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"Scotch Tape With A Razor Blade Taped To Your Collar..."

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #6

Put the fuckin gun away © Willie D

No, I'm not being hypocritical.

Yes, I carry as a part of my daily routine.

But, I rarely have ever had to pull out blicker unless it was justified.

Maybe it's because once you're used to constantly carrying one, you grow numb or do the opposite perhaps of those who stumble across a $120 Lorcin .380 in a back alley and get a sudden urge of powerfulness.

Phallic syndrome shit, word to Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing.

Now we know when it gets hot, the foolishness comes out of even the most humble quiet dude in the crew if you mix him up with a cup of courange and xanies. Throughout the summer, there's been various homicidal incidents in major metropolitan areas, Milwaukee, Philly and most recently, Atlanta, being prime examples. Hell, here four people got popped @ the Young Joc concert here in the city.

If you're one of those dudes who grows gazoobas when he gets a gun, please stay @ home. Don't fuck up the party, the bbq, the beach or the show for hundreds of others.

Be cool. Handle your liquor. Control your high. If somebody steps on your shoes or brushes into you kinda hard, please realize you're in a fuckin club or high capacity area and be easy.

Let the hate begin as I make this statement...I'm not a fan of female rappers because normally I can't/choose not to relate.

I'm working on that.

But, word to APrice...

was that one and she has the only verse I've ever memorized by a female MC besides L Boogie's work on The Score...

Funky fresh dressed to impress ready to party
Money in your pocket, dying to move your body
To get inside you paid the whole ten dollars
Scotch tape with a razor blade taped to your collar
Leave the guns and the crack and the knives alone
MC Lyte's on the microphone
Bum rushin and crushin, snatchin and taxin
I cram to understand why brother's don't be maxin
There's only one disco, they'll close one more
You ain't guarding the door so what you got a gun for?
Do you rob the rich and give to the poor?
Yo Daddy-O, school em some more

Sidenote - If you've got the mp3 for the track that's playing on her site, "Back To Lyte", pass that...

Slick Pulla
has always shown glimpses of the ability to not be Jeezy's Bleek and Birds Fly has a nice wah-wah synth to carry Slick's dopeboy narrative and quick tongue. On Whip It, he drops detailed words that only a dude caught up in the web would know. Nothing new but it sounds damn good.

Wait no more...well, three more months. But after a few years, the hiatus is almost over...

Pray it doesn't get stalled at the gates.

Until then...

"Gucci parka, from France where the kids sing Frere Jacques/if not there im somewhere mixing vodkas//in a far off land where they shake moroccas"

"...line outside full of Jo Jo Dancers"

:EEK © Dingle

These boys are on another level so it's to be expected that some won't appreciate but Push and Mal are Sid Vicious with the wordplay...

And a little visual for you...Chappelle on Def Comedy Jam

stray shots

Jeannie Ortega - No Place Like Bklyn

Lil Keke- The Album B4 The Album Mixtape [2CD]


Prince - Hotel California [Live]


The Pharcyde - Labcabincalifornia

Typical Cats - Civil Service

Molemen - Chicago City Limits Vol. 1

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