The Smoking Section (Masthead) Respect Our Fresh!

9th wonder 9th wonder 9th wonder

Wonder what 9th thinks?

Wonder where his name came from?

Wonder what equipment he uses?

Nah...not really. We're really good on that tip.

With the Smoking Sessions, we really prefer to ask non-standard interview questions, those the "big" print guys won't ask. We want to ask those questions you wanted to ask a rapper when you saw him in Footlocker but were just a little to stunned to ask....

Who caught more wreck on "Renegade" - Jay or Em?

What sound or noise do you love?

Star-studded celeb that you found to be the least like they're portrayed in the media?

Having worked with alot of major names, who do you call on the regular or with everyday trials, tribulations and joys?

Either before you started working on it or after it was finished, what was the first thing Nas said to you about God's Stepson?

AND when we do the Sessions, we like to feel like we rep you - average fans with above average curiosities...

So we want to include YOU in the process. We're no bigger than you. You help make this place what it is - with links, comments, and, now, questions.

Smell me?

We've got an interview coming up with 9th shortly (along with some other vanglorious ones..more later) and we're asking you to submit questions that you would like to hear him answer.

We'll only ask the good ones.

So keep the bullshit to yourself.

Simple enough.

Post away in the comments section with questions you'd like to see asked (preferably) or submit your questions to

Let the games begin....

Respect our fresh.

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