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Nasty To Nas To....

For weeks now, we've been lookin at the proposed tracklisting for Nas' next opus and Def Jam debut, Hip-Hop Is Dead. Now keep in mind that the album isn’t slated for release until September so the likelihood of there being a finalized version is slim at this point, but the rumors (again, let me stress, rumors) are intriguing.

1. Intro - (N. Jones, C. Martin)
2. The Death - (N. Jones, S. Storch, S. Holman, A. Griffith)
3. War for Zion ft. Damien Marley - (N. Jones, D. Marley, L. Lewis)
4. Yes Yes Y'all - (N. Jones, S. Gibbs)
5. North by Northwest ft. The Game - (N. Jones, J. Taylor, A. Young)
6. Got it Back Like That ft. Michael Jackson - (N. Jones, M. Jackson, R. Hampford, T. Peter, T. Mosley)
7. The Golden Child (N. Jones, C. Martin, H. Ribald)
8. Polo and Guess ft. Jay-Z - (N. Jones, S. Carter, K. West)
9. U.B.K (Unauthorized Biography of KRS-One) - (N. Jones)
10. Just Love It ft. Kelis - (N. Jones, K. Rogers, J. Smith)
11. World's Greatest ft. Pharrell - (N. Jones, P. Williams, C. Hugo)
12. Gods and Earths ft. Rakim - (N. Jones, W. Griffin, C. Martin)
13. We Brave ft. The Bravehearts - (N. Jones, J. Jones, N. Jones, L. Lewis)
14. Sekou Selassie - (N. Jones, S. Jones, L. Lewis)
15. Hip-Hop is Dead - (N. Jones, W. Adams)
16. Kill that Noise ft. Busta Rhymes - (N. Jones, T. Smith, S. Storch)
17. The "N"... ft. Scarface- (N. Jones, A. Young, B. Jordan, L. Lewis)
18. Ann Jones - (N. Jones, S. Gibbs)
19. Bonus Track: What Y'all Want - (N. Jones, S. Gibbs)

This is supposed to be Nas’ crossover album? This more closely resembles some of the dream collabos we have been waiting for since It Was Written. Nas with Jay-Z and Kanye, the God Rakim Allah and Primo, Nasir Jones and….Michael Jackson? To be honest, the concept of Jig and MJ would have better chemistry the first time I heard this possibility before Le Album Noir. Matter of fact, doesn’t this whole thing look more like the track list to the next Sean Carter album than anything Nas would do?

Regadless, the chemistry of this album is intriguing. The producer line up is the highlight to me. Beats by Storch, Primo, The Tunes, and the joint I look forward to the most based on their past work, the track with Dre. Hopefully The Game can make an improvement on the role Nature played on the gem from The Firm era, “Everyday Thing.”

As good as this looks though, I can’t say I’m amped about the vomit inducing sappy-sweet love fest that awaits us on the joint with Kelis. Nas’ odes to his family have become almost as uncomfortable as Eminem’s closet cleaning. Also we have the ever embarrassing Bravehearts collabo to look forward to, as well as the Will.I.Am wackness. Not to mention the lack of the presence of AZ, L.E.S, and what's up with ya boy Quan?

But these rumors do make it my most anticipated album of the year. Maybe that’s because I already know what The Roots sound like. If anything, this proves this gives me hopes that once again Def Jam may be where hip-hop lives.



Here's what you'll be listening to for the next month or so....


01 Beyonce Ft. Jay-Z - Deja Vu 4:01
02 Omarion - Entourage (Album Version) 3:53
03 Ciara Ft. Chamillionaire - Get Up 4:21
04 LL Cool J Ft. Lloyd Banks & Hot Rod - Bump 4:24
This (PO Clean Edit)
05 Yung Joc - I Know You See It (PO Clean Edit) 3:26
06 Bobby Valentino - Wreck 4:05
07 Outkast - Idlewild Blue (Don't Chu Worry 3:24
'Bout Me)
08 Megan Rochell - Floating 3:50
09 Outkast Ft. Scar, Sleepy Brown & Morris Brown 4:23
College Band - Morris Brown
10 Cham Ft. Alicia Keys - Ghetto Story 3:56
11 Ice Cube Ft. Snoop Dogg - Go To Church (PO 3:52
Clean Edit)
12 Lyfe Jennings Ft. LaLa Brown - S.E.X. 3:20
13 Three 6 Mafia Ft. Bow Wow & Project Pat - 3:34
Side 2 Side (Clean)
14 India.Arie - There's Hope 3:55
15 Nelly Furtado Ft. Timbaland - Promiscuous 3:42
16 Monica Ft. Dem Franchize Boyz - Everytime Tha 3:42
Beat Drop
17 Rick Ross Ft. Jay-Z & Young Jeezy - Hustlin' 4:43
18 Shawnna Ft. Smoke Of Field Mob - Damn 4:19

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