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Songs In The Key Of Summer...

You'll thank us later for this one if you dl it.

In a nutshell...

DJ Keyz won me over when he did Scarface's Scarred For Life and Bun B's Get Screwed Up.

1. What Keyz does is take all of your favorite artists' remixes, b-sides, appearances, collabos, etc etc etc and creates well-mixed masterpieces.

2. No obsessive, obnoxious shoutouts ruining records.

Fuck it yo...that's more than enough words.

I don't want to post all the titles because I figure it might draw some unwanted heat. No Changelink page this time either.

You'll have to dl the text files but I'm pretty sure you'll be happy with what you find as there should be at least a few albums for everyone (there's well over 40+ mixtapes included...and it took a minute for Crazy Baby and me to get all this shit properly edited!)

Just peep, cop and listen...

DJ Keyz Overload


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