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TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #4

Read A Book

Get a library card or set aside a few bucks from your next paycheck and buy a book.

You're grown; it shouldn't take you longer than one week to read a book. Take out 30 mins. of TV time and set it aside for reading.

And fuck a magazine.

Read a book.

Magazines = Fast food

Books = A good wholesome meal

If you're already reading, stay @ it.

But also make a step towards doing the wisdom to what you read and tell somebody else about what you've read. Encourage those around you to pick up something, give them appropriate suggestions, whatever...

Books in recent reading rotation

Mr. Nice: An Autobiography - Howard Marks

If you can find a copy, it's well worth the read to hear about drug dealing on a major level, the first-hand account of the crookedness of the penal and judicial systems and just some all-around real shit, no James Frey.

The Outsider - Richard Wright

As always, Wright examines perhaps his own struggle for purpose and identity as a man through one of his characters.

Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria - Dr. Beverly Tatum

I haven't cracked it open yet but I know somebody I trust recommended it to me because I saved it on my "to get" booklist in my phone.

Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations - Bell Hooks

Pop culture, feminism, gender, race,the underlying phsychology, their relationships and trill talk as only Hooks can bring it. Want to know why we, as people, do what we do? Read as she explains how we got programmed by

Blues All Around Me: An Autobiography Of B.B. King - B.B. King with David Ritz

The way I figure it, the man is a musical icon for a reason and, unfortunately due to his age, may not be with us much find out about a living legend.

Who's Afraid Of A Large Angry Black Man - Charles Barkley

Charles interviews lofty names to get their take on race in America and, of course, interjects his .02 into the mix.

I have often held the assertion that we gotta stop reading Black pulp fiction novels which don't do anything for the mind. Yes, they entertain but is that enough? Essentially, it's just another form of escapism. Goines did it, Iceberg Slim did it, Terri Woods did it*cough*can we please get the last fuckin book of the Dutch trilogy*...can anything else really be said or any better?

At the same time, most of those "holier than thou" writers and their subject matter bore readers to death. Vernacular, rehashed moot points...give it a break.

But according to Malaika Adero, the writers from both sides of the fence can learn something about their craft as well as reaching and impacting their audience.

"The Black Power of Fiction - What the author of John Henry Days and the author of Bad Girlz can learn from each other"


50 Cent - Stop Crying

Pharrell - International Swagger [In My Mind Japanese Bonus Track]

Kelis - Fuck Them Bitches

Kelis - I'm Serious (Til The Wheels Fall Off)

Pharoah Monche - Push

Ashanti - Don't Leave Me Alone

Monica - Sideline Ho

Little Brother - Life Of The Party

Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot

Cormega and Lakey The Kid - Get It

Xzibit - Concentrate

Darrien Brockington - Think It Over (Produced by 9th Wonder)

Pitbull ft. Lil Jon & Ying Yang Twins - Bojangles [Remix]

Big Gipp & Ali - Go Head

N.O.R.E. feat. Reynos - Get Nauseous

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