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Unfortunately, soul centric suffered a significant blow when one of its own had passed. Kool & The Gangs lead guitarist Claydes Charles Smith died on June 20th, after a long battle with illness at the age of 57. All you old schoolers out there know you can't go to no damn summer bbq or kickback and not hear Kool coming through the speakers.

In my opinion, Kool wasn't groundbreaking, nor revolutionary. But they did fuse certain elements of music together while being a staple at any party or club that was popping in the 70s. Bright lights, disco joints, mad females boogying down is the vibe I get anytime I play their music. The 70s wasn't the 70's without Kool & the Gang. It was before my time, but just hearing the melody along the the harmony of their voices, you knew there was a true chemistry between them, and not some record company's poor attempt at forming a last second group to recoup lost money. This is what I miss. When music was music, without the pretentiousness. Groups with no power struggles.

For years upon years during my upbringing, I came to know KNTG as the standard of that funky shit. The "old faithful" of sorts. Hopefully I'm not the only one that's saddened by this loss.

This mini-post is brought to you by the soul centric crew on TSS. Rest In Peace, Charles.


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