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The Artist Formerly Known As Sense

I tried yo.

I tried to give Weezy another serious listen, my first since the old Block Is Hot days and more recently, The Carter.

What lead to this?

He crushed "I Can't Feel My Face"...

I was definitely feeling DJ Benzi's "I'm A D-Boy" Refix...

Then he was featured, as in stealing the spotlight, to Nelly's "Maneater" Remix...

So I figured, fuck it...I'd give Dedication 2 a listen since I may be the last person to listen to it...

I was not impressed, well not on the level of the raves it's recieved.

And I discovered, Weezy is only a more capable version of Cam.

Think about.

People say the same things about both.

"I want to hear that old Children Of The Corn version of Killa" or "I want to hear that old 'Loud Pipes' Weezy."


Now, they're both strictly wordplay artists...mixing and matching nonsensical rhymes, instead of crafting verses like they used to.


I could quote damn near any Cam line to prove the point LOL. No disrespect because I like what the Dips do.

However, I point to Weezy on Dedication 2...I was kinda breezing thru, easily liking the first few tracks, "Work'em" and

Then midway thru, he started getting sloppy..."Spitter" and "South Muzik" didn't move me but I was content listening, still open-minded...until I got to "Walk It Off" and heard...

"I got this bitch
Her name's Aiesha
She ride that dick and make a mean cheese pizza
One time it was so good
I told her order one mo'
She said 'It's not Domino's
It's Digiorno's..."

After that, I quit listening...

More evidence of this Tower Of Babel flow so similar to Cam?

"Work'em"..."Sportscenter"...I did enjoy "Get'em" and "They Still Like Me" but they still too reaked of the same lazy monotone flow...

I'm not gonna knock the whole tape because some was fairly decent.

It's just that I'm not buying into this whole "Wayne has improved/he's @ the top of his game", when he's actually regressed in certain key areas.

I guess I'm more or less ambivalent about him.

Let us not forget though...

...son kissed Baby in the mouth.

I still ain't erased that image out of my mind.

I guess I'm scarred.

Oh yeah...before all hell breaks loose about this one...


The Roots - Game Theory

Seriously though...when this shit drops, still go cop...

1.) To make sure Jay knows that they're where he should be puttin the money.

2.) And so these dudes get the love and support they deserve.

Oh yeah..

Pharrell - In My Mind

It leaked too...

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