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Eric Roberson

Smooth baritone tenor...

Heavy guitar presence and influence on the tracks...

Lyrics that examine not only love but life as well...

I'd seen the fuss before when we posted some of his work, but I missed the opportunity to grab any of the work myself.

Now I see why there was a rumble...and I'd advise you to take the chance with this one as well.


"Pen Just Cries Away"

This was the hook for me. Crooning a song over a riding, rhythmic beat, Roberson shines. After repeat listens and sharing it amongst select friends, I begged my man to let me put this joint up because I'm not sure if it's out just yet (Possibly slated for the retail album? If I'm wrong correct me.) Either way, it was simply too hot not to share...

That track led me on a hunt for more of his work. And, after a brief listening to two live albums and one studio joint, I've decided I like his studio tracks moreso than the live performances. But both have their strong points...

This track was an exception to the "studio > live" idea though...

"Couldn't Hear Me..." (Live)

The tempo is upbeat in comparison to the studio version, which is strong in itself. The clencher that pushes the live version is the breakdown four minutes into the song where Roberson showcases how he got on before gettin on and also takes a few lines to explain the meaning behind the title and lyrics.

"Couldn't Hear Me..." (Retail)

Overall, I was happy with most everything I found, even if I found it later than some.

Eric Roberson Presents-The Vault Vol. 1.5 (Special Edition)

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Redman - Docs Da Name 2000

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Juelz Santana - From me to u

The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II

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