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"I'm Outkast'ed And Claimin True..."

Noz over @ XXLmag Online cooked up an Outkast/Dungeon Family 101 for those of you you've been under a rock since '94.

And with the frenzy around Idlewild, we figured we'd go ahead and sucuumb.

The soundtrack drops today, Tuesday 8.22.

The movie hits theaters on Friday.

...we've got some goodies to pass along...

The Tooth Fairy says we can have 5 copies of a Limited Edition 10" Outkast vinyl. Side A has "Morris Brown" and Side B has "Idlewild Blues".

And we're passing those along to you all...since I haven't had my 1200's since like '98. Plus, we like the idea of "rewarding" you for making us noticeable enough to recieve goodies from labels.

DJ's, you can use'em to spin. Collectors, you can save them for posterity. Ebayers...well, we know what you'll do...but nevertheless...

The skinny?

The first FIVE people to answer these ten questions correctly win.

It's that simple.

The Questions

1. What high school did Big and Dre attend together and eventually meet?

2. What hip-hop star was to be a member of Outkast, but ended up signing with another group?

3. What was the first single Andre produced?

4. What was the name of Dre's and Big Boi's first group?

5. Before progressing to the limelight, what occupation did Outkast share in high school?

6. What is Outkast's DJ's name?

7. On Speakerboxx, which song did Big Boi's son appear on?

8. What was the name of Dre's character in the movie The Four Brothers?

9. From what song did the title of today's post originate?

10. Name your favorite Outkast track.

Remember, first five folks who respond with the correct answers win.

Submit your answers to

Be sure to visit

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