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The 40 Year Old Virgin...

Browsing the innernets, I stumbled across info that Stacey Dash would soon be posing for Playboy...

Yeah...Damon's cousin

Yeah...the Clueless chick.

Yeah...40 year old Stacey Dash (1966).

As I considered it though, I don't really give a fuck how old Stacey Dash is, I'd still like to see her ass bucky nekked.

If you got it, flaunt it.

And even at 40, she's still got it.

Then the thought occurred to me, there's gotta be some other chicks over 40 that I might leave the lights on with...

Paula Abdul (1962)

I've been wanting to since i saw her dancin' with Skat Kat...

I don't watch American Idol but I did catch a glimpse of Paula on some VH1 show the other day and came to the conclusion that I'd still smash.

And even though her smile looked a little hardbody like she'd been thru some Botox or some facial reconstruction, I'd still do some push-ups in her.

Phylicia Allen-Rashad (1948)

Nah...Claire-motherfuckin-Huxtable...okay, there might be some Oedipus complex here for wanting to bone everybody's favorite TV mom, but laugh all you want. Those eyes were sexy as hell when I was young so I'd still toss her up simply off GP for years of wanting to secretly knock her off. Cliff wasn't doin it justice anyways.


Yeah...P is 40 so all you little fellas beasting for'd be like bonin' your moms so STOP BEASTIN'!

Feel free to make mention of over 40 chicks you lust for in the comments section...

If you've got time to kill, might I suggest Improv Everywhere.

Apparently, these fools gather in various public locales and stage large-scale pranks.

If for nothing else, check...

and this joint with the suicide jumper

Stray Shots



Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins - Versatility


Devin The Dude Weed Wine and Women

Da Mobstas - Tripple Beam

Diamond Shell - Grand Imperial Diamond Shell

Benefit - B.E.N.E.F.I.T.

King Tee - IV Life

Ray Luv - Who Can Be Trusted

Fat Boyz - Crushin (1987)

Fat Boyz - Fat Boyz

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz Vol.2 (1998)

Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz Vol.4 (2002)

7.4 Stray Shots Downloadable Text File

7.4 Stray Shots Changetolink Page

J/K...-P ain't 40

She's 39 though.

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