The Smoking Section (Masthead) Respect Our Fresh!

"Aggins Thought They Duece Was Live..."

" hit 'em with trips
And I reached down for their money, pa forget about this
This time around it's platinum, like the shit on my wrist
And this Glock on my waist, y'all can't do shit about this
Niggas will show you love, that's how they fool thugs
Before you know it your lying in a pool of blood"

Yeah yeah...another Sunday and we didn't make our own self-imposed deadline for another Session. They're in the can though and almost done.

Doesn't mean we haven't been grindin.

Relax and take notes....

  • We're putting the finishing touches on our mailing list. You can still sign up now though. The purpose will be to shoot out mp3's and albums that we might not be able to directly share, some visual clips *cough*periodic vids,movies, pron*cough*, announcements and updates.
  • We've added daily news updates courtesy of . We figure if you're going to make us one of your daily stops along the internutts we'd offer you a broad range of info and keep you apprised of all things current.
  • More feeds so that we can move up a smidge in search engines and overall recognition.
  • Finally, we're almost done with the new layout.

So just stay patient and stay tuned. Change is gone come.

In the meantime, we'll OD musically on your behalf.

Peep a classic, Main Source's "Just Hangin Out" video.

And if you look closely you'll see Nas, before he was officially Nasty, playin the back.

New 'Kast video for "Morris Brown." While we'd all love to see them stay together, I'll say now that Big is very capable of carving out his own space as a solo artist while Dre stays over there singin out of tune and making movie cameos.

Courtesy of CC, for you beatdiggers...Dusty Fingers Volumes 1 - 12. Oh yeah, if you've got the Strictly Breaks compilation, please pass that along to us.

I don't know shit about rock/soul crew El Michels Affair. But I can tell you their creative interpretations of "Glaciers Of Ice" and "Cream" are nice pleasures! They turn the RZA's original compisitions into something styled for a James Bond flick. If you have 'Shaolin Series Vol 1' or anything else worthy by these dudes please get it to me.

Artists that I'm glad to finally have some more new material from...

Killer Mike - Juggernaut
More whomp whomp, musical mayhem from the boy Killer...

Little Brother - Step Off
Too smart or too dumb, still fresh with A-Trak on the beat..."build a bridge/get over yaself..."

Tragedy Khadafi feat Littles - Best Of Strangers

The Father of all styles QB brings it back over a melodic beat...

Ras Kass - King Of The West

Lyrical excercise...A new Rassy album couldn't drop soon enough.


Sleepy Brown and Big Boi - Margaritas

Rakim ft. Nina Sky - Down (Remix)

Missy_Elliott - We_Run_This

Common and D'Angelo - So Far So Good

Joe Budden Ft. Angela Via - Don't Let This Party Stop

Tha Dogg Pound - Cruisin In My '64

Obie Trice feat. 50 Cent - Everywhere I Go

Obie Trice feat. Big Herk and Eminem - D Town Boyz

Obie Trice feat. 50 Cent - Everywhere I Go

DJ Revolution, Shabaam Shadeeq - Rise Up

Claudette Ortiz (From City High) - Message To You

Beenie Man - Jamaican Ting

Nina Sky - Sugar Daddy

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