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"The only difference between folks that's free and folks in jail is that some of us got caught on our way to heaven takin a shortcut thru hell" - "Ghetto Superman"

Lyfe's underdog quality had me pullin for him as soon as I saw buddy on the Apollo.

Ever since, I've been a committed member of the bandwagon. Anybody who was around when TSS was still just a fuckin email can say word on that and his first album was one of the instrumental reasons for us even starting up this site.

Not only are his personality and presence different from most artists out right now, he has a vocal ability that's worth the hype and support.

There's a reason why we don't like to rush to "review" new albums and you rarely see such here. Largely, it's because we like to give an album several listens over the course of a few days or weeks before saying anything definitive about it.

Upon first spin though, it looks like the sophmore slump bypassed Lyfe; actually, son may have hit a solid triple.

Same concept as the debut - an underlying story setting up the sequence of the album and the song themes, gruff harmonizing, and this time, the production seems to have stepped up to give the right setup that he deserves. His rugged voice still remains the constant but the backdrops more lush this time to create a better balance between the two. As well, equal parts of the street narratives along with soulful sounds and subject matter that will make your parents think "now that's the type of sangin they used to do."

As with the first album, there's several standout tracks but the work sounds better as a complete album digested as a whole, complete with the storytelling interludes to intro each jam.

"Radio" and "The River"

Both put the rhythm and blues back into R&B. Old school feel that will make you feel warm and happy to be a fan of music.

"Ghetto Superman"

Another thug ballad that will have dudes noddin without shame.

"Slow Down"

The first time I heard this when it leaked the other day I wasn't too sure if I liked it. Hearing it in context and allowing it to grow on me, the collabo with Buck works.

"Keep Ya Head Up"

Best Tupac cover ever. I don't think anyone else, given the personality he's displayed and biographical info we know, would have been an better to do it. The little kid singin @ the end...well, we'll overlook that. I assume it's his kid though.

Don't take our word for it though. Listen now. And, when it drops, be sure to cop. When he hits your city, go see him for the emotional outpouring and passion that he puts into his stage show.

We often cry
about music as a whole being subpar - hip-hop is dead, rhythm and blues is watered-down. So when an artist comes thru and puts his soul and life, no pun intended, into it, we have to be sure to show our complete support for their work with words and dollars. Last time, I was happy when Lyfe 268-192 crept past platinum. But this time, his work should recieve more recognition and go well above and beyond that mark.

Tomorrow's Session?

Here's a clue...

Now I read that text
Okay, it said somethin somethin somethin somethin somethin sex
That's the only words that I remember in the text
Started on the keyboard and ended on your flesh
Started with a 'maybe' and ended with a 'yes'
Started between the legs and ended on ya breast

See you tomorrow...

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