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"Coming Live From The City..."

"...Where the Dreamer came from..."

Pardon me
You'd be hard pressed
To find a rapper as smart as me
Maybe Jay-z, Tupac, C-u-b-e
But Oprah'd rather
Put Superhead on TV...

Killer Mike - That's Life from his upcoming album I Pledge Allegiance.

I was REALLY tempted to post every single word of this track.

Cutting. Critical. Even the ad-libbed talking portions speak the truth.

Killer Mike is in prime position to straight shut the game down. Bringin a mix of politics, angst and straight gangsterism, Mr. Prime Time Rap Gang truly does sound like O'Shea Jackson in his prime, taking his stand on Oprah, Bill Cosby, FEMA, Bush...the list continues.

In the big scheme of things, let's face the honest truth.

Atlanta has hip-hop on lock.

Between Cee-lo and Young Joc, the charts are covered.

Outkast has the whole world buzzing. Luda's not doing bad either in the buzzworthy department.

As mentioned, Killer Mike is doing his thing.

DJ Drama and The Aphiliates have the crates all to themselves.

T.I.'s set to do another movie, American Gangster, this time with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Young Dro...Slick Pulla...Yola, all on the come up?

If you look @ it from that aspect, what other city is, creatively and musically, generating more energy to keep this thing we call hip-hop churning?

Hmm...seems like the perfect lead into...

TSS Crew's Summer Swan Song

Swan Song Tip #7

Visit Another City

Want to understand and see the full power of crunk, snap, hyphy, going dumb, syrup, etc? Try going to the areas where they're a prominent aspect of the culture. Nuff said.

Cee-Lo on The Wakeup Show

If Cee-Lo goes back to spittin these trill spiritual diatribes the world will really have a problem.


Youngbloodz - I'mma Shine

Musiq Soulchild- The Only One

Hmm...this is felt. Give us more.

MOP- Muddy Waters

Oh boy...get ready because you know what to expect. Thank God.

Snoop Dogg Ft E40, Daz, Kurupt and MC Eight- Candy

Styles P- Police

Little Brother feat. Cormega - Back At It

:eek Beautiful collabo. Big Pooh shines

Monica Ft Twista- Hell No

:eek Glad to see baby girl back after going thru the struggle for so many years.

Lil Boosie - Bootytalk

Kaz Kyzah - Cocaine

Numb numb music...feel free to catch a drain.

Cam'ron - Weekend Girl

Tony Sunshine and Fat Joe - Where We From

Headphones, cap pulled low, chewstick and a diddy-bop...nod to this.

Jae Millz feat Slick Pulla and Jovan Dais - Gangsta

Millz does his thing and pairs his street talk nicely with Pulla

Cee-lo Green - Ophidiophobia

Organized Noize back in effect...

G. Love feat Blackalicious - Banger

Young Buck and Tony Yayo - Dont Make Me Hurt You

Buck Marley and Tony Get The Yayo always make me smile. They might not say much but I always walk away feelin just a lil more brolic.

Natalie - Love You So

Papoose ft. Akon - Ghetto Soldier

"...featuring Akon." I see a definite trend here. Pap does his thing over an eccentric drumline

Akon ft. Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Fuck You

Since Akon came first, did T-Pain copy his vocal stylings? Regardless, it's a decent groove. Snoop sounds like he wants to be an active part of hip-hop again. This has strip club written all over it.

G. Love feat. Ben Harper and Marc Broussard - Let the Music Play

8.7 Loosies Download

I won't front. I jacked this poll question after pollyin with my man Rizoh and his joint, The Rap Up. But it was the thought provoking presentation that made it seem relevant to here. Respect due.

At the turn of every decade, hip-hop relatively evolves. Batons are passed. New emcees emerge, as the O.G.s fall back and become behind-the-scene players. Ten years from now, one of the following five artists will be mentioned among the greatest of their time. Which one has the potential to step up to the plate 5-10 years down the line? You're welcome to respond in the comments section if your choice is not listed in the poll.

The Future Leader Of The Pack Is...
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