, I know the boy against the ropes and his corner slappin him, squirtin him with the water bottle and puttin vaseline above his eye. Plus, Chigyrl requested a cut or two so we're gonna try to get that up. This girl brought up Shai (got it coming) and MEN AT LARGE lol. But we got her covered (I had to feed Tone that joint so gimme my props).

But her request brought me and Tone into a roundabout discussion that led to this joint. A slow drag classic.

2 D Extreme - "Cry No More"

...that right there should give me the 2nd round easily. But I ain't one to rest on my laurels so here's another worthy contribution, a video, at that. You'll need Winamp again to view this.

Alicia Keys feat. Jamie Foxx and Quincy Jones - Live Performance at the 47th Grammy Awards (Video)

I can't even front. After seeing the video for this, this joint is infectious.

Mike Jones - "Back Then"

To get you bouncin in your seat...

Mr. Serv-On feat. Mia X and Silkk The Shocker - "Head And Shoulders"

And there's this lil Guatamalean gnat steady screamin in my ear about he needs new shit to keep him crunk and ahead of the game. Aiight, my son, I hope this helps. I got more for you comin up.

Three Six Mafia - Memphis Underground Elite (2005)

And to seal the deal and take this round, let me speak to the ladies.

Ladies, I'm versatile and I'm like Mel Gibson. I know "What Women Want". I know you sat around on lonely Wednesday nights and then some Saturdays and you watched this movie each and every time it came on HBO. And if you did, you gonna know this cut...(and I bet you thought "Zora" was the one actually singin lol).

Melky Sedek - "Brooklyn"

If this was "Freestyle Friday" on 106 & Park, I'd drop the mic and walk away from competitor.

Show me love.

Theres Only Room For One Lion In The Den

nasty nas 1st time on a track

akinyele - live from the bbq

a classic common sense cut from waay back in 92
common sense - soul by the pound

from the above the rim soundtrack who doesnt know this one
tupac outlawz - pour out a lil

a west coast joint for yall from 93 se if you all can hear what the sample is in it
alkaholiks- make room

yes i put up abc playground why not made me laugh when isaw i had it in a folder good download atleast to reminese the summer it came out
abc - playground

crazy ill az joint i am just going all ver the place here no theme this time hot tracks from all regions

az- mo money mo murda mo homicide

black sheep :)
black sheep- the choice is yours

something new in the mist of all this old jamie foxx on the hook

kanye west- gold digger

this cat here wrote alot of kaynes stuff and is down with g.o.o.d

rhymefest- these days

last but not least for 2day a crazy cassidy song i dont care for him much but wayne and fabo go very nice on the track
cassidy fabo lil wayne 6 mnts of death

Old School Like High Top Fades

retro signing in for your daily dose of old school. this time, none other than sam cooke. dude has so much ill shit out, i just decided to post up his greatest hits. shout out to the other admins tone and gotty, looks like you two might be the only ones to hear of or appreciate this cat. retro outty five thousand

Sam Cooke - Portrait of a Legend

another one from another OLD SCHOOL cat. dude's voice is amazing, no homo.

Nat King Cole - Nat King Cole 2005

aaaaand for round three, midnight starr, since i got ty started on that the first time we spoke haha. no parking on the dance floor had me doing the robot tryna copy them dudes on soul train when i was young as hell.

Midnight Starr - No Parking On The Dance Floor

"And In This Corner..."

So, this guy tells me he can get you all motivated more by his contributions than I can.


Competition is good. It brings out the best in the best. And fortunately, well, I'm not the best but I'm #2 and my dad is getting older by the day.

And in an effort to bring the heat, I'm going to bring out an array of the diverse, the obsure, the new, and the old. And ya'll can show Tone by ya'lls comments that I won lol.

This drop a few weeks ago but took a second to get to. I'm not sure if it's out in stores yet but I'm willing to bet it is.

Jodeci - The Greatest Hits

And you need this in your collection. Respect the originators.

Boogie Down Productions - By Any Means Neccessary

And to take it back even further...and colder.

Johnny Taylor - Greatest Hits

Jea...we had to bring some new and different stuff to the table as well.

Destiny's Child - "Cater To You" (Scott Storch Remix)

Joe Budden feat. Newz - "What's Up"

Joe Budden feat. Lil Mo - "The Star In You"

Young Buck feat. Jay Life - "The Border"

This kid is really on his grind and he puts me in the mind of Lyfe in terms of subject matter, the streets.

Trey Songz - "We Gonna Make"

Trey Songz - "Dreams"

Joe Budden feat. Newz - "What's Up"

Carl Thomas feat. Kanye West - "Baby Don't Love Me"

And to solidfy my crown...a video. You'll need to use Winamp to view it.

Notorious B.I.G. feat Mase and Puff Daddy - "Mo Money, Mo Problems (Video)"

And my personal shoutout to my competitor...

Ice Cube - "You Can't Fade Me"

Sincerely Yours,
The Undisputed Champ

The City Of Wind 2005

ima throw a bunch of chicago artists at yall im not gonna add kells cause as gotti knows i am probally his only male fan who would break down in to tears if i met him... so there for he deserves a day of his own

1st joint i am puttin up was hot a few summers ago here in chicago.. to bad they did not go any where with this

3 piece- ohh ahh remix

this next one a chitown classic imo if you can get there greatest hits cd i sugest you do...

psychodrama- do what you wanna do

do or die and twista on a sick beat one of my favs hope yall can enjoy it to... i cant belive it took twista so long to really blow up

do or die - money flow

i have loved all of dave holisters albums hes underated to me thought id share one of my newer favs of his
dave holister- baby do those things

a classic flict gang banging song
crucial conflict- to the left

a very hot slow jam you all should know he has a new album coming out i will upload the sampler soon
donnel jones- where i wanna be
i am pretty sure these guys are from chicago they used to be with kells either way i like the song
[public announcment - john doe

this a str8 heavy chevy song right here
[twista - overdose

i did not add common or kanye because i plan to do another chicago joint soon and ima add them as well as some more chitown artists hope yall enjoy it

Aggins For Life...

Yesterday, I was working on the cpu and my daughter was downstairs in her room watching Mulan on Disney. She was amused and cracking up. She was living in the moment. She was literally enjoying life and typified what we've shortened to three letters - LOL or Laughing Out Loud. Kids can bring you some beautiful moments and she made me stop and think....wouldn't we all love to go back to being six again when life was pure, easy and innocent :)?

Ahmad - "Back In The Day"

...and she reminded me a Nas song where he paints a picture of what I want my deathbed to be like. I'm not being morbid lol...just listen and you'll understand the beauty. Peace and blessings to the soon to be here seeds(Tone, DubCee, PFifty) Monk and Pumbaa.Live now babies.

Nas - "Live Now"

If you're not familiar with this dude he used to roll with Puff, Mase and the whole Harlem world movement. This song right hear always gets me amped in the mornings. Oldie but hip-hop goodie.

Meeno - "I'm That Aggin"

This right here speaks alot about relationships between thugs lol. "Bros before hoes that the way love and life goes". Pour out a little liquor for the homies who ain't here right now to live it up with you. Salute!

Lil Boosie - "My Aggin Then"

This right here is definitely a return to the Nasty Nas that we knew and fell in love with back in the day.

Nas - "My Will (Honeymoon's Over)"

Straight for these hot summer days...

Jim Jones - "Lovely Days (Memory Lane)"

Hostile Takeover

this another one for juan dont worry gotti u know i am married and i dont wanna fight no 6.5 ass teacher with a grandmama who carrys a pistol :) i just know this on her level since she was feeling the bbd

ready for the world- love you down

this track here on some driving around in a 84 lac deville leaning back with a cohiba id say with a blunt but i quit some years ago...

outkast- spottieouttiedopalious

this off missys new album i wasnt feeling most of the album but i like this beat from mr bangladesh

missy - click clack

gotti on the im telling me to use caps and punctuation uhm this is not school mannnnn im just trying to get some nice music out there...he said i gotta dig deep since he been hitting yall with alot of old shit... i am breaking out the back hoe then dammit

every one gotta know this one
amg- vertical joyride

as yall can see i am putting up alot of slow stuff no worries for the rap heads i got yall to
mint condition- pretty brown eyes

A Quick Update.....

I wanted peeps to have this now since it's out. This should suffice for now til we get an actual upload poppin.

Click link below

R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet Video (Parts 1-5 Full)

Once you get to the page, right click "save as" on the first link. It's in RealPlayer format.

Allow me to introduce my self

hello all....i am gottys boy tone i plan to hit yall with some of everything now that i am vp up in here :) he told me to have my wife spel chek for me but wtf does he no?

this one here some of you may rember i would say "juan" will

BBD - When Will I See You Smile Again

this needs no intro...

And a personal favorite...

J.R. Writer and Hell Rell Freestyle

As you can see I am new to this typa technology but bear with me I'll get yall through with some old and new....signing out from the City of Wind, Chi-town stand up!

Prisoner of Hope

Somebody said that to me yesterday and it sounded so eloquent I figured I'd pass it along. Many times, we do put our faith in and base our dreams around those who continue to let us down.

You know we try to bring it to you as soon as we can. This is no exception.

R. Kelly - TP3.Com Reloaded

Enjoy now and then decide if you want to purchase the retail on July 5.

We been slow on this one. Had it for a few days but haven't had a chance to up it until now.

Cassidy - I'm A Hustla (Retail)

And in the continuing quest to give you that old school.

Nina Simone - I Put A Spell On You (1964) and Pastel Blue (1964)

I swear if you ain't up on Nina Simone you need your music pass revoked. She's inspired so many in so many different genres. She's your favorite singer's favorite singer and she's been sampled heavily throughout hip-hop.

And now some randomness...

I like this cut, eff what you heard or what preconcieved notions you have. 3-6 puts out some the hottest beats right now.

Lil Wyte feat. DJ Paul - "Bye 2 Da Bad Guy"

In music news...

R. News

"More drama is on the way for R. Kelly. The singer has completed a mini movie for his five-part song, "Trapped in the Closet," and at the end, viewers are promised that chapters 6-10 are on the way soon. All five videos that comprise "Trapped in the Closet" will be released on a DVD accompanying Kelly's new album, TP3 Reloaded, which lands in stores July 5.


Also from MTV

"Game Calls Attacks On 50, G-Unit Self-Defense: 'I Felt Like It's Five Against One'"

click picture for story.

"Greed, For Lack Of A Better Word... good." Random Wall Street quote. Pay it no mind.

I had this song in my head the other day, singin & shit as usual and the lil homie Juan hit me off with it. I didn't even know it was Tevin honestly. I thought it was Prince (written by him though so I was close I guess).

Tevin Campbell - "Break It Down"

I asked for a song because I'm lacking motivation this week (although the Game mixtape is dumb hot). Dub Cee came back with this.

Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You(T.R.O.Y.)"

And these are two personal favs by the Rapheal Saadiq/Three Tony's that I wanted to share. The man is truly a slept on talent by most of the world.

Tony Toni Tone - "Still A Man"

Rapheal Saadiq - "Still Ray"

"It's Like We Never Left..."

Just to hit you off with a few cuts to let you know we still here.

P-Diddy still can put out a decent song when he wants to and when he has time.

P-Diddy feat. GDep and Black Rob - "Godfather"

And this one's being reupped because I don't think ya'll understood how hot it was the first time lol.

P-Diddy feat. Miri Ben Ari - "Run This City"

And this right here...if it ain't tearin up the club scene, the the club scene ain't hot right now. I swear if you don't bob your shoulders when this comes on you might wanna have your heartrate or pulse checked. Listen to it two or three times in the car for it to sink in how hot it is.

Youngbloodz - "Presidental" (George Bush)

Plus I know a few of you like violence so...two fights to entertain you on a boring Tuesday. Cut and paste. You'll get a for sure laugh out the second one.

retro signing in for the latest installment of the g-unit vs black wallstreet. here's game's you know what it is vol 3 mixtape, pretty much dedicated to dissing g-unit. funny as fuck, and honestly i dont think g-unit can really reply with shit other than weak skits and greasy talk. enjoy.


"Oh What A Night..."

Today's a light day...

The second video of the "Trapped In The Closet" series.

R. Kelly "Trapped In The Closet" Part 2 of 5

And this joint came on the radio yesterday. Hell yeah, I was singing along and it's been stuck in my head since...

XScape - "Who Can I Run To?"

You had to be a "Rap City Kid" to know this cut. I'll bet a dollar that nobody in the group can tell me whose brother this dude was.

Diamond Shell - "Oh What A Night"

And this is the Game's comeback at "G-UNot!" since the infamous Hot97 shootout/breakup to makeup fiasco. Definitely hot and he gets at 50 and crew pretty fierce.

Game - "300 Bars"

Nature Of The Threat...

New shit for Friday, sent from my dude Cookie. "The Golden Child" Ras Kass, "Gangsta Grizzillizzz" and the new Boyz N Da Hood.

Ras Kass Mixtape Songs and Freestyles

DJ Drama and DJ Jaycee - Gangsta Grillz 14 (Hosted By Lil Webbie

Boyz N Da Hood - Boyz N Da Hood

More to come including, Cutmaster C - Murder Was The Case Vol.1 and DJ Big Mike - The Big Boy Game Vol. 1, so feel free to check back later today.

Oh yeah, in a blatant case of when keepin it real goes wrong, Cassidy "I'm A Hustler" is wanted for murder charges. Read more at

Special Thanks To Contributors...

A special thank you to each and every contributor to this site. This list will definitely be updated, as my memory and e-mail account only have the following names. These fine cats take the time to make The Smoking Section thrive! I cannot thank them enough for their contributions and their support of this site. If you'd like to post a "thank you" to them personally, which I highly recommend, drop it in the comments!

• Retro - PNC, Co-D in this blog shit!)
• Nquestii - If it wasn't for this dude...we simply would not be here. Period.
• Louie Po/Dominicanluimi
• P aka Paulie Fingers aka P. Grigio
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• Crazy Baby
• Mohannesburg
• My Man Mitch
• Neil Diamonds aka The 206King
• My Man Mitch
• K1NG
• DonCarter
• My Man Mitch
• Russian Mafioso

The Best Of The Best....

...Nah, not the old karate flick. Instead, that's the best way to present these joints to you.

Some T.I. mixtapes that've dropped in the past few weeks. The first one of them is basically a mix of T.I.'s various guest appearances similar to the Bun B mixtape from last week.

T.I. - Return of the Rubber Band Man Hosted By DJ Keyz

The next is one of the latest from DJ Drama and if you know the history, Dram was the one who let T.I. host a mixtape (Gangsta Grillz XI) and basically air out Lil Flip. Drama is prolly the hottest DJ in the game right now, straight up.

DJ Drama Presents T.I. & P$C - The Indictment

Speaking of the best of the best, Retro signing in to put my contribution in for the day. Big L freestyles mixed by DJ Keys.

Big L - Flamboyant Freestyles

These two really need no introduction. They're classic artists (Salute to the newest member of the team, Retro Inspired).

Curtis Mayfield - The Best Of Curtis Mayfield

The Very Best Of Minnie Riperton

And we been ranting about this girl because she can blow. Here's her new album.

Keyshia Cole - The Way It Is

And Then There Was One...

Yeah...I ain't even gonna give you nothing else today. Some things need to stand alone and given there proper shine so they can be fully appreciated.

I planned on dropping a few new cuts today but plans change. Just this joint and it should suffice easily. I like it 100% better than the original that came out a few weeks ago.

Kanye droppin jewels about the atrocities of the Sierra Leone diamond trade (Google "conflict AND blood diamonds" just like that for more info), Jay droppin lines about Bleek ("Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
As long as I'm alive, he's a millionaire"), the split of the's a wrap.

Kanye West feat. Jay-z - "Diamonds" Remix

The lyrics (please excuse any small mistakes)...

Good morning! This ain't Vietnam, still
People loses hands, legs, arms, for real
Little was known of Sierra Leone
and how it's connected to the diamonds we on
When I speak of diamonds in the song
I ain't talking bout the ones to be glown
I'm talkin' bout Roc-a-Fella, my home
My chain, these ain't 'Conflict Diamonds'
Is they Jacob? Don't lie to me, man
See, a part of me say keep shinin'
How? When I know what a 'Blood Diamond' is
Though it's thousands of miles away
Sierra Leone connected to what we go through today
Over here, it's a drug trade, we die from drugs
Over there, they die from what we buy from drugs
The diamonds, the chains, the bracelets, the charms-es
I thought my Jesus piece was so harmless
'Til I seen a picture of a shorty armless
And here's the conflict...
It's in a black person's soul to rock that gold
Spend your whole life tryin' get that ice
Oh, the Polo rugby, you look so nice
How could something so wrong make me feel so right?
Right before I beat up myself like Ike
You could still throw your Roc-A-Fella Diamond tonight


Yup! I got it from here, 'Ye, damn
The chain remains, the game is intact
The name is mine, I'll take the blame for that
The pressure's on, but guess who ain't gon' crack?
Pardon me, I had to laugh at that
How could you falter, when you the Rock of Gibralter
I had to get off the boat, so I could walk on water
This ain't no tall order, this is nothing to me
Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week
I do this in my sleep
I sold kilos of coke, I'm guessin' I could sell CDs
I'm not a business-man, I'm a business, man!
Let me handle my business, damn
Kanye-z, you got me, Freeway then Foxy,
YG's, Tearri Mari, Peedi, watch me
Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
As long as I'm alive, he's a millionaire
And even if I die, he's in my will somewhere
So he could just kick back and chill somewhere
Oh yeah, he don't even have to write rhymes
The Dynasty, like my money last three life times
Shirley Bassey in the rear, saying "exactly''
What I've been saying "practically" my whole career
The Diamond is forever, I be mining this forever
Now the Louis Vuitton Don's timing couldn't be better
People lined up to see the Titanic sinking
Instead, we rose from the ashes like a phoenix
If you waitin' for end of the Dynasty sign
It would seem like forever, it's a mighty long time
I'm Young, bitches!

We Got It 4 Cheap!....

Still no concrete answer on whether this is an actual advance to his new album or unreleased material from his Uptown and Atlantic albums. I'm leaning towards the latter assertion. "Last Night" was on Sunshine's (Anderson) album. "Love and War" with Macy Gray was on the Baby Boy Soundtrack. Either way, it's cool with me because it's one thing...more material by a great artist.

Anthony Hamilton - Soulife (Advance)

This right here brings the usual Down South heat that's expected from DJ Smallz. He's right up there w/DJ Drama if you ask me and he seems to take in a broader group of Southern artists instead of sticking to regions.

DJ Smallz - Southern Smoke 19 Mixtape

This album here is a return of that "flossin and tossin" music.

Baby - Fast Money (Retail)

Paul Wall's been making noise for a minute. I haven't had a chance to listen to it just yet but I recognize some of the cuts, including "Go Peaches", a dedication to his favorite stripper lol.

DJ Kool Kid and Paul Wall - "Sittin' Sideways" Mixtape

And since we here...this one is what it is. It got stuck in my head. One Love...Moving Everyday, Good Only. msmm.

Sade - "Love Is Stronger Than Pride"

A Prelude To A Hit....

I had to take you back. Somebody reminded me of Midnight Starr. Yeah, you remember the slow cuts b/c they still get play. But you gotta be of age to remember some of these. Shit, I remember I made the paper sign that said "No Parking On The Dance Floor" that I taped to my bedroom door haha.

Midnight Starr - "Wet My Whistle"


"No Parking On The Dance Floor"

And this right here is a guilty pleasure...bump it around your co-workers and put some shades on while you're at it just to get a reaction.

Mark Morrison - "Return of The Mack"

This right here just dropped. I know, I know...when I like an artist, I beat yall over the head w/their work. But I can't front...this dude gotta be one of the hottest to come out the South in a minute.

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation (Retail)

And here's Slimm Thug's joint. Most of it's been leaked so it's kinda old to me but it hasn't released yet so here you go.

Slimm Thug - Already Platinum (Retail)

And somebody shot me this last nite. I didn't get a chance to listen to it but it was suggested cool-out music.

Billie Holiday - Billie's Best

And Sir Tone shot me these three last week and I'm passing them to you now.

Syleena Johnson - "A Classic Love Song"

Avant- "Can't Wait"

I didn't get to label this one. I think it's Donell Jones "September Love"

I think we covered the whole spectrum and hopefully got at least one song everybody has a taste for.

Have a good weekend!

"When In Doubt, Choose 'C'..."

This is a test. If you're reading this, you're really wasting your time because it hasn't actually been "created" for public consumption just yet. But, it'll be up shortly.

I started this because I've been wanting to create one anyways. They're the latest rage....entertainers have them. So do the guys on the local A.M. news as well as politicians, skateboarders, pro athletes, musicians...eff it, why can't I have one as well? I'm a star so it's warranted.

This won't be a thorough examination of anybody's day to day life. More or less, this was created to share sounds, share opinions on some and we hope you enjoy it as such.

You may as well listen to this while you're hear. It's only a test actually.

Young Jeezy - "Make'em Understand"

Respect due...Cookiehead and ADawg.

"Stranded On Death Row..."

Let me tell you all about it cuzo…

First off, I had to go b/c I caught a bullshit charge. Whatever.

So I had to be there by 6 pm Friday and was set to release at 6pm Sunday. I promise you, that was part of prolly the longest 48hrs of my life.

When I go in, I requested the Martha Stewart suite.

dude asked me “have you ever been to jail before?”

I gave him the Tim Duncan stoneface and I guess he caught the drift.

He said “well it’s not like regular jail. Most of these guys here, come from the county over here for minor offenses, to serve the rest of their time out and get jobs, go out on work release and stuff. The rest will be weekenders like yourself so you should be got locks on your door, keys, books, etc.” Cool, I’ll read and pass the time like that.

As I’m sittin there, there’s a old white dude, a black dude who looks like Marcellus Wallace except he’s got a perm and informs us that he just got out the state pen March 1. and finally there’s an old black dude drunker than Cooty Brown.

We go in and they give us the strip search (minus the anal cavity search), a roll of tissue, toothpaste, tootbrush and a grey, matted, hairy slavery blanket.

As we go in, a “manly” woman CO tells me I’m in L2 10 top bunk and that’s my new home for the next 48 hours.

We’re in lockdown because she’s been “disrespected” b/c some of the inmates have tried to smoke on her shift. Lockdown means we’re in our cells. No tv in the outer room, no snacks, nothing. Not that I give a fuck. I ain’t planning on making no friends anyways. I go into my lil cell, make my bed and cool out. I gotta get my gameface on before I go out to meet my new circle of friends for the first time. But, herein lies problem number 1 – I smoke like a freight train. Two packs on a good day, three if I’m stressed or busy making moves. 48 hrs w/no squares sounds like a nightmare. But I digress.

The population is roughly about 120 men. All shapes, all sizes, all dirty lookin mofos for the most part. I mean dudes that look hardened from life. Not necessarily jail itself, but life in the streets. There’s maybe 20 whites, 2 hispanics and the rest are runaway slaves like myself. I see braids, tats and either messed up teeth or gold teeth.

Come to find out, the warden has taken away the books so I’m stuck watching tv, which is cool b/c I remember that in my cell, there’s a small clear 13” tv set. But watching Oz and American Me and the typical jail movies, I know I’m not supposed to mess w/anybodys stuff regardless so that’s off limits to me until my cellmate comes in. whatever. I took some sleeping pills before I came in the doors so first thing I do is take what will be one of many naps to come.

The first time I wake up, it’s roughly 9-10pm, and my cellmate walks in. he says something but I’m mad groggy so it doesn’t even matter. He asked me a question and I must’ve replied because he says “aww they gave me a weekender”. I remember mumbling “yeah whatever” and try to roll back over. He’s cut on the tv set, low at first and then he puts in earplugs. He starts to laugh (which he’ll continue to do throughout our stay, tv or no tv) so I roll over to watch the tv from my bunk and I do for roughly 20-45 mins before I decide that my dream is more entertaining that trying to watch tv. We’ve got 4 channels 1 of which being the religious channel. The others are hit and miss, sorta like watching scrambled cable, because we’re working w/bunny ear attenaes.

About 4am Sat, I hear a lot of rumbling and the guy in the room w/me tells me “cellie you better wake up if you want some chow!” groggy again. I hop off the top bunk, not really knowing what I’ve been told but knowing that food was vaguely mentioned. I go to the line, wiping heavy sleep boogers out of my eyes and proceed to eat a breakfast of grits, eggs, milk and toast. I ain’t a slave so I skip the grits and opt for the eggs and toast. The eggs look like small intestines and taste pretty similar to chitlings but I’m hungry so fuck it. I eat and roll back to my bunk to finish sleeping b/c it’s too damn early to be up in the first place.

Let me mention here that I never drank anything that wasn’t already prepackaged. I remember comin up on the block, they used to talk about how in prisons and jails they put “soft peter” in the water. “soft peter” is exactly what it sounds like. I make the mistake of sipping just a little of the worst coffee ever before this thought kicks in. now, I’m only here for 48 hrs but I ain’t drinkin nothing that’s gonna have me impotent for a month after I get out so the only drinks I have all weekend are two blue cartons of lowfat milk and a bottle Sprite.

I woke back up from my nap roughly before lunchtime comes and I socialize for a bit before and after. The social aspects of situations like these are very little. In state or fed pens, they say it’s not about rehabbing criminals but only making them worse because their around people who are criminals for life, those who know all the tricks of the trade. In county jail, you have the people you see on “Cops” and “America’s Dumbest Criminals”. Socializing with these dudes is like talking to the slow kids in school. All they do is say the dumbest shit and every thing is followed by a laugh. I recognize faces from either the club or the local malls but I don’t actually know any of them. I manage to parlay w/two cats playing Tonk and read the newspaper. I’ve had enough, I go back to the top bunk and take yet another nap.

This is basically how my time spent breaks down. Sleeping, waking up to eat, watchin tv in my cell (my cellie is gone all day on work release so I’m good), and dreaming about cigarettes. I wear the same clothes the whole time because I’m playing it like Caine from Menace. No showers, no shittin. I sleep in this ratty ass blanket that I swear Harriet Tubman must’ve left behind when the Underground Railroad ended. It had to be the world’s largest dustbunny because it was just nasty, wool and gray. All it needs is ears. Evertyime when I wake up, I have to pull the biggest pieces of lint out of my eyelashes, mustaches, lips, etc. and everytime I wake up, I find myself shootin upright and thinking “goddamn it I need a cigarette.” At one point, I’m plottin to get a square because I heard cats talking about them earlier in the day. I’m way past ready to pay a buck or whatever it costs to score one but no luck....Marcellus Wallace tells me his guy only has 3 left til the work release cats come back. I go back to my cell and watch tv.

I watch “Dharma and Greg”, three episodes in a row, then “King of Queens” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” and pass out. I wake up, “Chow L1, let’s go. Chow L2, let’s go”. I think I ate some pork but I don’t give a damn. I’m hungry. I eat, socialize for a sec and go back to sleep. I wake up again and we’re on lockdown by the lady again. I don’t even waste time comin out. I go lay back down, wake up again, watch “Cheaters” and “Blind Date” and get ready to go back to sleep. I have no idea what time it is but I notice my cellie isn’t back and I know it’s mad late. I pay it no mind. I take off my shoes, glad no one is in the room, because I’m sure they stink b/c I’d been rockin them shits since 530pm Friday haha.

Around 1-2 am, the CO’s come in my room and ask me where my stuff is. Groggy. “right there in the corner”. They proceed to take everything else out of the room and ask “is this your tv?” “Nah but let me hold that for a minute yo.” They leave it, I watch it for 10-15 mins then go back to sleep on my top bunk. I hate bunk beds now. I had one when I was a kid. It was cool then. Now, I feel like such a homo climbin up and down just to get into bed. Anyways, about an hour or two later I guess, they come back and take my tv set. “it’s cool yo. I ain’t got that much longer anyways”. But I’m knowing these last hours are gonna be hard as hell w/no tv. There’s not enough sleep in the world to cover that time span and I ain’t goin out there w/population to hash out world politics and giggle.

“L2 Chow…” This time, I hop up b/c I know what time it is. Waffles, corn flakes scattered all over the plate, a corner of syrup and bologna. Waffles for me. Pass the bologna to the hungry aggin sittin beside me. Back to bed.

430 am , Sunday– “Ain’t you _______?”


“you s’posed to have been gone. Roll out.”

No hesitation on my part. I hop straight out my bunk and grab my unworn tshirt, draws and undershirt. I’m knowing I’m not supposed to get out until 6pm but I’m not about to argue.

“Clean your room?”

“nah but I got that”

Strip my bed. Wipe down my vinyl mattress. I’m good.

Go to the release room. “Sign here sir”. No problem.

“You don’t want to make a phone call?”

“Nope” I shout over my shoulder as I’m walking my happy black ass out the door.

“Give us us free!” like Cinque on Amistad.

First things, first, I grab a cig out the pack I took in and begin my stroll in the darkness of dawn. I’m figuring it’s a 15min car drive home but fuck it, I’m good I’ll walk.

Not happening. That first square makes me superwoozy like I just hit some hydro. I bust a left for a five minute stroll to the Waffle House , call my folk and have them come get me.

“yo I’m free mayne come get me”

“It’s 5 in the morn”

“I don’t give a damn pimpy mayne come get me now”

I see why people who come home from jail feel weird in the real world when they get out. I ain’t been gone a full 48hrs and home feels weird. It feels big and small at the same time. I can’t stay inside so I go outside to smoke a square. I’ll get used to it again but it’ll take a lil while.

I ain’t really sure what the future holds. In the past two years, I’ve been in the county’s holding cells 2-3x, bailed out and released on RR. Been in the “detox/suicide watch/loony bin/and all the rest of you crazy mofos in here” building at least 2x for 2-3days apiece, inpatient rehab for 19 days, outpatient for another 3 weeks….i’ve been thoroughly institutionalized several times at this point and hopefully this is THE last step I have to take to get my life back on track.

Right now, I’m happy to be free and proud to rep Block L2 out here in these means streets of the city.

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