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"They Tried To 'sassinate Me God..."

" Martin on the bal-cony"

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #3

Drink Some Water Or Juice

Give the liver a rest from all that oil.

The kidneys could use some time off from all those sodas as well.

See...the keys to life aren't always complicated.

K.I.S.S. is the real key.

By far, the funniest shit I read today ironically was posted on OKP.

"Why is there still a market for crack? This drug has had such a negative stigma attached to it for so long, who in 2006 says 'fuck what they talkin' bout I'm going to give this crack a try'."

Stray Shots

Jazze Pha & Sho'Nuff Records Presents: Cherish The Mixtape

Lil Eazy - This Aint A Game

Juelz Santana and Young Jeezy - Best Of Both Hoods 2

J.Dilla Donut Samples

Al Green - The Very Best of Al Green

Al Green - The Love Songs Collection

New Direction - Rain

Deitrick Haddon - Lost & Found

Biz Markie
  • I Need a Haircut (original w/ "Alone Again")
  • All Samples Cleared
  • Biz's Baddest Beats

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