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"Scotch Tape With A Razor Blade Taped To Your Collar..."

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #6

Put the fuckin gun away © Willie D

No, I'm not being hypocritical.

Yes, I carry as a part of my daily routine.

But, I rarely have ever had to pull out blicker unless it was justified.

Maybe it's because once you're used to constantly carrying one, you grow numb or do the opposite perhaps of those who stumble across a $120 Lorcin .380 in a back alley and get a sudden urge of powerfulness.

Phallic syndrome shit, word to Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing.

Now we know when it gets hot, the foolishness comes out of even the most humble quiet dude in the crew if you mix him up with a cup of courange and xanies. Throughout the summer, there's been various homicidal incidents in major metropolitan areas, Milwaukee, Philly and most recently, Atlanta, being prime examples. Hell, here four people got popped @ the Young Joc concert here in the city.

If you're one of those dudes who grows gazoobas when he gets a gun, please stay @ home. Don't fuck up the party, the bbq, the beach or the show for hundreds of others.

Be cool. Handle your liquor. Control your high. If somebody steps on your shoes or brushes into you kinda hard, please realize you're in a fuckin club or high capacity area and be easy.

Let the hate begin as I make this statement...I'm not a fan of female rappers because normally I can't/choose not to relate.

I'm working on that.

But, word to APrice...

was that one and she has the only verse I've ever memorized by a female MC besides L Boogie's work on The Score...

Funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party
Money in your pocket, dying to move your body
To get inside you paid the whole ten dollars
Scotch tape with a razor blade taped to your collar
Leave the guns and the crack and the knives alone
MC Lyte's on the microphone
Bum rushin and crushin, snatchin and taxin
I cram to understand why brother's don't be maxin
There's only one disco, they'll close one more
You ain't guarding the door so what you got a gun for?
Do you rob the rich and give to the poor?
Yo Daddy-O, school em some more

Sidenote - If you've got the mp3 for the track that's playing on her site, "Back To Lyte", pass that...

Slick Pulla
has always shown glimpses of the ability to not be Jeezy's Bleek and Birds Fly has a nice wah-wah synth to carry Slick's dopeboy narrative and quick tongue. On Whip It, he drops detailed words that only a dude caught up in the web would know. Nothing new but it sounds damn good.

Wait no more...well, three more months. But after a few years, the hiatus is almost over...

Pray it doesn't get stalled at the gates.

Until then...

"Gucci parka, from France where the kids sing Frere Jacques/if not there im somewhere mixing vodkas//in a far off land where they shake moroccas"

"...line outside full of Jo Jo Dancers"

:EEK © Dingle

These boys are on another level so it's to be expected that some won't appreciate but Push and Mal are Sid Vicious with the wordplay...

And a little visual for you...Chappelle on Def Comedy Jam

stray shots

Jeannie Ortega - No Place Like Bklyn

Lil Keke- The Album B4 The Album Mixtape [2CD]


Prince - Hotel California [Live]


The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia

Typical Cats - Civil Service

Molemen - Chicago City Limits Vol. 1

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"It's The Air..."

“...I can feel it…it feel hot, it feel feel hot at night and shit like the sun ain't even out”

At what point does it get so hot outside that inanimate objects just begin to spontaneously combust? Its nearly 120 degrees! I know it’s Cali and we supposed to be the Golden Brown state, but the whole left coast is broiling like the devil’s tail. It’s so scalding that once you step outside in the morning your shirt is stuck to your back and it’s not even the sweat, it’s the humidity. By the afternoon it’s so disgusting that you can’t even step out of the air conditioning, not even to make it to the nearest body of water. And at nighttime it’s too hot to get any rest, it’s like Tony Starks, “What the fuck is goin on? I can’t go to sleep!”

Nothing says summer like a vicious case of heat stroke mixed with $3 bottles of water and thousands of sweltering bodies stomping their feet and screaming “SUUUUUUUUUU” in unison paying respects to the Wu Tang. Rock The Bells should be another classic this year. So if you are in Nor or SoCal the first weekend of August you should hella go to this shit, both shows will be epic.

Wu Tang is that essential summertime shit, and the Clan is coming back strong this year. Fishscale is a top 5 album of the year so far, rumor has it that Johnny has stopped blazing to make a more focused album with RZA if Jay hasn’t blackballed him yet, and Deck’s new joint got leaked but the year’s most promising Wu news is Raekwon.

Dude sounds hungrier, and looks the part too, than I’ve heard him in years. His Da Vinci Code: the Vatican Mixtape gives us a glimpse of what The Chef’s been cooking up for the highly anticipated Cuban Linx 2 album. Rae stays on that grimy NY shit. His return to classic form on the newest AZ album sounds like their RZA remix of “Doe or Die” and his show stealing appearance on “Kilos,” seems like Rae is back cooking up more of that criminology. And speaking of crack raps, isn’t it ironic how “hip-hop heads” are willing to disown Weezy or Jeezy or whatever lil youngin there is out next adlibbing bout the trap, but as soon one of our Older Gods comes back to block rockin, we receive them with open arms? Sometimes I wonder if there’s any shoulders that these heads reside on.

But the return to form from the lackluster but unfairly hated Immobilarity and justifiably despised Lex Diamonds albums depends solely on the missing secret ingredients from his last dishes. The chemistry between Ghost, Rae & RZA is integral to him making the follow up “solo” album we have been waiting for since his debut. He proved on “Lex Diamonds” that too many guests, especially outside of the Wu Tang family, waters down the final product and showed during Immobilarity that he cannot swim by himself. No one sounds more at home over a RZA beat than Rae or GZA, but gone and not forgotten is Big Baby Osiris McGirt Simmons. And to those who forgot, for the ultimate story of a summer, do yourself a favor as listen to Cuban Linx from front to back.

Titling the next “Cuban Linx 2: Blood on Chef’s Apron,” may set expectations a bit too high. No one expects the same performance from the Rae of over ten years ago, they want a good album, but by referencing his classic debut in the title of his fourth album he’s setting the bar mighty high. And now that he’s aligned himself with Aftermath and has Bussa Bus using him as a frontline soldier in his return of New York, the possibilities to work with the great procrastinator Dre has increased the expectations of it exponentially. Here’s to hoping that Rae’s recipe yields a hotter offering than Masta Killa’s weak vegan dish, another one of the Clan’s disappointing follow up to another classic debut.



Stray shots

Chief Kamachi - Concrete Gospel


Prince Paul's Resident Alien - Takes A Nation of Suckas to Let Us In

Qwel - Rapid Eye Movement

Viktor Vaughn AKA MF Doom - Vaudeville Villain

Madvillain - Madvillainy

Dave Chappelles Block Party - OST

Young Dro and DJ Drama - Day One Mixtape

Lil Wayne - Please Say The Baby Mixtape

Fefe Dobson - Fefe Dobson (2003)

VA - Now That's What I Call Music Vol.64 (2006)

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TSS™ Presents Smoking Sessions With Daz

Prolific - (pr-lfk), adj.

Intellectually productive;Producing abundant works or results: a prolific artist.

Daz has contributed to the history of hip-hop as a whole with classic production and vocal collaborations with Tupac Shakur (All Eyez on Me), Daz’s cousin Snoop Dogg (Doggystyle; The Doggfather; Murder Was the Case) and Dr. Dre (The Chronic; The Chronic 2001). His first release with Kurupt, Dogg Food (1995) , remains as one of the greatest contributions to hip-hop, bar no region. His solo albums have hit the Billboard charts high and hard as well.

Death Row crumbled; Daz weathered the storm and kept hustlin'.

And he hasn't stopped...

Tha Dogg Pound's Cali Iz Active recently released and he's set to drop his first album, So So Gangsta, on Jermaine Dupri's So So Def imprint and Virgin, scheduled for September 12th. Street smart as always,that release will break unchartered territory by being marketed in conjunction with the work of Donald Goines and Holloway House Publishing - buy a book, get cd.

You can't stop a stepper as my Pops used to say...

TSS™ Presents Smoking Sessions With Daz

TSS: Where are you at right now?

Daz: I'm in Cali right now.

TSS: Doing any videos?

Daz: Smoking kush.

TSS: Livin it like that? How much time you spend in ATL?

Daz: I spend a lot of time in ATL, you know. Split up equally, you know, from California, Miami, to Mississippi.

TSS: Miami, too? What you do out there?

Daz: I live out there too. I've been living out there for 13 years.

TSS: That's right, you got money like that. You got spots all over.

Daz: Yeah. I got some cheese.

TSS: How would you compare the adult entertainment industry (shake joints) in Atlanta with L.A.

DAZ: Shit, they serving alcohol at 5 in the morning [in ATL], at the clubs in L.A. they serving Sprite.

TSS: How come so many people from L.A find love in Atlanta? I notice a lot of people moving out there from out here.

DAZ: All the hoes, big booty, crunk. It's a lot of everything out there. It's a lot of booty, pussy and women walking around. You know what I'm sayin. And everyone is getting money.

TSS: How's the response been to the latest Dogg Pound album, cali iz active?

Daz: It's been good response to the Dogg Pound album. Everybody love it. I'm gearing up for my solo album right now. They lovin that right now. It's getting spins on the radio and I can't wait to drop it September 12.

TSS: That's going to be on SoSo Def?

Daz: Yep.

TSS: Any down South flavor on there or you keeping it straight up "G," West Coast?

Daz: Some West Coast G'd Down South flavor, you know. Get all the people.

TSS: What's the biggest hit you've had so far with SoSo Def?

Daz: I ain't really had one yet.

TSS: Didn't you work on J-Kwon's album ["Tipsy"]?

Daz: Yeah, but that's on Jive.

TSS: My bad, but he was a SoSo Def artist, right?

Daz: Yeah.

TSS: You consider yourself mainly a rapper or a producer?

Daz: I'm both of them. I'm doing it all. I've got about 5 or 6 more jobs.

TSS: What do you mean by that?

Daz: Mainly running my own label and being an artist on somebody else's label, you know. Just trying to maintain--playing both parts--a student and a teacher.

TSS: What other aspects of the music business are you involved in?

DAZ: I be distributing records.

TSS: That's where the money is at?

DAZ: Yeah, I don't wanna be no label, that's too much. They [rappers who get signed] fuck they money out, they coming right back over here. I want to show them how to make they own business.

TSS: Your album is going to be called SoSo Gangsta. Why is that?

Daz: The reason why I got the SoSo Gangsta, is because Jermaine Dupri is SoSo [Def], and me being from the Dogg Pound, being gangsta, just put the two together.

TSS: I see you got Redman on there.

Daz: Yeah.

TSS: You a fan of his?

Daz: Yeah, I'm a fan of Redman.

TSS: I see you got Rick Ross. Who else?

Daz: Yeah, I got him and then I got Ice Cube on the album...

TSS: You mess with the Slip-N-Slide folks when you in Miami?

Daz: Triple Seis.

TSS: How you feel the Cali rap scene's changed since 90's to now?

Daz: The business of it. The gangsta shit ain't never gonna change, it's always gonna be the same, but it's the business part.

TSS: What do you mean?

Daz: Everybody got scared you know what I'm sayin? So they really wasn't tryin to get into rap like that, they was trying to get some other shit, you know?Because it's about unity, so we got to put the unity back in for everybody.

It's like [owning] an apartment building. Because if it's shot up, windows busted up, nobody gonna live there. You put drapes and some more nice windows in there, it's all about upgrade. We just upgrading the West Coast right now.

TSS: Are you talking about the conference that Snoop put into action last year?

Daz: Yeah, we having another one too.

TSS: How do you feel music plays a role in creating unity?

Daz: Keeping mutherfuckers busy. You gotta keep busy to keep your mind off gangbanging.

TSS: And you reconciled with Kurupt recently?

Daz: About a year ago.

TSS: In the history of the California rap scene where do you fall among producers like Dr. Dre, Fredwreck, Battlecat?

Daz: I'm right up in there. I'm trying to be the second one. Right after the first name you said. That's what I'm trying to be.

TSS: What's your favorite piece of studio equipment?

Daz: Being on the computer.

TSS: The Pro Tools? How about beat making?

DAZ: You know, Akai MPC-3000 [drum machine].

TSS: How do you compare Cali to Down South, ATL and Miami.

DAZ: It's like the same thing. Everybody hustling. It just ain't no gangbanging down there. It's some gang banging, they want to gangbang down there, you know. It's the same thing: niggas hungry, starving.

TSS: How's the L.A. streets changed since the early 90's, when you got put on?

DAZ: Yeah, they tore down a couple more buildings and shit, ya know. It's upgrading they tear shit down, niggas going to jail, they moving in, moving out.

TSS: How about in the LBC?

DAZ: Yeah, I'm in the hood constantly. I ain't got nowhere else to go except L.A., my hood. It's crackin.

TSS: You seeing the SoCal rap scene spread out since LBC/Compton put Cali rap on the map?

DAZ: Yeah, it spread out from Watts. It's going to Watts, Compton…everything. It's about somebody giving somebody the opportunity.

TSS:Any up-and-coming local rappers you plan to feature on your album?

DAZ: I'm not gonna put no drop right now, but probably on some of my future projects; anybody who got talent.

TSS: Let's talks about the Death Row years. You did heavy production work on Pac's All Eyez on Me?

DAZ: Yeah, I got the best 5 songs.

TSS: Do you think the impact of his loss is still felt?

DAZ: Yeah, because he had the right people on his shit. I just hooked back up with 2Pac and them's peoples. They really coming back trying to get the original people who put his stuff together. It's about time they do that. I heard they were trying to get 50 Cent to do the album. Don't nobody want to hear that shit.

TSS: What do you feel about the whole Death Row fallout?

DAZ: (Laughs his ass off)

TSS: That's your response?

DAZ: Yeah, that's my response.

TSS: Can you speak on Suge Knight a little bit?

DAZ: He an asshole. Bitch. You know that's what he get.

TSS: No kind words for him?

DAZ: You want a dollar? You need a loan!? You need a loan Sugeman?

TSS: When's the last time you spoke to him?

DAZ: I ain't spoke to him since I got off Death Row.

TSS: So it's been years?

DAZ: Every fuckin day for the last 7-8 years and I swear I ain't never seen a Suge Knight.

TSS: Aiight, point taken and duly noted. Going back to your album...It's already done, right?

DAZ: September 12th, mayne. Go cop that. Hit me up at the website at

TSS: Aiight, be easy.

DAZ: Fa' sho. You too, man.

For more info, visit...

Click the link to see previous smoking sessions


respect my fresh!

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #5

Find Water

Go to the beach/water. That breeze is refreshing.

Don't go somewhere to "tan."

Do something, and get tan in the process.

Take a day off of work. You need it on these hot ass days.

Join us tomorrow...Sessions are back in session.

Here's a hint...

L.A. Dodger cap, switches hittin' from front to back
(We back doin' it big like that)
Khakis, All-Star's, white T's, gang flags

stray shots

Wordworth - Mirrormusic



Kid Capri- Old School 2

A - Trak - Oh No U Didn't



Jurassic 5 - Feedback

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...And with that, the heart of every Rap City kid was won.

stray shots


Young Jeezy and CTE - Summer 2006 [Promo]


Kelis - Kaleidoscope

Waajeed & Teh Jazz Katz vs Marvin Gaye (Promo)

Waajeed - The Patty Hearst Beat Tape

Platinum Pied Pipers-Triple P Instrumentals LP

Robin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin Thicke

St.Lunatics - Free City

Tech N9ne - Vintage Tech

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TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #4

Read A Book

Get a library card or set aside a few bucks from your next paycheck and buy a book.

You're grown; it shouldn't take you longer than one week to read a book. Take out 30 mins. of TV time and set it aside for reading.

And fuck a magazine.

Read a book.

Magazines = Fast food

Books = A good wholesome meal

If you're already reading, stay @ it.

But also make a step towards doing the wisdom to what you read and tell somebody else about what you've read. Encourage those around you to pick up something, give them appropriate suggestions, whatever...

Books in recent reading rotation

Mr. Nice: An Autobiography - Howard Marks

If you can find a copy, it's well worth the read to hear about drug dealing on a major level, the first-hand account of the crookedness of the penal and judicial systems and just some all-around real shit, no James Frey.

The Outsider - Richard Wright

As always, Wright examines perhaps his own struggle for purpose and identity as a man through one of his characters.

Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria - Dr. Beverly Tatum

I haven't cracked it open yet but I know somebody I trust recommended it to me because I saved it on my "to get" booklist in my phone.

Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations - Bell Hooks

Pop culture, feminism, gender, race,the underlying phsychology, their relationships and trill talk as only Hooks can bring it. Want to know why we, as people, do what we do? Read as she explains how we got programmed by

Blues All Around Me: An Autobiography Of B.B. King - B.B. King with David Ritz

The way I figure it, the man is a musical icon for a reason and, unfortunately due to his age, may not be with us much find out about a living legend.

Who's Afraid Of A Large Angry Black Man - Charles Barkley

Charles interviews lofty names to get their take on race in America and, of course, interjects his .02 into the mix.

I have often held the assertion that we gotta stop reading Black pulp fiction novels which don't do anything for the mind. Yes, they entertain but is that enough? Essentially, it's just another form of escapism. Goines did it, Iceberg Slim did it, Terri Woods did it*cough*can we please get the last fuckin book of the Dutch trilogy*...can anything else really be said or any better?

At the same time, most of those "holier than thou" writers and their subject matter bore readers to death. Vernacular, rehashed moot points...give it a break.

But according to Malaika Adero, the writers from both sides of the fence can learn something about their craft as well as reaching and impacting their audience.

"The Black Power of Fiction - What the author of John Henry Days and the author of Bad Girlz can learn from each other"


50 Cent - Stop Crying

Pharrell - International Swagger [In My Mind Japanese Bonus Track]

Kelis - Fuck Them Bitches

Kelis - I'm Serious (Til The Wheels Fall Off)

Pharoah Monche - Push

Ashanti - Don't Leave Me Alone

Monica - Sideline Ho

Little Brother - Life Of The Party

Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot

Cormega and Lakey The Kid - Get It

Xzibit - Concentrate

Darrien Brockington - Think It Over (Produced by 9th Wonder)

Pitbull ft. Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins - Bojangles [Remix]

Big Gipp & Ali - Go Head

N.O.R.E. feat. Reynos - Get Nauseous

7.28 Loosies Download


Stray Shots

DJ Dolla Bill & DJ Hotsauce - Snap Kingz (Hosted by BHI)

Young Jeezy - Can't Ban the Snowman (Screwed and Chopped)

Basement Jaxx - Crazy Itch Radio [Advance]

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Giant

Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Love Jones

Street Fighter OST

Kelis - Tasty

J.R. Writer - El Plaga Presents Write This Way

V.A. - The Best of The Mass Choirs

Jon B - Stronger Everyday

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"They Tried To 'sassinate Me God..."

" Martin on the bal-cony"

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #3

Drink Some Water Or Juice

Give the liver a rest from all that oil.

The kidneys could use some time off from all those sodas as well.

See...the keys to life aren't always complicated.

K.I.S.S. is the real key.

By far, the funniest shit I read today ironically was posted on OKP.

"Why is there still a market for crack? This drug has had such a negative stigma attached to it for so long, who in 2006 says 'fuck what they talkin' bout I'm going to give this crack a try'."

Stray Shots

Jazze Pha & Sho'Nuff Records Presents: Cherish The Mixtape

Lil Eazy - This Aint A Game

Juelz Santana and Young Jeezy - Best Of Both Hoods 2

J.Dilla Donut Samples

Al Green - The Very Best of Al Green

Al Green - The Love Songs Collection

New Direction - Rain

Deitrick Haddon - Lost & Found

Biz Markie
  • I Need a Haircut (original w/ "Alone Again")
  • All Samples Cleared
  • Biz's Baddest Beats

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7/26/06 Soundscans

And in Retro's weekly Soundscan roundup...

1 NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC VOL. 22-NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL 207,004 -48 397,785 605,166
2 LOS LONELY BOYS SACRED 66,514 999 156 66,686
4 GNARLS BARKLEY ST. ELSEWHERE 52,829 -6 55,975 561,215
5 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK 52,004 5 49,575 2,774,025
6 RASCAL FLATTS ME AND MY GANG 50,012 3 48,615 2,150,557
7 FURTADO*NELLY LOOSE 47,550 -18 58,314 505,255
8 RIHANNA GIRL LIKE ME 45,356 -4 47,276 730,731
9 DIXIE CHICKS TAKING THE LONG WAY 44,364 -6 47,069 1,417,432
10 PUSSYCAT DOLLS PCD 43,416 3 42,186 1,841,338

Week of 7.27 Soundscan Report

Gnarls moving steadily past gold, who knows if they'll hit plat in the next few months. Nelly Furtado just hit gold as well with her new whore look. That island girl Rihanna doing big tings dem say, another month and she getting cut a platinum check, even though she can't sing worth a damn.

Slow week all in all, but in other news...

Yong Joc's frontin ass (see "I Know You See It" video... wouldn't be surprised if Diddy still got the boy living in one of the zones) will hit gold in another 2 weeks or so, at number 11 right now.

Soul singer India Arie, part of the neo-soul movement of recent years, got herself 306,000 and some change sold. Bigups to her.

Pimp C aint doing no type of fucking numbers. Damn shame because the boy should've pushed some more radio friendly joints before dropping his joint. Got 119,000 after a few weeks out, not a good look for UGK. Hopefully the money he gets can recoup album and grill costs.

And them Dipset boys aint moving like they used to. I'll admit I'm a fan, but JR's girly mouthed rapping album selling ONLY in Harlem. Killa Cam seein a big drop barely past 200,000 as well, could it be the DVD hurt his sales? Hopefully Hell Rell and Jim "Goonies" Jones can make some solid joints.

See You at the Crossroads

The legacy of what we call "Black Music" will be carefully traced by the imprints left on our media and the music itself. Russell Simmons offered a typical nugget recently saying that "we're such a small percentage of this country but such a large portion of its culture." I could not help but agree with this inflated view of hip hop while Brooke Hogan and Paul Wall gallavant with diamond teeth in her newest video, and DJ Premier produces a hit record for Christina Aguilera. (Shouts to Premo for being ever the gangster.)

Shortly before I embarked on my last channel-surfing mission it had occurred to me that Black Music has been able to conflate a range of influences both originating it and being birthed from it. Hip-hop specifically got over our BadBoy hangover around 2002 and has launched popular artists with undeniable talent like Outkast, Eminem, Busta, 50, The Game, T.I., Lil' Wayne and others. We stand at the crossroads of piquant musical development in this genre. Because a generation of children, now matured, has had the chance to fully absorb the meanings and the will of its existence. All that aside though, the shit just has to sound good.

I called my boy Mr. Tom Bombadillo of Plastic Little to rehash some of these awakenings and to get his perspective on how a group full of "chucklehead" (his word) misanthropes can thrive in the flourishing rap scenes springing up in every niche of our country. Plastic Little is a Philadelphia squad composed of PackofRats, Squid a.k.a. Michael Ferrari and NoBody'sChild (NBC) a.k.a. Bombadillo. The strength of their music is its flexible nature -- drug-induced chicanery and catchy showtune beats. Their songs do nothing to pay homage, as is the stale credo of underground rap. Instead, tracks like "Drizhollering" emphatically declare the importance of hollering at the right b*tch on the right drug in the right club. And it sounds good.

The Plastic Little trial run came in the form of a Thug Paradise 2.1 EP released on aNYthing Records courtesy of A-Ron the Don, whose queer downtown tastes help him to shepherd a cult of artsy hippies in New York. "The first album was more a commentary on rap," NBC explains of the indie success. "Now, we're more focused on making fun songs...Light-hearted is the way our friends describe us, and we don't want to stray too far from that kind of fun execution." We shot the shit about how detrimental it can be to innovate. It is a chore to be labeled "experimental" and still expect to attract the same interest as an album packaged for a 14 to 17 year old. "The first album [wasn't] extremely racy, but it was tongue-in-cheek. It might have kept away some labels who didn't want to deal with that."

Suddenly, they are recording their second full-length album She's Mature slated for an August release. Tom recalled his upbringing in music and infused me with a sense of momentary worldliness when he suggested that even in Plastic Little's off-color, electrofunk raps there were the rudiments of old-school rap and the ethos present in Native Tongues records of the nineties. I could not help but agree. Last month's BET awards for example engaged several generations with performances from Chaka Khan. Might hip-hop be here without her ballads to sample intellectual property from? "Get Close" is the PLR track that I liken to the innuendo-filled soul songs of Minnie Ripperton, not too bashful about sexual disclosure and better for it. Because when girls want to talk about your "dick wit' you," it's a good thing. It should not be suppressed or made into an intellectual struggle over the value of her versus the value of your dick. 'Just make that shit bump' is the equivalent (auditorily) of the impulse to say 'let's fuck, girly'.

Fireside Tracks by Plastic Little : "Foil," "Get Close," "Drizhollering" Download here or check out their show in NYC on August 2nd at Fat Baby.

For more profundity, visit and

Aretha Franklin - Sparkle OST


Romantic Hits: Evening For Two



Jae_Millz-142nd_and_Lenox_(Mixed_by_DJ_Block_and_D J_Hpnotiq)

Jaguar Wright - And Your Point Is

Makaveli - One Love, One Thug, One Nation [2006]

Baby - Birdman

Playa - Cheers 2 U

Public Annoucement - All Work, No Play

Tech N9ne - Anghelic

Tech N9ne - Absolute Power

JUICE - New Money Mixtape

Dave Hollister - Chicago 85...The Movie

Miles Davis - Dark Magus

Miles Davis - Water Babies

  • Fragile (1984)
  • High Priority (1986)
  • Affair (1988)
  • The Woman I Am (1992)

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In college, I had some intriguing professors.

One was Dr. Mary, a wonderful Nigerian lady who'd been Americanized a whole lot but I still cherished her for her enthusiasm and unique perspective.

She taught me two off-beat things about money that I kept w/me for whatever reasons.

1.) Everytime you get paid, buy yourself something. It doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Just a little something to remind yourself what you're working for. True story.

2.) If you feel down or depressed, dress up...put on some fly shit.

Now Dr. Mary wouldn't say it quite like that but it definitely leads us into

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #2

Put On Some Vibrant Shit

ROYGBIV mofo...

I already expect that some of the young bucks aren't gonna understand but peep game, peep the play.

Calm down before you get all excited..."Gotty™ that shit's gay" and "Who the fuck's gonna wear that?"

, just me...but I'm good with that. You can't rock like I rock. You rock how you rock. That's kosher.

I ain't saying make the shit your everyday uniform either or rock it flamin with your chest hairs showin like Kanye...

Just throw your admirers for a loop and do something for your spirit.

Colors have the power of perception - how people see you and how you see yourself.

If it's bright and sunny and you come thru shiny like a fresh Granny Smith apple, watch the twinkle it causes in the eyes of these doodies. Match the look with a Kool-Aid smile and a little bit of G and you have the perfect compliment to a perfect summer - skins.

Now, people smile when I rock those hats or when my pants legs come up and I got some flamboyant socks...but that's cool. I'm smiling too mainly because I made them smile.

Add a splash off in your uniform by incorporating a color you usually don't rock. Or ask a female friend to help you find a color that does something for you complexion or how you style your yourself.

Cop those World Cup AF1's or dig a little and scoop the Easters. Go to NikeID and freak your own shits.

Fuck with a pastel or some other shit in your shirts. If you always rock white tees (I'm the King of White tees) rock a fire red or some sky blue shit. Spruce it up a little. If you still want them to know you still gully, leave your elbows and tats ashy. Works for me.

Here's a hint
- chicks dig that shit. Even them dusty hoodboogers who swear they don't. They do.

Women get tired of a certain look and want a man who has the machismo to wear something out of the ordinary, wear with confidence and still come off masculine. Not homo, not even metro...but masculine, with a cool, smug facial expression like "yeah I see you lookin and yeah I'll still beat the brakes off ya motherfuckin ass and have you climbin all up in the bed like it was roaches on the floor."

Yeah...see that's what seperates dudes like us from dudes like you.


And if you worried about what the dudes are thinkin...then you got some issues of your own you need to work out in your closet.

Play on playa...

Musically, this track has a feel to it and it's got Diddy's touch so you know it's bound to either blow the fuck up or crash and burn hard...but so be it. I'mma go out on a ledge and say I fucks with it. It's got an unmistakable energy...

Out from behind the boards, Dre is finding his niche rhyming and Keyshia's making her stake for the current cameo queen.

On some 2006 "Mahogany", Phonte acts a fool and crafts a nice story over a mean guitar..."tonite I just want to be your insignificant lover"...

"...Them bitches work that big fat thang
Wish she had mo'titties
But she got enough back to take the smacks
So I ain't trippin I was hittin
she lickin, Paul Wall had his dick in
Told her might as well keep her draws off
All niggas all right down the hall
And bout doin something wit'cha
From the hardest to Ricardo
Mayne the whole Trill hit her
Then she hollered I ain't never fucked this many real niggas"

I'm tellin you fools...Webbie's a beast.


Lil Kim - Who Shot Ya

Cormega - Q.U Side (Feat Lake , Mr Cheeks)

M.O.P. Feat. Busta Rhymes - Monkey Shit

Smitty feat. Joe - Everyday

Cham feat. Akon - Ghetto Stories

Kevin Lytle feat. Trey Songz - Dance With Me

Keith Murray - Broka

Hot Rod (G-Unit) - Be Easy (Feat Mary J Blige)

Rick Ross - Get Away (Feat Mario Winans)

Diddy ft Nicole Scherzinger - Come To Me

Mya - A Yo

Rick Ross - Push It

Lil Mo - Back Like That (Female Remix) (Feat Cocoa Chanelle , Da Brat)

7.26 Loosies Downloadable File

Meet Sais...

My other PNC, Sais aka That Dude, aka Mr Ban Me on NT, aka The Shoe Game's Most Hated Man. You couldn't see him with 3D glasses on, word up. Dude drop audio bombs all day on his site, and he swooped by to show us some love for being the illest hip hop blog out there (fuck noz). Enjoy the freestyle, cuz next time, it'll be a paystyle. Pay to play baby. We need money like Red's lil homey in How High.

Retro Out!

Stray Shots


Razorlight - Razorlight

Game - The Face of LA Mixtape

Jim Jones - Straight Ballin'


Justus League-Hall of Justus Mixtape

Big Daddy Kane - Long Live the Kane

Stack Bundles - My Life Is Like A Movie Mixtape

Jay-Z - Unplugged

DJ Absolut & The Ruff Ryders - We In Here - 2006

The Team - Hyphy Juice Mixtape

The Team - Negro League

Tony Rich Project - Pictures [2006]

Various Artists - Late Night R&B

Nelly Furtado - Loose - 2006

AC - Life Off Da Block

Kut Klose - Surrender

Stephanie Mills - Power of Love

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Awww Man...They Back At It.....

In June, we gave you the summer manifesto

Hopefully some of you did something different or exciting.

Because August is right around the corner and summer's almost over.

Recognizing that, we've decided to give you a few more tidbits over the next few days to help you enjoy what's left for these final dog days of summer. damn that was a run-on sentence...forgive me.

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #1

Expand Your Musical Palette

Hip-hop is still where it's at so fuck what you heard. But on a daily, we try to mix in some different stuff to keep your ears satisfied.

With that said, do a little diggin on your own.

Me...well, you know how you go to a mall, a car wash or a club and there's always some nobody passin out their CD? You usually turn it down.

Next time, don't.

Get it. Say thank you. Listen.

That's what I've been doing.

What's the worst that could happen?


And break out of your normal mold. Reach back and grab some old album that everybody raves about but you've overlooked or never took the time to listen. Grab some dancehall. Grab some go-go, some crunk, hyphy, bass...grab something that's known to make people move...and try to listen w/an open ear as to WHY it has a following, why it moves folk.

Now we all know, "Summertime" is the all-time reigning summer anthem.

But neck and neck with that joint is one song....

"Let me hear you say oohhhhh ahhhhh...Summertime in The LBC"

When you hear that you think of a few things...bikinis and BBQ's, fun and sunshine...and the police ridin by but not doing anything because it's too many folks doin too much for them to pinpoint one hehe.

Speaking of go-go...Wale has been burnin up the DC go-go scene and radio with his unique mix of rap and go-go rhythms. Playful and melodic, Wale's brought a new twist to the game. Take a sec, listen to the track "Dig Dug", peep his mixtape, Paint A Picture, and rock to the rhythm...I swear go-go may never go mainstream but a.) it goes hard and b.) I don't think them wild ass DC's knuckas care LOL.

Wale - Paint A Picture Mixtape

For more info on Wale visit

Stray Shots

The Team - World Premiere

Kaz Kyzah (from Teh Team)- Go-fessional

Lauryn Hill - JAPANISM (Live at Budo Kan Tokyo 1999) (2Discs)

Darien Brockington - The Feeling EP (2005)

Jazz for a Rainy Afternoon

DJ Rondon - Dancehall Vol. 29

The Aphiliates Present A Trip To St. Elsewhere

Van Hunt - Character

Digital Underground - Sex Packets [N/A][90s][Quality?]

MC Breed & DFC (1991)

Grandmaster Flash - They Said It Couldn't Be Done (1985)

Q-Tip - Kamal The Abstract

DJ Smurf-Dead Crunk

Mobb Deep-The Infamous

Jeru the Damaja-The Sun Rises in the East

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Media Matters...

First they got Jay-z, now...

Pharrell's HP Commercial

Not a bad look. At least they're coveting a market that needs to know that cpu's are "cool".

Crazy Baby got the Martin boxset so you know I had her rip some classic episodes for me. She went a step further and Youtubed a clip for you all. If you want to cop, you know the drill...

Martin as Nino

Martin = That dude

Classic Cosby Show hilarity...

Stray Shots


DJ Enyce & Jae Millz - Last Of The Best

Nicolay - Here (Advance) 2006

Masta Killa - Made In Brooklyn

George Duke - Feel

J Rawls - The Essence Of Soul

Something For The People - Something For The People

Rihan Benson - Gold Coast

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