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Shit Trill...

Two tracks I've been stuck on this week, both from

Pimp C Presents Ghetto Stories Featuring Lil Boosie and Webbie

I already know you're gonna say "you stuck on Webbie my dude."

That would be correct.

Dude is just fierce, versatile and has true talent...

Here, let me add a third song to the mix...

"Like A Bird"

As the albums intro, Boosie starts it off and then Webbie comes in with the staccato flow on the last verse. But it's not the typical, nondiscernable rapid-fire can hear every single word...

Switch pace and you have "Don't Know Why" where Webbie slows his flow and brings what he does best - stark realism..."I tried to do the school thang/Ma, I swear I tried/And I didn't have to dope, ma/I swear they lied../My cousin said'what yo lil ass got a pistol for?'/The same reason you got yo shit/shit's real and I ain't bout no fuckin hoe shit/these aggins on some mo'shit, I'm expectin the worst/I don't wanna pull up at church in a hearse..."

Added to the mix is one of Pimp's features on the disc, "Play Hard". Raw simply because P brings his drawl over a thoro beat accented with slowed down sample which equals classic Pimp and UGK, the shit that made true fans love'em in the 90's, pre-"Big Pimpin". Recognize.


Already missing BET's Uncut?

According to this report, fans of the show can still access the show via which contains hundreds of free uncensored music videos.

Quick Repsonse - Thanks but no thanks. I prefer my porn hardcore. I'll just continue to fuck w/the lil homie over @ UnderThaRadar

Grants Made To Settle Hip Hop "Payola" Scam...

Quick Response - Yeah...right. Payola will end. At least they're making these companies give some money to helpful programs that will helpful take a grassroots approach in the communities to deprogram some of the bullshit we've been fed.


Lupe Fiasco ft Jill Scott - Daydream

Clipse ft. Slim Thug - Wamp, Wamp [Snippet]

Justin Timberlake ft. The Clipse - Sexy Black [Remix]

Xzibit Ft. B-Real - Rollin

LeToya ft Ebony Eyez - Good (Prod by Scott Storch)

Two Five & Lil' Wayne - I Made Bling Bling


Ludacris ft. Pharrell - Money Maker [No DJ] [Dirty]

Hot Rod Ft Mary J Blige - Be Easy

LeToya ft Ebony Eyez - Good (Prod by Scott Storch)

Jazzy Pha, Cee-Lo and Twista - Rappers' Delight

Cee-Lo Feat Jazze Pha, Nate Dogg-Enjoy Yourself (Prod By Jazze Pha)

P. Diddy - Come To Me (Feat. Nicole)

Rick Ross - Boss (Feat. Dre)

Chingy Feat. Fatman Scoop- Sneakpeek

Dirty Birdy feat. Ludacris - Dirty Words

Trick Daddy - "I Pop"

Kevin Lyttle ft. Trey Songz-Dance With Me

Talib Kweli & Jean Grae - New York Shit

Mya - I Am (Prod. By Kwame)

Lil' Eazy - Let's Get Paid [produced by Dr. Dre]

Rhymefest ft. Kanye West - Gone

Rick Ross - Push

Gillie Da Kid - Warning Shots

7.15 Loosies Part 1 Part 2

Two different servers so you can get both files at once.

For that, we deserve for you to...

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