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Method Man has let his displeasure with the media known of late, and now he’s calling out his label, Def Jam, and head honcho Jay-Z. Meth tells The Breakdown, “Whatever happened to artist development? They’ll take Ne-Yo, they’ll take Rihanna and develop them. They don’t do that with us rappers. You know why? They look at us as fast food… I don’t have anything against The Roots or Nas. But, there’s a lot of hungry muthas out there that deserve those slots. The Roots have a deal, Nas had a deal and still has a deal. Jay, stop sitting in that office. Stop signing all these established acts. You know you a street [brotha], go out there and find that talent. Let’s go out there and get some of these hungry [muthas]. [Brothas] is mad, they feel like New York ain’t be represented right ’cause the right [brothas] ain’t being heard, and I gotta agree.” Method Man’s 4-21 is slated to be released on August 22nd. Source - thestreetspace

Points to be made...

- Meth is not calling for push for his album or established artists but new cats. Valid.

- Def Jam has shelved the holy fuckin hell out of Budden, who's easily in the top 5 right now.

- Note to Meth - Better scrap that release date lol (See - Budden's album after "Old School Mouse" and the whole Cam/Jay/Def Jam droppin Juelz fiasco)

- Rhianna has dropped TWO albums in one year. Yes, R&B fans are a more loyal, buying contingent in comparison to hip-hop fans...But is she more talented and more worthy of such in comparison to all the hip-hop acts Def Jam has?

- Jay-z was/is the KONY (Sorry BIG fans) but he is not responsible for saving the fuckin city or hip-hop. Yes, he should use his position and the power to help where he can, BUT it's still a business.

Is Meth's Point Valid?
Yeah, he's got a valid statement there.
Enh...who really cares?
Hell naw...Meth is washed up & his opinion is irrelevant.
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Some press releases we've recieved this week...

Atlanta rapper, Bone Crusher has announced the formation of a reality-based show that will be streamed exclusively on in a series of weekly webisodes. The webisodes will display several ranges of Bone from getting into shape, to playing basketball, to candid moments at his crib.

The show will begin playing July 6th and will finish in 6 weeks.

First Celebrity Fit Club and now this? Get that money mayne...and that free promo for the upcoming album.

On Wednesday, July 12th you can get a double dose of DMX on BET. First at 7:30 PM EST you can catch DMX on Access Granted to see the making of X's new video "Lord Give Me a Sign." You can then catch DMX again at 9 PM EST for the premiere of his reality show "DMX: Soul of a Man." You don't want to miss these shows next Wednesday. Also get ready for DMX's Sony debut, "Year of the Dog, Again," in stores August 1.

Synopsis of "DMX: Soul of a Man":

"DMX: Soul Of A Man" goes behind the rapper’s rough exterior to expose the harsh realities of his past, the conflicting dualities of the present, and his aspirations for the future even if it means leaving his rap persona behind. From the concrete jungle to Carefree, Arizona, DMX is a fish out of water no matter where he is. This show peels back the layers of this “ruff ryder” and reveals a side you’ve never seen before.

For more info visit or

Some how, some way...X still remains a few things - unknown but perhaps this will give us a better understanding; thought-provoking because even among all of antics, he's still liable to say something more thought provoking than the majority of these bums.

Some food for thought to keep your brain churning...

Click to enlarge

If you're in the city, Goapele will be @ LoveNoize and I will definitely be in attendance, as you should.

And to keep you totally current, here's a few good radio shows from this week...

DJ Kay Slay Hot 97 07-07-06

DJ Kay Slay-Street Sweeper Radio-7-05-2006- Sirius/Shade 45

The Aphilliates-The Streets Iz Watchin-7-07-2006

7.8 Radio Shots Downloadable Text File

We got more coming, such as, another Smoking Session tomorrow, some prime music selections for your collection...the usual.

Stay tuned and pay close attention.

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