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Bob And Weave...

Aiight...I'mma slow it down a little to give Sir Pianomayn a chance to recouperate. Right now, I know the boy against the ropes and his corner slappin him, squirtin him with the water bottle and puttin vaseline above his eye. Plus, Chigyrl requested a cut or two so we're gonna try to get that up. This girl brought up Shai (got it coming) and MEN AT LARGE lol. But we got her covered (I had to feed Tone that joint so gimme my props).

But her request brought me and Tone into a roundabout discussion that led to this joint. A slow drag classic.

2 D Extreme - "Cry No More"

...that right there should give me the 2nd round easily. But I ain't one to rest on my laurels so here's another worthy contribution, a video, at that. You'll need Winamp again to view this.

Alicia Keys feat. Jamie Foxx and Quincy Jones - Live Performance at the 47th Grammy Awards (Video)

I can't even front. After seeing the video for this, this joint is infectious.

Mike Jones - "Back Then"

To get you bouncin in your seat...

Mr. Serv-On feat. Mia X and Silkk The Shocker - "Head And Shoulders"

And there's this lil Guatamalean gnat steady screamin in my ear about he needs new shit to keep him crunk and ahead of the game. Aiight, my son, I hope this helps. I got more for you comin up.

Three Six Mafia - Memphis Underground Elite (2005)

And to seal the deal and take this round, let me speak to the ladies.

Ladies, I'm versatile and I'm like Mel Gibson. I know "What Women Want". I know you sat around on lonely Wednesday nights and then some Saturdays and you watched this movie each and every time it came on HBO. And if you did, you gonna know this cut...(and I bet you thought "Zora" was the one actually singin lol).

Melky Sedek - "Brooklyn"

If this was "Freestyle Friday" on 106 & Park, I'd drop the mic and walk away from competitor.

Show me love.

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