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Big Kountry > Kanye


Slim Thug, Big Kuntry, Twista - Overnight Celebrity

Where does this come from?

Well, last nite I was scrambling around the crib, doing various things and needed a disc to provide the soundtrack.

And I stumbled across this joint.

Today, I'm glad I did.

If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), this was after the Down With The King tape that knock everybody on their collective asses. The key with Gangsta Grillz XI and XII was that they focused more on Drama as a DJ instead of the artists who would later follow. Me and my lil brother were riding in the whip listening to both XI and XII when it hit me "this dude is about to take over if he keeps lacin shit like this."

He eventually did and the rest is history in the making because he hasn't stopped.

Key points on this tape...

  • Mike emerged as a beast. The pissed off Mike we see today? This tape was the first time we saw that version.
  • Stat Quo (has he dropped) stepped into the spotlight...
  • Wayne dumbed out on the beat and we glimpses of what was to come...

Too much heat. All the tracks would have prolly caught a little buzz on their own.

But sequenced by Dram, this tape was choke full of potential explosives.

To detonate, download and press play....

T.I.P, DJ Drama, Cyndi - Intro
Killer Mike - Bad Day Worst Day
Slim Thug, Big Kuntry, Twista - Overnight Celebrity
Bun B. & T.I.P - Is That Your Chick
Stat Quo - 1 Dope Boy in a Cadillac
Killer Mike - Wheres The Love?
T.I.P. & Lil Scrappy - Tipsy Revisited
Greg Street - Gangsta Grillz Radio
Slim Thug, Bun B, Chamillionare - In Money We Trust
Paul Wall & Bun B & DJ Drama - Jesus Walks
Lil Wayne - Wayne is Here
Stat Quo, Bonecrusher, DJ Drama - In The Streets
Big Kuntry & T.I.P - Throwback 2004
Jae Millz & Aphilliates - Generation Now
Killer Mike - Road Story!!
Stat Quo & Killer Mike - More Problems
T.I.P, Slim Thug, Bun B - 3 Kings
Bohagen, Playboy Tre, DJ Drama - 25 Niggas
Willie The Kid - In Society (Cannon Music.
Bun B, Lil Jon, Banner, Baby D, Kay Slay - Drama
Bleu Davinci & Young Jeezy - Rich & Rock Ice
Sean J of Field Mobb - Guess Whos Back
Juvenile & Souljah Slim (R.I.P.. - Slo Motion
Paul Wall - Chick Magnet
DJ Drama - Outro
Big Floaty - Give it to Em
Bleu & Young City (Da Band. - Real in Here

DJ Drama - Gangsta Grillz XI (Generation Now)


Anybody holding The Roots - Pre-Game [EP]?

If so, please post it in the comments or email it (

Stray Shots

Bishop Lamont - Welcome To L.A.

Kelis - Kelis Was Here [BONUS TRACKS]

Bronze Nazareth - The Great Migration - 2006

Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening 2006


Dre - The Trunk [Advance][2006]

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