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"These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things..."

Most "mixtape" rappers bore me and few make it big. Punchlines become less humorous over repeated listenings and the general public doesn't want to think that hard to catch the funny parts on a track.

Yeah, Fab made it but there's so many more who don't make the jump to the big leagues. Hell, half the cats don't even get inside the stadium. Team Arliss, Red Cafe, Sauce Money, Imam Thug, or Graph anyone?

This kid Saigon, I hope he makes it. Dude has a good mix of vocabulary, street experience and thought provoking lyrics. He's done time and paid his debt to society and right now it looks like he's taking out years of pain on the mic.

How can you not vibe to a dude who spits this rhymes over the "My Favorite Things" melody?

Your favorite
Favorite music...rap
Favorite jail...Nap', it taught me how to scrap
Favorite gun...Glock
Favorite rapper...Pac
And that wasn't even till after homie shot the cops
Your favorite girl...Joy
Favorite fighter...Roy
It used to be Mike till he got knocked out by old boy
Favorite food...Pizza
Favortie singer...Alicia
Her and this lil chick in my hood named Tanequa
Your favorite car...X-5
Body part...teta
Favorite date...the day Carl Nino said I'm the next Nas
Favorite thug...ya kiddin'
Favorite song..."The Ghetto" by Rakim
Ya heard the shit that brother was spittin'?
Favorite club...Speed
Favorite drug...weed
Indeed, like Jay say, "That's all I need"
Favorite movie..."Drum"
Favorite groupie...Ummmmm
Truly son there's a whole bunch of them

And, I was hooked when I heard this rhyme from "Contraband"...

"...Who do ya'll aggins think it was that killed Biggie
A. Southside Crips cause Puffy owed'em a grip
B. Some crazy Pac fan that flipped and unloaded a clip
C. Missles from pistols of government officials
D. The same cat that came back singin 'I Miss You'"

Anyways, here's a few of my favorite tracks by dude. Give money a listen.

"My Favorite Things" (Remix)

"Out In The Park"

"Contraband" Remix

Mission Impossible....

My IPod crashed last week and my replacement came today. Currently, I'm at about 2500 out of 14000+ that I lost. Yeah...exactly.

And since, I've got to rip damn near my whole catalog, I'm going to try to give you all alot of different stuff. There's absolutely no method to this post right here lol. It's gonna be all genres. I hope you enjoy!

Probably the greatest R&B album of all time.

Marvin Gaye - I Want You

Please do not sleep on this album. I've bought twice and would buy it again if I had to. It's that damn good.

Portishead - Dummy

Part 1 Part 2

You gotta love this lady for her mellow music. Even without the Grammy's she's hot. They just certified it.

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

Part 1 Part 2

Norah Jones - Feels Like Home

Part 1 Part 2

Pat's home so let's celebrate his release by putting up this joint.

Project Pat - Mr. Don't Play

Hot Boyz - Guerilla Warfare

Slept on but definitely hot without a doubt.

Screwball - Y2K

Jay-z & Linkin Park - Collision Course

When this people were around each other to offer inspiration, they made good music. Oh the good ole days...

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

The Fugees - The Score

Master P - Ghetto Dope

Ginuwine - The Life

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

Alanis Morisette - Jagged Little Pill (Acoustic)

The most requested album (by Pepe lol)...

Janet Jackson - Velvet Rope

For my ace...

Jon B. - Cool Relax

I really don't think this album actually ever released.

B.G. & Soulja Slim - Uptown Soulahz

Inspired by and taken from Regnyouth, a beautiful cd from one of the all-time greats.

Sade - Lover's Live

Part 1 Part 2

These ladies had a good run and are pretty much retiring at the top of their game with a good album and successful tour. So we gonna give them a little shine.

Parts of the Destiny's Child catalog. I'll try to get ahold of the rest and update this.

Destiny's Child (1998)

The Writing's On The Wall (1999)

Survivor (2001)

Eight Day's Of Christmas (2001)

This Is The Remix (2002)

Destiny Fulfilled (2004)

Beyonce - Dangerously In Love (2003)

Michelle Williams - Do You Know(2004)

Michelle Williams - Heart To Yours(2002)

Kelly Rowland - Simply Deep(2002)

From Me To You...

I found this on another board (credit due to DP from HT) and it's loaded with more albums than you can ever imagine. Get them while you can because the site changes pw's often.

user: downsouthrap
password: validated

You can convert the files you get from this site from Real Media to .mp3 with StreamBoxRipper which you can get here.

You will pleased. I know I OD'ed & upped my collection trememdously.

This is extra...

The other night I was watchin Jimmy Kimmel to see Slimm Thug and Bun B perform.

This fool has a spoof of R's "Trapped" saga. Part 3 is this Friday I believe. I'm not a Kimmel watcher but I gotta give him credit for this.

See both videos by clicking here...

I Can Tell You A Thing Or Two About A Thing Or Two...

I got a heavy collection of books. I won't even count all the books I've read in this life.

Right now, I’m reading four books and I’m going to suggest some more.


Teach Me How To Love You – Thomas Weeks

What A Man Wants, What A Woman Needs – Bishop Eddie Long

How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships - Leil Lowndes

The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell

And books that I've read in the last few months that are worthy of your time…

True To The Game, Dutch I & II – Teri Woods

The Prince - Niccolo Machiavelli

The Five People You Meet In Heaven - Mitch Albom

Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Monster: The Autobiography Of A L.A. Gang Member – Sanyika Shakur

The last good movies I watched…

Hustle and Flow - I liked it alot. Taryn Manning killed it as the retarded talking, funny lip, white prostitute.

Crash – Pure freebase like Richard Pryor used to smoke. I wasn’t expecting much but it’s prolly one of the best I’ve seen in a minute.

Boondock Saints – Purely sick and comical all at once. If you like Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, you’ll love this joint.

Fresh & Searching For Bobby Fischer – I’m a chess dude so these movies always get me amped. Plus, the story is bigger than chess, which is just a micro version of life and war anyways.

25th Hour – Ed Norton is phenomenal. This is the best “Spike Lee movie that don’t look like a typical Spike movie.” If nothing else, watch if for “the bathroom scene.”

Hotel Rwanda – An interesting take on history.

Musically, here's a few tracks you need to listen to. Some old, some new. All guaranteed replay material.

These first three especially are fish and chips soaked in tabasco sauce.

Styles P - "I'm Black"

Baby feat. Lil Wayne - "Get It All Together"

Lloyd - "Feels So Right"

Missy feat. Ginuwine - "Take Away"

Jay-z - "Sisters and Bitches"

Joe Budden and Stack Bundles - "Nobody Loves Me"

Kanye West feat. Consequence, John Legend & Khayree - "So Soulful"

Nas - "Drunk By Myself"

Bumpy J - "Gangsters Do What They Want"

And here goes the cherry on top for you older heads. Say you ain't love this track when it was out. This dude's high pitch was killin it back when Maxwell was still in the school band.

Al B. Sure - "Ooh This Love"

"Are You Sure You Want To Pull That Thread?"

…yeah I might as well. I might unravel alot of shit but oh well. Plus, I'm a gambler so I don't mind betting against the odds.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

First off, I’m only giving you all this because I’ve gotten several comments, some private via email, some via the comments section, regarding this topic. I’m not one to really share my deepest feelings. Normally the shit ya’ll read is just pure randomness and opinions but nothing too serious or that I haven’t expressed before publicly.

But this right here is the realest shit I ever wrote like Pac. If you ain't ready, bounce because this is long, open love letter like Case lol.

This chick here, she’s my ex, she’s my heart and she knows it.

Ask anybody who knows me and they'll tell you she's "my type" whatever that means. I guess I do have a thing for lightskinned chicks with wavy hair.

She commonly compared our thing as “B and Jay” and we did have a lot of ghetto fab times. She’s a rider. Not really the type to hold the burner in her purse but, she’d always do it for me without complaining. A trooper because she took on a lot of weight without complaining…well she whined a little but not much and it was warranted. She was definitely my best friend and still a dear friend to this day.

She’s beautiful beyond comparison. Sexy. Nurturing. Caring. Sensitive. Honest. Smart. I could splash her with compliments all day.

In all honesty, I have never seen anything like her. Once, I looked into her eyes and saw God’s presence and it overwhelmed me. Nothing can compare.

She’s moved on with her life, got her degree, a new dude, a shorty, the whole nine. I’m happy for her because she’s getting almost everything she deserves and had the potential to achieve.

I moved on and f%$ked with some hoodboogers, smudbuckets, ladies and tramps. Still on my grind. I’m doing me, livin it like I always do.

But always, she’ll remain my heart.

Nobody’s, outside of maybe my parents and the like, ever made an impression on my life like this lady did.

She tells me she doesn’t “love” me anymore but she has “love” for me. I think it’s more of the former than she cares to admit but whatever. I know love is love because even when she rightfully hated me the most and I needed her, she came thru. And as of late, she's said and done too many things that lead me to think otherwise.

As well, she can't find another me. Ain't no other nigga like me. Well maybe in far east Africa but nobody has time to travel that far. So, she's better off being with me. The next man can spoil her, buy her things, cater to her, all that jazz. But he can't give her the best Only I can give her that.

I constantly remind her, when we do get to talk, that I’m coming back one day to get her and I don’t care if I’m 86 years old. I feel like my destiny is to be sitting on a porch in a rocking chair just doing nothing but being with her.

Yeah, we both grew, learned, had our share of laughs and made our share of misgivings, me more so than her of course. Shit, I made huge mistakes lol. I guess it’s like dominoes though. I kept piling them on till eventually they fell.
Now, was I ready then?

[Whitney Houston voice] "Hell to da naw" [Whitney Houston voice]

Am I ready now?

Enh…sure. If not, why not?

I only have three regrets in life and don’t really give a f&%k about nothing else. She’s the biggest one.

But I do think about it sometimes. I picture me and God rapping sometimes because He knows I’ve prayed on it all. I see him asking me,

“Yo, I’ll give you her back for one day but after that, you gotta come with me. Deal?”
“That's it? One shot deal? I get one day and then I’m done?”
“Shit, run it”

Yep, I’d trade it all without thinking twice.

What would we do on that day?

Anything she wanted. Whatever it is will make me content because I’m with her.

When I listen to this cut, a thoro aggin like me turns emotional lol. I get that sugar lump in my throat. I get angry. I smile.

Bob Dylan - "If You See Her, Say Hello"

Regardless, this track always brings it back to the essence of our current standing.

At least until I’m 86.

For The Cool In You...

I’m the coolest dude you’ll ever meet.

Ask anybody that knows me.

And one thing about cool is you can recognize other cool shit as soon as you see it. People, places or things. It’s how us cool people set trends and break styles.

The coolest animal ever has to be fish.

Think about it.

There’s no cleaning up after them except for once a month, they don’t run away, they only have to be fed once a day.

Fish have style baby. I mean legitimate individuality. No clones. All of them have their own size, shape and color. No two are alike. From coal black to vibrant yellow, they have pizzazz.

They don’t poop on the floor, lil kids aren’t scared of them and they don’t lick your face.

Something about fish just screams, nah sorta calmly states, “man, I’m cool.” If fish were humans, they'd be pimps.

They have amazing personalities and are smart. Like Pavlov’s dog, they know who Daddy is and run front and center when I walk by because they think it’s feeding time.

I have two tanks.

This one is G-Block. It’s a community tank. G-Block is a little cooler. Everybody sorta get along like “Ebony and Ivory”.

This Bluetail Lobster is the coolest one in this tank. He just hangs out in the corner, eats and patrols the tank like he owns it.

The other tank is D-Block. It’s an African cichlid tank (piranhas are in the cichlid family).

They wild in D-Block and it’s survival of the fittest. I throw in bloodworms, brine shrimp and guppies and these boys eat’em up. And, if they don’t like each other, they’ll kill each other in a heartbeat.

This right here is an albino cichlid. Nobody bothers him because he'll fade'em in a microwave minute.

If everybody was as cool and individually colorful as fish, this world would be a much better place.

So, today, we on some coolout shit. It's mega hot outside. Normally, the heat means bodies dropping like stocks and incidents of road rage rising. In an effort to quell that hostility, we gonna give you some mellow music to help you get your "wooosahhhhh" on. You don't have to try it. As for myself, I'll be lounging, smoking a Kool, watching the fish with these tracks flowing in the background.

Kurt Cobain was the truth. In the spirit of Pac, when Kurt performed or sang, he made you feel it. His voice is full of pain and strain but all in a glamorous type of way. He was doin the whole "pain is love" routine way before Ja and Lil Mo. Arguably, Nirvana had the best MTV Unplugged set ever and here's two tracks to better prove it.

Nirvana - "Come As You Are" Unplugged

Nirvana - "Polly" Unplugged

And while we on the Unplugged tip, I love this woman's voice. It's got the same pain as Kurt's but it's got a shrill whine that's enthralling.

Alanis Morisette - "That I Would Be Good" Unplugged

Alanis Morisette - "Uninvited" Unplugged

Don't sleep...

The Beatles - "Imagine"

And this is my favorite John Mayer track and the one that turned me on to him. It's on some lovey-dovey tip but, hey, we coolin out today. What follows are two of his albums. Since you all are prolly too shy to go in the store and cop these, look at is as a favor from me lol.

John Mayer - "Comfortable"

John Mayer - Heavier Things

John Mayer - Room For Squares


Retro put me on to this dude so I'm passing it along. I've read interviews with this guy long before I heard his music and he seems real geniune. His music isn't standout because of his voice or musical accompainment. It's more the vibe he creates. He straight up on some old flip-flop rock, kick back and walk barefoot thru the grass type shit. If you can't cool out to this, I don't know what to tell you lol.

Jack Johnson - On & On

Just in case you do need some hype music though, here's the latest Stack Bundles joint, courtesy of Dub Cee. SQQUUAAAADDDDD UPPPPPPPP!

Stack Bundles - Rap's Makeover (Hosted By DJ Envy)

"All's Fair In Love And War"

There is another post for today so don't forget to scroll down. But I saw this and found it quite interesting. I'm sure most of you love gossip so I figured I'd share.

Carmen > Superhead

Jungle is Nas' little brother. Ill Will is his dead homie. It's a known fact that Nas bases most of his lyrics off the experiences of the dudes he grew up with so she didn't air out much there. But the rest....well, take it with a grain of salt I guess lol.

Oh update. Here's Nas - MC Burial which is pretty much him going at 50. 50 don't want it with Nasir for real. This like a warning - "Don't throw rocks at the throne."

Some things that Carmen (Nas ex) addresses in book Carmen (Nas' ex) writing a book -- some quick facts

she said Fanie Ann Jones was one of the sweetest nicest people she's ever met

said Jungle and Nas are polar opposites

said Nas used to break down and cry about Ill Will

said Nas cried when Pac and Big died

said Nas didn't like Jay-Z from day one, and that was why she chose Jay, she knew it would make Nas mad

talks about a lot of industry cats, says she had an affair with Pete Rock, that's part of the reason Nas and Pete Rock don't see eye to eye

said Allen Iverson thing is jus a rumor, they were at a party together and people started talking

says her number 1 priority is her daughter and keeping her out of the public eye

says she wishes Nas and Kelis the best, but worries that Kelis is too bossy to Destiny

talks about how her uncle used to beat her and how when Nas found out he went with Horse and beat the **** out of the dude

said she didn't see Nas for a month when he was working on Illmatic

said Nas didn't get along very well with Olu Dara until recently, but Nas still got him a record deal and appeared on his album

said she and Nas **** while Kelis and Nas were dating, but not after they were engaged

said she cried when she heard Super Ugly because it mentioned Destiny

said Jay-Z is a coward

also Nas used to have weird episodes where he'd jet and no knew where he was, she said she found him in an appartment he secretly had in Long Island jus writing mad rhymes with pages everywhere...

she said that Steve Stout was a creep

she said that Nas was about to join Bad Boy in 93, but that Craig Mack was creating problems

she said she thought Belly was terrible

she also said Jay-Z's better at eatin ***** but Nas' better at ****in
yup Young Hov couldn't get get his jigga man up after Ether burned his soul...

also Carmen wasn't into Nas until he started gettin noteriety, like when Halftime and Zebrahead dropped, she was running with this big time drug dealer dude and he got locked up and she was facing charges and she went to Nas (he was known as being the smartest dude in the projects) he and helped her beat the charges

she also says that AZ made a pass at her when her and Nas were together and that Nas cheated on her with a chick from the group Allure and that's why she did Jay-Z

said she wants to be an actress or have her own talk show

said she hates Wendy Williams and Angie Martinez

says when she first met Nas he had dreds at the top of a fade and was calling himself Kid Wave

said he dropped out of high school because he was in love with a crack-whore who broke his heart

said he sold drugs but was never really big time, said Jungle and Wiz were more into it

said Jungle was never jealous of Nas's talent and looked up to him

said Nas would often get frustrated with Jungle

said the day Destiny was born Nas came to the hospital with the perfume of another woman on him

said when they took her home they had a huge fight and Nas stormed out, but he came back a week later because of Destiny

said Nas and Faith Newman had an affair

said that there's been over 20 songs written about her

she lists
-Nas - Black Girl Lost
-Jay-Z - Is That Your Chick
-Nas - K-i-ss-i-n-g
-Nas Undying Love
-that song Jay and Mya did
-Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls (says she's the project chick)
-Nas - War
-Jay-Z - Takeover
-Nas - Ether
-Jay-Z - Super Ugly
-Pete Rock - Take You There
-Nas & Bravehearts - Situations
-Nas - Big Girl
-Nas - One Mic
-Nas - Your the Man
-Nas - Sincerity

-said that the reason Nas was unfocused during the Nastradamus recording was because that's when he found out about her and Jay
-said Oochie Wally was his attempt to make her jealous
-said line on "Come Get Me" where Nas is like "you make hot songs but she know she still for me" originally referenced her by name
-said she hadn't talked to Nas for a year, and then she heard Ether and Super Ugly and she called Nas and told him she loved him
-said her favorite rappers are Salt N Pepper, Roxanne Shante, Lauryn Hill, Slick Rick, Nas and Mase
-said that Nas smoked his first blunt when he was 11

she said that Jay used to call Nas' phone when and leave messages like "Yo son, what's up it's me, uh me and Premo are doin a track right now, and uh there's 16 bars open you wanna drop a verse..."

she said they were at a party once and Jay thought it would be funny if he started clownin Nas about his chip tooth and he was sayin stuff like "Yo Nas come over here and open this Henessey...nah I'm jus playin homie" but Nas didn't smile or nothin, he jus gave Jay a blank look...

she said that when she was with Jay he'd ask her weird questions about her and Nas, like what positions Nas liked to hit, and weird stuff... she said Jay-Z was obsessed with Nas

she said in Jay's Manhattan appartment Jay had a huge vinyl collection of rare Nas singles and @#%$...

she said his favorite albums were Ready to Die and Illmatic he'd play them all the time

when Nas found out about Carmen and Jay-Z, he keep trying to get Carmen to give him Jay's address but she wouldn't because she was afraid of what Nas might do. So Nas and whoever he had with him went to the next best place to find Jay, ROC-A- FELLA records. When they got there they called upstairs and Dame answered and said Jay wasn't there, so Nas told Dame to come down and he said he couldn't cause he was there with his son

The Hunger For More....

(The big homie Matt just reminded me. We'll get our "Hustle & Flow" on soon. I'mma give you all time to see it.)

Enh...I'm tired of old rappers. I like these young dudes no homo.

See, these young cats, they still hungry. They trying to get a meal ticket from the game. At the same time, you can tell they lovin runnin to the studio and laying tracks. Add into the equation, half of them are still tied to the streets so their topics and subject matter, while rehashed, are still fresh in that it's a new perspective, a new twist, to whats goin down.

Prime examples - Lil Webbie and Frayser Boy. I swear I didn't mean to like their music lol. I just popped in the cds and haven't been able to take them out. Webbie sounds a whole like BG to me. Nasal flow but his voice isn't as baritone as BG's. And, lil man is only 19 so he's got a good career ahead of him. All he needs is more more hot single like "Gimme That" to push him over the top. Frayser Boy just spits like his life is depending on it. You gotta respect that. Below are few tracks from each that have been STUCK on repeat for me.

Lil Webbie - "All Of Us"

Lil Webbie - "My Life Is Lovely"

Lil Webbie - "Tear It Down"

Frayser Boy - "Ain't Nothing Changed"

Frayser Boy - "Seen Thangs"

In other new stuff...

First off, go back and check the previous days post for Vol. 3 of the Sex Songs collection along with the covers lol. All three volumes are certified and the cover art is on some old 70's poster, Black love type shit.

Tony Yayo - Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon(Advance)

Jim Jones - One Eyed Willie Mixtape

Click here for tracklising.

This one comes highly recommended by Dub Cee. I haven't had a chance to peep it but you already know I'm ridin' with Jimmy. Goonie Goon Goons all the way baby.

Jim Jones - City Of God Mixtape

Click here for tracklising.

DMX - Here We Go Again

Babyface - Grown and Sexy(Retail)

DJ Smallz - Dirty R&B Part 7

Backup link

Click here for tracklising.

I truly believe this dude doesn't get half the credit he deserves. Maybe I like him for his rough and rugged voice which sounds more masculine than these fairy sounding falsetto aggins. Or perhaps, before Lyfe, he pretty much held down the crown for most believable R&B thug. Either way, his albums have always been thoro to me.

Jahiem - Ghetto Love

Jahiem - Still Ghetto

"I Think When You Die..." get to eat Snickers everyday for breakfast."

Sam Malone, bartender and ladies man on the old sitcom Cheers.

Ever had one of those weeks that makes you think "G%#!amn, the only thing worse that can happen is if I were to die"? Well, I've had one of those weeks so thank God it's Friday lol.

For public record, I want you all to remember that when I die, I don't want a bunch of crying and all that extra foolishness. None of that jumpin in the casket, "take me with you" bull either...unless it's some fine breezy. Let her c'mon haha.

Instead, I want a Second Line band and a bunch of kids dancin' in the streets in front of the band. Let the music play, get drunk as skunks and smoke like chimneys. F%ck it, let people treat they noses and roll E if they want lol. Let the kids have fun so much that when they get older they think back "Remember when Big Tee Why died" or some, they won't even remember who died, just what a good time they had. That'd be enough for me.

And how do you pay for this? Easy, cremate my Black a$$ haha. It's only a few hundred. Take my ashes and give good, small portions to my friends and fam who want'em. But save the majority for my wife or significant other. Have the ashes conserved in a dildo. "Ashes To Asses". Somebody oughta market that for real haha.

For more info on the history of Second Line bands like Rebirth, go here or here


Since it seems there's a few Dwele fans lurking in the background, I thought this might be of value to some. Looks to be some fairly recent material according to the info.

Dwele - Lost Track Of Time EP (2005)

On the hip-hop front, not too too much new but I did manage to grab these a few days ago. Shouldn't be that hard to find tracklistings if you want to check before grab'em.

Ruff Ryders-The Redemption Vol. 4 (Retail)

State Property - The Lost Files (Retail)

Since the weekend is comin up, I thought this might help some of you out. It's titled as a "Sex Songs" compilation. Three disc set.

Yousendit links

Beats 101 "Sex Songs" Disc 1

Beats 101 "Sex Songs" Disc 2

Beats 101 "Sex Songs" Disc 3

Backup links

Beats 101 "Sex Songs" Disc 1

Beats 101 "Sex Songs" Disc 2

Beats 101 "Sex Songs" Disc 3







And I'm willing to bet, only a few of you will remember this joint because I had to be reminded of it.

Brotherhood Creed - Helluva

And what am I listening to? Glad you asked. Dub and I agreed yesterday that this song is hot even with 50 on it. Really, I thought Mobb Deep had pretty much lost it and 50 been on that commercial shit. But this track got a nice piano riff and solid lyrics.

Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent - "Outta Control"

And since we speakin on 50, here's the trailer for his new film that should be coming out soon. Looks interesting at least.

Get Rich Or Die Trying Trailer

Ahh...almost forgot, there's a Good Times marathon on channel 59 (TV Land)this weekend. Don't sleep.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8 Love never fails.

I'll be the first to admit that while I'm well versed in the art of seduction and women, showing and understanding how to love them is somewhat foriegn to me. Even though I am the incarnate form of Mel Gibson's character in What Women Want, relationships are hard for me to dig. Typically, the modus operandi is to shadow my true feelings behind sarcasm and humor. And my behavior has been less than gentlemanly in some circumstances lol. I've done all the dog things of course and shitted on my fair share. I still say the B-word freely (I'm workin on it) and I'm mucho macho but, I'm growing lol.

But, luckily, God blessed me with a beautiful daughter; a wonderful, helpful sister, an understanding and loving ex-girlfriend; a caring, patient momma; and a host of beautiful females inhabiting my life. With them helping me, I'm learning alot about women as well as myself.

So, I'll give them this track because, for some reason, it put a lot of shit in perspective for me.

India Arie - "Talk To Her"

And since I promised you all her whole album last week, I finally got around to it so here it is.

India Arie - Voyage To India Part 1 Part 2

But since I'm still part savage and life ain't all roses, I don't give a rat asses about half the slores I meet, not because they're slores but because they're bum ass people. So, I gotta bring some hate to the post or it wouldn't be me haha. Either way, don't judge them before you listen to them.

This RZA is one of those you put on when you absolutely detest the person with but just for a little while, or maybe forever. The shit he says is harsh but, sometimes, it is what it is. It is what truly goes thru the mind's of men sometimes so ladies take a listen.

RZA - "Domestic Violence"

The Ghost track is one you play when there ain't no turning back lol. This track screams "I hate you and hope a bus hits your motherf*%kin a$$." Really, any track that starts out with "Yo b&tch/I fucked your friend/yeah you stank hoe..." is bound to be an exercise in misogny.

Ghostface Killer - "Wildflower"


On a lighter note, I've been in a real cool out mode here recently, here's a mellow joint to keep you cool for today.

Eric Clapton - "If I Saw You In Heaven"

Highly Recommended Listening Material

I sometimes have to wonder how or what producers listen to. They can't listen to rap alone and come up with some of the beats, arrangements and samples that they do. When I first heard the rap version of this (I'm not giving it away, you're gonna have to listen), I remember being half thoroughly impressed, half kind of sad for personal reasons as well the fact that the rappers...well, I'd tell you too much. Either way, I loved it.

Let me just say, Eminem rarely gets praise from me but I gotta give him props for finding this one. This original song is just as moving, if not more than, the hip hop version. I gave this guy's album a listen and it's actually okay but I'll save it for a later post.

Jonny Lang - "Dying To Live"

"Music Makes These Thugs Calm Down..."

True story, Tuesday sucked monkey nuts so I'm uninspired.

My checkbook got stolen and a few checks cashed (aiyo...I'mma see you Senora Gina Williams), my Ipod hard drive crashed so the large majority of my music library is seemingly gone, it rained cancelling the kid's swimming lessons and plus it got EXTRA humid afterwards.

Fear not because Wednesday is Hump Day. And to help boost my spirits and yours midway thru your work week, here's some humor.

I was literally shocked when my sister told me she hadn't seen Pulp Fiction before. But, the more females I inquired with, I found out a lot of women haven't. So, I present to you...

Pulp Fiction In 30 Secs Reenacted By Bunnies

And which ever one of you white folks whose uncle (what...ya'll ain't know white folks visit this site as well?) this is, please get this man some medication. Do an intervention like they did on Girlfriends. Do anything but just get him some help.

Man On Crack On The Price Is Right

Musically, these three tracks were about the only tracks that helped me keep my cool yesterday, ie they distracted me more or less.

Tragedy Khadafi Noreaga and Nas - "Calm Down"

Ginuwine - "Stingy"

I really don't think Buck got the credit for this track that he should have. Lyrically, it pure was flame.

Young Buck - "Footprints"

And this is only by request lol. No other comments besides that if one of dedicated folks hadn't asked for this...whew lol.

Gucci Mane - "Nextel Chirp"

And Dub requested some Killer Mike. I predict Killer Killer The Crack Dealer will have one of the best cd's of summer (if it ever comes out lol). Right now, I haven't seen any "new" cd's but I swear this track is serious. I suggest that everybody let this rock at least 2-4x today. Mike has definitely stepped it up lyrically and his stories have been laced with good imagery in the past few tracks (think, "Ain't No Love" freestyle).

Killer Mike - "A Dope Story (112 Freestyle)"

Just to go ahead and OD on the boy...

Killer Mike feat. Big Boi - "My Chrome"

For a full listen, check out this mixtape. The download has been split into three seperate files on Rapidshare so it's up for 30 days but it's faster than the previous joints. Take the good with the bad. Either way it's free so shut the hell up.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

"Do The Right Thing"

Jea...that's what's in effect today. This Southern heat and humidity ain't workin for a brother. It's cotton field status 'round here and it's drainin' me. It makes me mad and sad when Channel 2's Davis Nolan comes on and says "It's gonna be another scoooorrcchhherrr today" because I know I ain't about to do jack shit til 8pm lol. The heat makes me stay inside and only come outside at night like Blackula.

I KNOW somebody gotta remember this joint

Hammerman Cartoon

If that didn't give you a giggle, this might...(little man in the yellow kills it lol). Be cool though. It's got some women in bathing suits (not nude though) in the ads at the top. I don't want you gettin fired and blaming me lol.

Three Little Kids Dancing To "Tipsy"

Yeah...I admit, the single was kinda hot. Catchy of sorts. The album just leaked so we'll see what she's really about now.

Teairra Mari-Roc-A-Fella Presents Teairra Mari

And if you don't have this in your collection, you should. I caught myself slipping the other day. 14G's of songs, 12 days straight worth of music on the Ipod but I didn't have this classic. You should slap yourself if you're missin it too.

Jay-z - The Blueprint

Personally though, this might be my favorite Jay album. I was lucky enough to dub this on VHS and to see the live performance of these cuts is critical. Visually, Jay-z Unplugged > Fade To Black if you ask me. Jay + Mary J.+ Jaguar Wright + The Roots = phenomenal.

Jay-z - Unplugged

My main man Retro threw me a bone on these two. Plus it keeps the scales balanced. I guess I'm one of the few who can enjoy Nas and Jay equally without feeling disloyal. Just for the record, Nas is my favorite but Jay puts out way better albums.

Nas & Quan - Ill Will Mixtape Part 1 Part 2

I had this one but failed to up it. Since he gave me a ready-to-go link, I'll share lol. This is one of Jeezy's old albums from '03 before he blew.

Young Jeezy - Come Shop With Me (2 Discs)

All these are yousendit links so get it while the gettin is good. Snooze and you lose.

"There's One In Every Family...."

So one weekend several years ago, my crackhead auntie came to stay with me. For what? I can't even remember.

Crackheads are an enigma. Beautiful, fun and entertaining one minute; shiesty, treacherous and cruel the next. My auntie was no exception to those descriptions. She has the short Afeni hairdo, rough skin, and a slightly gapped-toothed smile. And she's got what anybody from the streets has - those dark impenatrable eyes. I tend to believe that comes from years of having to be a "believable chameleon" and selling yourself and your story as the truth everywhere you go.

So I was up early one morning while she was staying, we were sitting up smoking Kools and I was downloading some music. She overheard me listening to tracks and was immediately involved and amazed. She started callin out requests of songs I'd never heard before, old soul classics way before my time. And she requested this one particular song and said it was her and her ex's "song". I looked for it, never having heard it before and when it came on, I liked it. And behind me, she started to sing, just like the lady on the song. Blowing. I was shocked she could sing like that after years of abusing her pipes with pipes.

And as I type, I remember when she wasn't so strung out, she came to my maternal grandfather's funeral and sat with me. I was a soldier the whole way thru, not a tear shed....until my auntie, sitting beside me, started to sing. Her voice was so powerful, I had to let go.

It's amazing sometimes to see the paths people take.

Here's the track. It's definitely worth a listen. I want to say I was sparked to find it after hearing it playing on the low in a scene from Diary Of A Mad Black Woman but I could be buggin. Maybe I just wanted to hear it and tell a story lol.

Jerry Butler and Brenda Lee - "Ain't Understanding Mellow"

The same dude made the original track that was sampled by Game for "Dreams."

Jerry Butler - "No Money Down"

I found this. I'm not exactly how "new" it is. Either way, the boy Tone gonna love and appreciate it lol.

Jamie Foxx and Mary J. Blige - "Love Changes"

There's a long story to why this is here lol. But give it a listen because "THEY CALL IT MURDDDAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Damien Marley - "Welcome To Jamrock"

And I know most of you chicks are diggin this dude, I figured I'd lace you with another library. Thank me by suggesting which tracks I need off each album. Email me yo!

Avant Catalog

Private Room

My Thoughts

Ecstasy Part 1 Part 2

This man's got a little following. I've had the album for a long while now. He's in the neo-soul vein but with a little extra something. You might have heard him singing on Slum Village's tracks (think "Tainted" by them feat. Kanye).

Dwele - Subject

Just throwing this in to boost your collection.

Monica - Miss Thang

...and I ain't forget you dude's. Webbie and this man have been creating a buzz since last spring. With "Gimme That" and Webbie's album leading in to this, they bound to blow up a little taste at least.

Lil Boosie - Bad Azz (Advance) Part 1 Part 2

Lil Pepe, this is all you and Tone.

Pitbull-Unleashed_Vol._5_(Presented_by_DJ_Ideal) Part 1 Part II Part III

And the new Kay Slay.

DJ Kay Slay - NYC Drama Vol.3

This is classic hood material. The dollar box on top of the fridge. The screen door with no screen. The Huxtable doorbell. From the first season, I bet Cribs wasn't expecting anything like this when they contacted Reggie Noble.

Redman on MTV Cribs

"You Think You Know..."

"...but you have no idea. This is the life of Tee Why".

Nah nah, I'm buggin so let me cut myself short.

This right here is the theme song for the day. Think of me when you listen to this joint and smile because I will be. I love this chick and I'll get her album up next week.

India Aire - "The Truth"

We hood. Yeah, we from a small town but every where got a dirty side. That area, block or that strip where you tell visitors “Don’t go over that way.” I remember when….

…they found Baby Boy in the Blue House with his head in an oven and buttnaked except for his socks.

…the park used to be THE SPOT on Sundays. Cars, girls, basketball.

…JM shot Lil George in the legs without catchin a case because all the witnesses “forgot” what they saw ;)

…Chris B got bodied for perpin the wrong fiends.

…sittin side by side on Pat’s porch,sleepin two and three deep, breaking day.

…800 shot Lil D.

…Burt teachin us how to play chess but gambling with us at the same time, essentially getting easy money for the lessons. Life lessons is what see'em as now. Plus, fiends got mo'hustles than a little bit.

…that aggin Money who had a succession of a gold tooth, WOOD tooth and then a missing tooth or two lol.

… “Dancin’ Darv”

…Blue pulled out a .25 on Monty

…Wally World used to come down the block singin Sam Cooke’s “Change Gone Come” and subbin his name in… “Wally’s sooooo tired of livinnnn/but I’m afraid tooo dieeee.” (That’s how I learned the song lol). That's how you knew he was high and it was bout to be some shit haha.

…Sittin on Ms. V-Nel’s porch drinkin moonshine and whiskey on hot summer days and passin out early only to go home take a nap and come right back out to the block lol.

…Robbin aggins from the other side and going back to OCR knowing they wouldn’t have the nuts to come see us out there.

…Go straight from the block to ATL or wherever, dirty as hell, buying fits when we got there and partying for three days in the same clothes and comin back like wasn’t shit wrong with it lol. We called it “cowboying”.

I really ain't sure if the hood made men or fools out of us. But one thing's for sure. It made us.

So this track prolly won’t move nobody but I love it still. Plus my dude shouts my name out in the end haha.

TallSun - "OCR"

Aiyo...the amount of music you are about to see MAY overwhelm you but don't trip. With the servers that are being used, you've got a few days to get all of these. I ain't have the time to give you pretty pics and covers, tracklistings, and my usual lengthy commentary. Nothin but the bare essentials. Some albums are posted in two part links meaning you'll have to grab both links in order to have the full album.

First, I'mma start you off on a light note. Somethings to entertain you while you're getting other stuff.

For you Tetris type nerds, this game right here should keep you entertained. I got stuck around level 20 something. Top that!


By request....

Lil Wayne - The Carter 2 (Advance)

Been had this for a minute, just never upped it. For the unintiated, Jody is a member of Boyz N Da Hood (the group w/Jeezy). There's some who put his flow above Jeezy's but I disagree lol. Still hot.

Jody Breeze - A Day In The Life Of...(Retail)

One of the slept on members of the Roc La Familia. Let's hope he doesn't get lost in the shuffle of reorganization going with Roc/Def Jam.


Part 1 Part 2

And Peedi's Nuyorican brother from another mother...this joint linked hella early.

Nore - One Fan A Day (Retail)

Password is 1fan

I don't know if I gave you all this before and if not, I know I'm slow but better late than never.

Kem - Album II

I like this lil dude plus I heard he signed with Diplomats records.

Trey Songz - I Gotta Make It (Retail)

I'm sure you can find a tracklisting for this out by now. Terrence Howard's raps from the movie appear as songs on here. So if you been waiting to bump "Whoop That Trick", here you go. Withstanding that, there's some decent names on here.

Hustle and Flow Soundtrack Part 1 Part 2

This one is straight for you girls because ain't no damn way I'm bumpin Missy. "Pussycat" with Tweet is the only song I can say I liked by Ms. Elliot.

Missy - The Cookbook

You all know you wrong for leeching gospel music so you better leave some kind words lol.

Mary Mary - Mary Mary 2005

Part 1 Part 2

And since I gave you all my numero uno R&B group's catalog yesterday, these dudes get a real close second.

112 Catalog

112 - 112 Part 1 Part 2

112 - Room 112

112 - Part III

112 - Hot & Wet

112 - Pleasure and Pain

And I owed you Jagged Little Thrill from yesterday so there it goes.

P.S. - Bobby & Whitney got problems. Like fo'real problems.

"your comments are jaded but funny"

Taken directly from an AIM convo, that's what Nquest told me about the comments and humor I employ here. See me and Nquest are different. He's the "computer guy", I'm the "abstract literary savant." Anything you see that I say I created, be it this joint or my other site, Nquest did it lol. Now, I did some of it and, creatively, it's mainly my idea. I can see it, but I'm probably just as technologically illiterate as everybody else so I need him to make it happen. So, that's where Nquest comes in to lay it out. I'm the executive producer but Nquest is the engineer who taught me how to put it all together and make it visually appealing.

Anyways, he made me think, "Am I jaded? Extremely sarcastic? A pretentious asshole?"

Well, of sorts, I guess I am. I consider myself more of an optimistic realist. I hope for the best but I'm wise enough to know how things usually play out. I remember World Industries used to use this slogan that I adopted - "Making Today Worse So Tomorrow Seems Better."

Either way, you gotta love me. Or at least understand me to even tolerate me lol. Some people can, some people can't. So be it, such is life. One thing about it - I'm one of the trillest aggins you'll ever meet. And I do me to the fullest.

And I don't know why Nquest complaining. He's just as jaded as I am.


Jeezy went back and added a few tracks, remastered a few and now we have...

Young Jeezy - Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101

It's funny because I remember when Jeezy first hit on Fabolous' cut, "Do The Damn Thing". I loved his voice and flow. Recently, the video for that cut turned up on the net (I never saw it on the air but then again I don't watch videos like that). Fabolous feat. Young Jeezy - "Do The Damn Thang" Video

This track is gettin strong "song of the summer" type buzz. I don't rank it that high but I love Jimmy because he's one of the realest personalities in the game right now. Seeing him dance in a video? Yeah, them boys gettin good money if he's dancin.

Jim Jones feat. Trey Songz - "Summer With Miami" Video

For my personal tastes, I prefer this Jimmy cut. Did you peep Ben Muhammad in the vid that was upped a few days ago? I don't know what's goin on but his appearance in the vid and previously on Jim's album means there's some type of relationship there. Jim Jones feat. Max B. - "G's Up"

So far, Jimmy's making a strong push to make this album, Harlem: Diary Of Summer, a good one for the summer

And since the T.I. buzz has picked up recently, I'll throw this in. This video is actually pretty damn good. I don't know what it is but I love to see folk doin the A-Town stomp still. Plus, the vid is hood so it automatically gets my stamp of approval. Keep it gutter gutter.

T.I. feat. P$C and Lil'Scrappy - "I'm A King" Video

And just to keep everybody satisfied, here's the whole Jagged Edge catalog (minus Jagged Little Thrill. Anybody got that for me?) I hope you enjoy it as much as I have over the years. To me, these dudes are the truth in terms of groups who still put out good R&B.

Jagged Edge - A Jagged Era

Jagged Edge - J.E. Heartbreak

Jagged Edge - Hard

Vuja Dé

Vuja Dé: the strange feeling you get that nothing has happened before.

Comedian George Carlin coined this term. I heard it relayed from a speaker before at a ceremony. It's the exact opposite of deja vu, or the idea that you've experienced something before. Vuja Dé is the idea that there are some things in life that we experience for one moment in life and we'll never experience them again. So for that moment, we should stop and soak it all in because once it's gone, it's gone.

I remember way way back being on stage rapping along right beside Scarface when he was performing and vuja de hit me. I said to myself "I'm up here beside Mr. Scarface" and cheesin this big ass Cheshire cat grin because he was that dude when I was in high school. To be standing beside him while he was performing was unreal.

My daughter lost her first tooth today...vuja de. Coincidentally, she's camping out waiting for the tooth fairy to make an appearance.

When I came out the bathroom at the Mix Factory, gone like two sheets in wind, and bumped into some dude with a Jesus piece the size of both of your fists combined, a piece that made mine look like a crusty golden booger....and looking up and realizing it was Ghostface...that was vuja de (RZA blew a whole forest w/me and Big City that night. That was definitely vuja de). Time froze. We looked at each other and sparked a convo. Gave'em dap and kept it moving but the whole experience stayed with me.

When they told me Athan got killed, the world suddenly stopped and then started spinning so fast I had to sit down...vuja de.

Some of the people I've met and interacted with, my whole relationship with them has been vuja de because I knew I'd never meet another person like them.

So, to you, dear reader, I want you to "stop and smell the roses" a little more often. What sparked this? I had a chance encounter with an old friend recently. Yeah, I knew'em forever but it was like meeting a new person all over again since I hadn't seen them in ages. And a few times during our exchanges, I caught myself looking at them because I may be forever, if never, before I got to see them again. Either way, I knew I'd never get to relive those moments again. I'm mad they had to go but I'm glad they were here even if it was only for a brief period.

Those people and those experiences touch our souls, spark our brains and create vivid memories that will last a lifetime.

Ahh...enough with the rambling. On to the music.

A new R track for you

R. Kelly - "Kickin It With Your Girlfriend"

Just to keep it real, I ain't the biggest Lil Wayne fan but this joint is ok.

Lil Wayne - "Don't Cry"

This is old but I had a effed up day yesterday so this is today's theme music lol. Love is for the birds.

Ol' Dirty Bastard feat. Lil' Mo "Good Morning Heartache"

I try as best I can to keep you characters up on the latest R&B mixtapes since that's what the overwhelming majority of you like. Me? Gimme that old boom bap but I can deal with R&B thrown off in the mix. I put personal feeling aside though to bring you this joint...

Click the pic for a tracklisting.


It had to be broken into two seperate files for download. Work around it.

Part 1 Part 2

I'm fairly sure I ain't the only one who loves that Memphis shit so here goes the new one from the boy from the Bay. I'm lovin the name of the album. I need that as a tat.

Frayser Boy - Me Being Me

The Ten Crack Commandments


A word that during the late 80's/early 90's was totally negative. People sold it, people smoked it, peoples' lives decayed because of jail and/or death.

But leave it to the next generation to change it's meaning. In the same way the N.W.A. generation made the n-word acceptable, today's generation has taken the word crack and put a spin on the meaning. Let me show you...

Beyonce's booty in this picture is crack. I mean pure, Pookie from New Jack City freebase. I ain't the biggest B fan but she has definitely became more attractive to me over the years. I can fully understand why Terrance Howard's got that look on his grill.

This chocolate caramel nut cheesecake is crack. My mom had a variety cheesecake with all the different kinds and I tried a slice of this kind, one piece, only once. The other day, I woke up from an afternoon nap and my second thought was "I gotta have some of that pie." So what'd I do? Hopped my fiending ass in the whip and went and bought a whole pie. Was it worth it? Well, do you have to ask? It's in my crack post isn't it?

She has nothing to do with anything but "Crunk Ass White Girl" throwin' bows with David Banner...this image is always crack.

These are two cd's I've bought countless times because I have to have them at all times. I don't ever want to need them and not have them. Nas is....Nas. The 'Face joint hasn't left my cd changer in over a year easily, probably longer. You can add them to your collection from the links below. Crack.

Nas - Illmatic 10th Anniversary Platinum Edition

Scarface - The Fix

I'm a hat fanatic. If you remember, at one point in our society, gentlemen wore hats everyday, everywhere. Times have changed but some of us still stick to the script although we've changed some of the wording. I wear a hat daily. I've got at least 100+ and that's after selling roughly 60 to a friend lol. I've got skullies, tobogans, fedoras, felts, Kangols, buckets, whatever...but mostly I have baseball caps. More than anything, I have NY fitteds in all types of colors. But the hat I have to have....the classic New Era New York Yankees OG fitted in navy blue. Crack. A must have.

And just as important as OG Yanks'em "Uptowns," "1's," "all whites," "cocaines,""dookies," "fish scales," or "G-Nikes". Whatever they call'em in your area, it doesn't matter. I keep at least two pairs of white lows on stash at all times of the year. ALWAYS. At one point last year, I had six fresh, unlaced pairs just sitting in the closet. Crack.

Juelz Santana calls himself "Human Crack In The Flesh." I believe Allison Hatcher on News Channel 2 here in the city should take that title. Maybe have it under her name with each report - "Allison Hatcher, Human Crack In The Flesh, reporting". She's crack. If you know her, tell her to get at a pimp. I'll make her famous.

 on to music.

New stuff...

Yeah, she goin to jail. And what? She dropped this last week on the day she was sentenced. Rappers and their marketing ploys

Lil Kim - "Shut Up Bitch"

This is a snippet of an Usher Raymond track produced by Neptunes, always a hot collabo. A snippet at this juncture? Don't know what that means. Maybe it was something that got left off the album because I don't see him dropping another album this quickly.

Usher - "I Heard A Rumor (Snippet)"

I been giving this a little burn here recently. To me, Jagged Edge and 112 will always be that good baby-making music. And this album right here...crack. A must have.

Jagged Edge - JE Heartbreak

And I stole this from our contributor Retro. He's busy finishing up summer school and working on his undergrad degree so he's been stuck in grind mode off that for the past few weeks. But, he's been kind enough to keep his files open for leeching. Love is love and this album is full of hits. As soon as I saw "Little Walter" I started singing in my head "heeeeeyyyyyyyy Littlllleeee Waaaalllllttteerrrrr" haha. I knew I had to grab it and share immediately.

20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Tony Toni Toné

PFifty requested this joint and I won't even front, I knew little to nothing about these crew except they old. Once I gave it a listen, I saw why so many old folk enjoyed them.

The Manhattans - Kiss and Say Goodbye: The Best of the Manhattans

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