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Apparently, Loon and 40 Cal of the Dips had a small altercation...and later Ms. Jones had them both on the phones @ Hot 97 (strictly phones; no more shootouts please)
Loon vs. 40 Cal on Hot 97

- How the hell did 40 get caught with two smashes of the shovel and not be at least slightly retarded? Or at least walking around with a split scalp?

- What the hell is Loon doing in a barbershop? Lord knows he can't afford a lineup anymore.

- Why the hell is 40 sounding like a juiced up Jim Jones on the radio?

- Who the fuck is Loon?

- Why don't the barbers step up and say something?

- How the fuck does Loon come through with a shovel? In a fucking barbershop? Son must have come off of his day shift in the construction business. Cuz he ain't seeing any residuals from Diddy.

- If 40 really snuffed Loon (aka Poon), why did Loon STILL have the shovel, get in his Maxima and bounce? Any dude wanting to scrap would have swung with all the power of Greyskull if he had the upper hand with a gardening tool.

- Why did Loon attempt some Ultimate Warrior body press type slam on 40 when 40 is damn near 6'5" and not really a lightweight dude?

  • I'm not even going to touch the whole Lil Wayne incident.

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