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Day In And Day Out...

Every region's got their dance thing...

Harlem was not to be left out.

The borough that blew up the Shake and the Toe Wop...they're back @ it...

The video above is of Webstar and Young B, the shortie who made the song & dance, demonstrating on Cipha Sounds, how the dance is supposed to be done but apparently cats just do their own thing at the "lets get it" part.

And of course, when you mix in the power of a craze + the power of the internet you can see all the different interpretations on Youtube.

"Chicken Noodle Soup" On Youtube

Hate it or love.

Call it a jazzed up, 2006 Pee-Wee Herman.

But please remember that the essence of hip-hop is about having fun. And if a dance is what it takes to keep the energy pumpin for the youths, so be it.

Speaking of fun mixed with all things "corrupting" hip-hop...

Say what you will but Dem Franchise Boyz are good @ what they do..."White Tee"..."...I Think They Like Me"...and now this...

When I first heard this track while riding w/my sister (just about the only time I listen to radio), I liked it.


Decent verses from DFB.

And Monica's always a favorite because she's got that "ride or die" appeal and track record.

"Cause I ain't one of these too bougie broads/always in the club holdin up the wall..."

Fuck with it before it floods radio and clubs.

Monica feat. Dem Franchise Boyz - Everytime tha Beat Drops

Check BET's Access Granted tonite @ 7:30 for behind scenes shots of the making of the video.

"Who’d a thought I woulda been wit a been/
When I met you on Myspace and got picked as a friend...

"Myspace Jumpoff"

New Outkast video for 'Idlewild Blue (Don't Chu Worry 'Bout Me)'.

If you're in the city and like spoken word, my knucka Mook...ahem, Aubrey will be live @ Lovenoise on Sunday, August 6.

$7 Admission. Free food. Live DJ. And, good words of wisdom.

For more info on Aubrey and Lovenoise, visit and Lovenoise

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