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This Ras Kass/Dow Jones/ release of the Eat Or Die Mixtape Sampler is a nice commodity to have right now. Usually samplers are frowned upon but from from Rassy, we fans should be tokenly grateful I guess.

It's hard to point out specific tracks because...
  1. Some are less than one minute
  2. None of the songs are labeled
  3. Ras goes hard on just about every track without fail.

But if you need one, take this ===> Ras jackin beats but I can't remember the proper name of the song

No lie about it, Ras has that Nas syndrome, ie. he usually falters because of beats. But on here we have two things coming into play...

1.) He's jackin for beats which is usually when he rides and shines best.

2.) Whoever he's linked up with for his next album (supposedly Alchemist, Twinz, Da Riffs, and J. Gambit), it seems as if they've finally matched his spit with the proper beats or Ras' time away sharpened his ear for pickin beats.

Rest assured though, this collective is worth a listen as it's got newer material, other cameos and appearances, plus some of his older work. For old fans, get reacquainted; for new people,'ve been missing out so get on now before his next album drops.

ras kass - eat or die mixtape sampler

And o'happy day to get more new work from Killer Mike.

Yes, it's only a sampler advance - three full songs and five snippets.

But to hear an impassioned Mike do his thing > most these cats out doin it.

One thing about it is Mike's game has picked up tremendously and the backdrops have only gotten progressively better in comparison to Monster.

Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance [Advance]

Sidenote - Go ahead and set your bookmarks.

Change is about to come as we move over to our own site.

And the layout...piff.

P done showed her ass as the old folks would say.

So go ahead and tell a friend to tell a friend...matter of fact, everybody bring one new person to the site this week. Spread the gospel.

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Respect Our Fresh.

stray shots

Tommy Wright III-Feel Me Before They Kill Me

Clipse-Lord Willin

Black Sheep-A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


DJ Shadow - The Outsider 2006

Fiend - Tha Addiction

Typical Cats - Typical Cats

Vakill - Worst Fears Confirmed

Pugslee Atomz - Playin' Wit Matches


Keith Sweat - Didnt See Me Coming Vol 1


Qwel - If It Aint Been In A Pawnshop...

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