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We can't possibly listen to all of the music out there.

We don't need people to ramble like some of *cough*Gotty™*cough*.

What we need is more in the line of reviews. We don't want Amazon type reviews but we don't want "yo yo yo son this shit is hot! Cop it!" type bullshit either.

Instead, we'd prefer something like this what our constant prototype, regnyouth

Since our inception, cats have come to us for direction on what's hot, why it's hot, etc; what's different but good & worth a listen etc. so while we can put all the emotion we want into it tyring to sell an artist/album, it's that ability to be critical that gives them solid foundation to say "hey, aiight, let me give this a listen".

We want a good mix of musical knowledge & personal opinion, kept in a concise, easy to read form.

Genres don't matter. Anything that influences hip-hop as a culture, we're about that...So be it jazz, reggae, rock, alternative, soca, R& get the point.

Oh yeah...and you gotta be dedicated.

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One of the keys to this is to increase our presence in search engines. We're working on that in several ways...

Expanding our offerings by doing more reviews & getting in touch with more artists for interviews. If we offer more, they will come.

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But we can always use more help in this area because none of us our the most technical human beings. Sorry, we're creative artsy folks lol...we produce the ideas and the words. We need folk to help us bring it to the masses by increasing our presence on the web.

All in all, we have more plans to institute growth.

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Please end all inquires, replies, etc. to
A fuckin 'cuddle buddy?' Y'all niggas disappoint me yo...

Sometimes I see stuff in this world that makes me SOOOO glad I wasnt born of this generation. I mean, its not like I identify with the majority of my OWN generation, but when I really sit and talk with some of the younger cats (ages 16-21), and really get in their minds and how they see things....maaaaaaaaan.....I wanna fuckin weep yo.....

Case in point: The LB show this past week at UNC-CH.

Now, after the show, me and my mans, along with a few of the students on the Activities Board, decided to hit up BW3s for some waings and just kick it on some coolout shit. Keep in mind, they are all young females, around 20-22 years of age, and all very bright or whatever. A very lovely and lively bunch of girls that made for a good ol nigga family gathering.....felt like I was kickin it with long lost cousins or some shit....

Anyways, the night is winding down, and after niggas dusted off bout 50 waings (half sweet-BBQ, half spicy), one chick is like, "Aiiight yall.I gotta go..Im fitna call my cuddle buddy and go back to the dorm." I looked at her and was like, "Huh? Your cuddle buddy? Does that mean what I think it means?" She just laughed and said, "Yeah..hes just a dude I snuggle and cuddle with when I dont wanna sleep alone.....we dont have sex though." A few other girls at the table co-signed like, "yeah..I got me a cuddle buddy too..theyre so fun....."


The fuck is going on with this generation yo? I cant believe there are niggas in 2006 STILL goin for this bullshit!!! Back in my day we used to have guys who were cuddle buddies too.....only back then, we called them 'PUSSIES!'

Fellas, yall must put an end to this shit. Seriously.

I mean, I have much more respect for a 'fuck buddy' relationship than I do for this cuddle buddy bullshit. A fuck buddy relationship is a two-way street: she wants some, you want some..yall fuck, nut, and both go home happy. A cuddle buddy relationship is some of the most selfish, one-sided shit Ive ever heard of because as a guy, youre basically just relegating yourself to being some broad's emotional tampon (c)k_orr: soaking up all her fear, loneliness, and insecurities, just so she can pull you by that strang and toss you out to make way for a REAL nigga to come and smash.

No thank you, maam. Im good.....

See, back when I was sangle, me and my niggas had rules. And the number one rule was to NEVER sleep in the same bed with a girl you aint fuckin. I mean, whats the use? Why tune up the strangs, if you aint gon play the song? And for the record, we always had more respect for them 'fuck on the first night' chicks, than we did for them broads who had all them fears of 'I dont want him to think Im a ho' and shit......

The chick who tries to keep fighting her desires when she knows damn well what she wants? Booooooooo bitch....get her outta here yo....... To me, that says she's too worried about social 'norms' and too worried about what other people think.....fuck that.....Your vaginal levee is weakening and its bout to be a Katrina in yo panties girl.......just give in yo........

On the other hand, the chick who gives it up on the first night is a hero and a patron saint. Praise that woman for letting you know, she know what she want outta life (c)Dre. For real......fellas, you take that woman home to mama and thank her for all the weeks of bullshit conversation, text messaging, and Cheesecake Factory dinners she's saved you......and after that first night of sex, yall can really talk to each other as real people cause you aint got shit else to hide..

Like I said, I sometimes weep for this generation..but hopefully this blog will touch a wayward soul whos been led down the fruitless and thankless path of Cuddle Buddy-dom. To all my ladies, hey, I cant knock the hustle. If you find a nigga thats still dumb enough to go for this bullshit arrangement then hey, see a fool, use a fool.

But to all my young niggas who are currently in this situation, PLEASE cut that shit out yo......Its Playtex ass niggas like yall who fuck the game up, and make REAL niggas look 'cruel' and 'insensitive.' Take it from a seasoned vet.....that dry-humping, 'let me wear my sweatpants so she can REALLY feel it' shit is NOT gonna lead to sex. The pussy aint that serious yo.....and even if it aint worth losing your dignity to get it.

Stand up and be a fucking man.


This has been a Real Nigga PSA , sponsored by the Percy Miracles Foundation.

Rock The Vote With DJ Neil Armstrong & Fifth Platoon

The 5P gives and gives and gives.... and now we're askin ya to help us out...

For those who aren't in the know - there has been a mixtape awards for the last ten years, originated by a fellow named JUSTO. He passed away last year (RIP), but his legacy will continues on...

We are requesting that you guys help spread the word about the 5th Platoon & Neil Armstrong, by nominating him in the awards. It will help greatly in spreading the word about his body of work to a lot of folk that haven't had a chance to hear it yet... If you've ever enjoyed a DJ Neil Armstrong Mixtape, and one of his cd made ya smile, please just take a moment , to go to, and give him your stamp of approval.

Like pretty much all awards shows, there are a plethora of categories that people can get nominated for. For example - Best Graphics, Best mixtape DJ overall, Best mixtape video....

Neil Armstrong would like to be nominated in particular for these 3 categories - Best Blends Mixtape DJ , Best Mashup Award, and Best New Mixtape DJ

But feel free to vote for him for anything you see fit, just keep it to the categories that exist - so you can't vote for Neil as the "Best EMO fruitcake Mixtape DJ", even if you wanted to (that means you Daddy Dog & Vinroc)...

To vote, go to, click on the vote now button, and click on the particular category you want to vote in.

For each vote, you can nominate up to 3 DJ's. To make clear - this is to vote for NOMINATIONS, NOT the final winner. After all the nominations are in, a board of directors will come together and figure out who will be the DJ's in the final running for the award...

Some other suggestions for voting that you may want to cast -

Best Blends - DJ Daddy Dog, and DJ Unexpected

Best Mash Up - DJ P, Mike Relm, Aristocrat, The Rub

Best Down South - DJ Drama, CHOPS

Best Hip Hop Mixtape - DJ Mick Boogie, Green Lantern

Best Promotional Mixtape - Cornerstone 1200 Squad

Best West Coast Mixtape - The Demolition Men

You don't have to nominate 3 people , but you can - in fact, you can nominate yourself if you wanted to!! But please, keep the childishness aside - someone is going to have to tally these things up...

Now some of you may be thinking "shoot, I never heard Neil's cds, his cds are cream crap, and I hear that he gets gassy a lot and his flatulance stings the nostrils...."

Here are some reasons to persuade you to give Neil the vote -

Rolling Stone - 2005 "Top 10" Mixtape DJ List's Honorable Mention 2005 "Power 30" List

Cornerstone Mixtape #79 - Best of 2005
The Almighty 5th Platoon


Some tools you may need or want to utilize...

Upload anywhere but YouSendIt or places with similar time or download limits.

Besides the usual suspects of Filefront, Rapidshare, Megaupload, here's some other spots we can suggest.

1 GB. & more




Max File Size: 1GB
File deleted after 5 days/20 downloads

Less than 1 GB.




File deleted after 7 days

250 MB
Max File Size: 250MB
File deleted if not downloaded for 30 days

Quick Dump
Max File Size: 100MB
Max File Size: 100MB
Max size per file: 10MB
Free registration required

Less than 100 MB.

Turbo Upload
Max File Size: 60MB
File deleted if not downloaded for 14 or 30 days. FAQ says 14, upload page says 30...
Max File Size: 30MB
File deleted after 14 days

Max File Size: 50MB
File deleted if not downloaded for 14 days



Free registration required




File deleted if not downloaded for 30 days.




Free registration required

File deleted after 14 days
Max File Size: 20MB

File deleted after 7 days


Free registration required

Comparaison link:

Winrar 3.5

WinZip Professional v10.0.6685


The new Musicmatch Jukebox 10


WinAmp 5.12

JetAudio Plus


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