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The Lord Giveth...

Bless this boy's heart.

I know a young aggin gotta think "How does DMX get respect?"

At one time, X was that dude.


"Keep Your Shit The Hardest" type hard...

But when I read DMX Wilds Out In A Public Spectacle I could't help but goddamn laugh, esp @ this portion...

Apparently, X started yelling and cursing folks out because BET wasn't lettin him on. While his wife was running behind him crying outside in the street, the crowd looked at his azz sideways the whole time. And after the BET folks came out to calm him down/kiss his ass... he decided to do what any other "drug-free" person in the middle of a busy ass NY street would do -- lead a prayer circle. WTF?

Oh man...

I know "professional help" isn't well accepted in the Black community, but uh...when does someone in your circle step and pull you in? My man has done nuff wild shit in the past few years with all the police run-ins, arrests, and public displays of insanity...somebody has to step in and tell my guy it's time to reign it in, cool out and enjoy that Romeo Must Die money...

I still got love for X though. I don't have neccessarily keep up with his latest releases. But, the guy has a body of work (over 5 mil sold) that's pretty thorough and will stand up because of his unique voice and ability to go from lyrically smackin the taste out a motherfucker to praying to God for help with a sincerity that has you believin him too. And at a time when hip-hop was about that glamour and glitz, he came thru with a humongous tow chain, gruff growl that could shake the hardest and personafied a dog until we all knew Boomer.

Wild antics and hilarities aside, I pray for this brother like he prayed for us and himself back in the day.

Jesus wept.

I've been strugglin w/how to tell you how dope this joint is but I can't find the words..

DJ A-Trak is Kanye's tour DJ.

He's highly-acclaimed.

This is a live recorded set.

And he kills it from every concievable angle...scratching, cutting, blending.

DJ A-Trak - Oh No You Didn't

Go ahead and set your bookmarks.

P won't let me show you yet, but she put that whip on the layout.

Change is gone come © Sam Cooke

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