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7/26/06 Soundscans

And in Retro's weekly Soundscan roundup...

1 NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC VOL. 22-NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL 207,004 -48 397,785 605,166
2 LOS LONELY BOYS SACRED 66,514 999 156 66,686
4 GNARLS BARKLEY ST. ELSEWHERE 52,829 -6 55,975 561,215
5 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK 52,004 5 49,575 2,774,025
6 RASCAL FLATTS ME AND MY GANG 50,012 3 48,615 2,150,557
7 FURTADO*NELLY LOOSE 47,550 -18 58,314 505,255
8 RIHANNA GIRL LIKE ME 45,356 -4 47,276 730,731
9 DIXIE CHICKS TAKING THE LONG WAY 44,364 -6 47,069 1,417,432
10 PUSSYCAT DOLLS PCD 43,416 3 42,186 1,841,338

Week of 7.27 Soundscan Report

Gnarls moving steadily past gold, who knows if they'll hit plat in the next few months. Nelly Furtado just hit gold as well with her new whore look. That island girl Rihanna doing big tings dem say, another month and she getting cut a platinum check, even though she can't sing worth a damn.

Slow week all in all, but in other news...

Yong Joc's frontin ass (see "I Know You See It" video... wouldn't be surprised if Diddy still got the boy living in one of the zones) will hit gold in another 2 weeks or so, at number 11 right now.

Soul singer India Arie, part of the neo-soul movement of recent years, got herself 306,000 and some change sold. Bigups to her.

Pimp C aint doing no type of fucking numbers. Damn shame because the boy should've pushed some more radio friendly joints before dropping his joint. Got 119,000 after a few weeks out, not a good look for UGK. Hopefully the money he gets can recoup album and grill costs.

And them Dipset boys aint moving like they used to. I'll admit I'm a fan, but JR's girly mouthed rapping album selling ONLY in Harlem. Killa Cam seein a big drop barely past 200,000 as well, could it be the DVD hurt his sales? Hopefully Hell Rell and Jim "Goonies" Jones can make some solid joints.

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