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"These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things..."

Most "mixtape" rappers bore me and few make it big. Punchlines become less humorous over repeated listenings and the general public doesn't want to think that hard to catch the funny parts on a track.

Yeah, Fab made it but there's so many more who don't make the jump to the big leagues. Hell, half the cats don't even get inside the stadium. Team Arliss, Red Cafe, Sauce Money, Imam Thug, or Graph anyone?

This kid Saigon, I hope he makes it. Dude has a good mix of vocabulary, street experience and thought provoking lyrics. He's done time and paid his debt to society and right now it looks like he's taking out years of pain on the mic.

How can you not vibe to a dude who spits this rhymes over the "My Favorite Things" melody?

Your favorite
Favorite music...rap
Favorite jail...Nap', it taught me how to scrap
Favorite gun...Glock
Favorite rapper...Pac
And that wasn't even till after homie shot the cops
Your favorite girl...Joy
Favorite fighter...Roy
It used to be Mike till he got knocked out by old boy
Favorite food...Pizza
Favortie singer...Alicia
Her and this lil chick in my hood named Tanequa
Your favorite car...X-5
Body part...teta
Favorite date...the day Carl Nino said I'm the next Nas
Favorite thug...ya kiddin'
Favorite song..."The Ghetto" by Rakim
Ya heard the shit that brother was spittin'?
Favorite club...Speed
Favorite drug...weed
Indeed, like Jay say, "That's all I need"
Favorite movie..."Drum"
Favorite groupie...Ummmmm
Truly son there's a whole bunch of them

And, I was hooked when I heard this rhyme from "Contraband"...

"...Who do ya'll aggins think it was that killed Biggie
A. Southside Crips cause Puffy owed'em a grip
B. Some crazy Pac fan that flipped and unloaded a clip
C. Missles from pistols of government officials
D. The same cat that came back singin 'I Miss You'"

Anyways, here's a few of my favorite tracks by dude. Give money a listen.

"My Favorite Things" (Remix)

"Out In The Park"

"Contraband" Remix

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