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R.I.P. Stringer Bell

Spoken word is that distant cousin to hip-hop.

The one who doesn't talk much when everybody's around but really starts saying something when you're one on one with him.

I've been slowly accepting the art of spoken word more as my man Aubrey has been asking me to come out and support him.

In turn, I've noticed, and I'm generalizing here, spoken word artists come in a few forms...

  • Those fast-talking cats so closely akin to pimps, talkin fast but not saying much...
  • Psuedo Love Jones dudes trying to get @ females via the mic hehe...
  • Bemusingly angry chicks...
  • And then those individuals who have the true talent and presence with their words to captivate and motivate. This last group is the one I admire most and find myself pushin up my lighter for when we're @ the events. Admirable for their ability to impart wisdom and intellect, a concise worldview and mesh it all into a blend of words and voice that is plainspeak...

So when this showed up @ my e-doorstep, I figured it'd be worth sharing.

The Wire is that show for being cutting edge and hauntingly realistic. Every season thus far has been top notch and shined light on a variety of issues effecting many downtrodden communities, giving a dramatic portrayal to the "we sell the dope but we don't own no planes to bring it here" theory. Politricks and dirty business. This season should be no different as it will focus on the Baltimore public education system, or the lack of education perhaps.

And since that last group of spoken word artists usually have something to say when they speak, it looks like a nice alternative twist that should fit like a glove with the premise of the show. A nice platform to share your thoughts one might say.

While some my deem it a form of explotation, but I always think it's good when the powers that be embrace both the internet and hip-hop. At a certain point, we have to realize the power our culture holds with music as the medium. As well, we have to branch out and let the world officially know that we're not just on the corner rappin anymore. So when given a stage, we should seek to seize the moment for our benefit. It's quid pro quo - "you scratch my back; I scratch yours." Somewhere, some lucky cat is gonna benefit from the exposure and that's always a blessing.

Visit The Wire Spoken Word Challenge for more info on the contest.

In other media matters...

Scarface is a hip-hop and hood staple, as proven by the countless times seen on MTV Cribs.

Everybody "admires" the idea of being the ballsy toughguy who goes after it all.

But not everybody wants to take the pen chances or go out in a blaze of bullets.

Fear no more. You too can still be Tony Montana courtesy of Scarface: The World Is Yours brought to you by Sierra Entertainment, a division of Vivendi Games, available on XBox and PS2 on Oct. 8.

Peep the trailer for the game by clickin the pic below...

Last but not least...

Join Lovenoise and TSSCrew at the block party

It's going down © Young Joc

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Ray Swoope - On Stone

Memphis Bleek Featuring Tru-Life - U Already Know

Chamillionaire - I'm Back

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Trick Daddy - Bet That (Feat. Chamillionaire)

Bilal - Something To Hold On To

Red Cafe - Diddy Bop

Guilty Simpson - Clap Your Hands

Beyoncé - Creole

Jagged Edge - You Hurt Me

T.I. Feat. Stat Quo_-_Top Back A Lil’ Bit More

Blood Raw Feat. Slick Pulla- Ride Tonight

Mase Feat. RL - Let's Go

Guerilla_Black - 400 Shotz

Lupe Fiasco Feat. Sway - We Love You

Mobb Deep ft Tony Yayo - Gangsta

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