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"I'm a gangsta you better pay pissin me off"

Several reasons why you should cop Jim Jones' A Day In The Fast Life dvd.

1.) It's only $10 at most retailers

2.) The fuckin' one-liners and quotables...

"I'm a gangsta you better pay pissin me off"

"A wedgie...I promise you my word! A wedgie aggin!"

"Just call me David Ruffin, you dont know where you might find me."

"Tom Laundry face!"

"He got like two good years left!"

"only prolific ninjas get the playmaker... press L1"

"I'm a cliennnnt"

"We in Miami. Stop playing there bitches out here. Bitch we out here goin in. This how you wanna play."

"She said she leavin. Ah baby don't do it. She got me weak. Bitch had me cryin and shit boss man. On some Frankie Lymon shit."

"She had me cryin Capo!!!"

3. Max B.

End of story. This man stole the fuckin show with his jokes, stories and all around humor.

4. It's only $10.

If you scrounge you can find it online (I think it's on Youtube, divided into parts), but if not, the $10 you spend will be well worth the entertainment value. If you contribute, we'll shoot you a link to whole video ;)

Have a good laugh with these cartoons...

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MAKAVELI - One Love, One Thug, One Nation (2006)


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DJ Kochece Styles P - Do You Believe In Ghosts 1

Mac-World War III

Prince-The Hits/The B-Sides (3CD)

Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown (Re-Issue) (2006)

2pac - Thug Life Vol.1

Van Hunt - Acoustic EP

Van Hunt - Napster Sessions

LadyBug Mecca -Trip the Light Fantastic

Terry Callier - What Color Is Love (1973)

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