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Ludacris, sans the braids and sporting his new cut, bears a striking resemblance to....

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith?

The resemblance is uncanny.

There's a few reasons why Streetrunner should begin moving up your personal charts as one of the hardest producers out...and NOT be confused with those other cats with a similar name but redundant, Bob Villa paint-by-numbers sound.

  • Before his latest foray that's buzzin, Shaq doin his MC thing on "In The Ghetto."
  • Ransom spittin fire on "Final Straw". This might be THE hottest track of the past twelve months IMO. It's what makes rap real - honest struggle expressed lyrically over a melodic track.
Get Familiar © Clinton Sparks

"I'm America's nightmare
young black and just dont give a fuck
I just want to get high and live it up...

The crazybaldheads are sorely missed for the angst that put into this thing we call hip-hop...

Just for laughs...

They know you're talking...

An-twan Pat-ton and Andre Benjamin been jammin
for you pattern rap niggas and journalists
That's quick to misprint public and private business
Then retract back for deaf ears and think it's dismissed
Part two the sequel all new 'kast
just ain't the same gang of nerds
on the internet slandering your name
behind that screename, they're lame
and their life is pretty plain
M&M's with no nuts
won't show a face to face
bitch made like puppies on the nipples of a mutt
address it on a case to case basis like the judge's stuck on repeat so I have no shame in postin it again...

Outkast - Hollywood Divorce

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