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Back to school and fall are always cherished for school kids and grown folk alike.

For one, it signifies the end of summer.

Fall and winter > summer

True indeed, in summer, the barenaked women rule and you can rock colorful outfits.

But any coolmotherfucker knows, fall and winter are about layers and accessories. A nice tweed hat. Matching leather and boots. Skullies. For some of you flyer folk, a scarf. TNF's in adundance and 'Lo knits.

For two, it gives you a justified reason to have to blow some cheese and splurge a little.

School kids get a shopping spree, be it small or large, courtesy of mothers or summer hustles.

Grown folks start scrappin together extra dollars to get that new-new butter leather or, for the ladies, those particular boots.

But sometimes, cats do it all wrong or follow the script to hard.

And you know we're always here to help alleviate the stress and sheepism. To give you some guidance so that when you do step out, the folks say uggggh © Master P, but as a positive and not a negative.

This is for those of you looking to be on the frontline of the cutting edge and what cats on the screen are doing. Seen on various videos and print worn by cats like the whole G-Unit crew, Jae Millz, Papoose, Busta, Chris Brown, Gino Green Global is the actual name of "the shirts with all the 9's on it." FYI - Those are actually lowercase g's. Now you know.

Peep the video footage by clicking the link...

Why rock it? One because from the ground up, the brand is street orientated. From the designers to the clothes they produce, they symbolize some of the gaudiness and one-up-manship that it is hip-hop - the colorful assortment and unique placement of the logos are just enough to catch the eye of anyone without looking awkwardly absurd while doing it...and now you know those aren't 9's so the shirts make more sense.

I'm co-signin for these cats tough.

Fresh, innovative, hip-hop influenced. Quality materials used, graphics that won't fade, affordable. And instead of focusing on flooding the market with designs, they only plan to drop a few pieces each season while making sure to maintain quality control of the joints they do decide to drop.

So in other words, visit, get on now, cop and be one of the few around your city doin it in these. Plus this shirt featuring the AZ lyric is quintessential hip-hop and is shittin on 3/4's of the materials in stores now.

Now I know, if you're like most, the idea of rockin Ecko prolly hasn't crossed your mind. Matter of fact, I think all I've ever owned from the label is a pair of jeans LOL.

That may soon change whenthis recent Spike Lee x Mark Ecko Clothing collabo touches the market.

Nothing too over the top; decent execution @ best. But I think it's appealing more because it's paying tribute to one of the most influential directors of the past twenty years.

If you've stepped your clothing game to apparel a little more gentlemanly than puffy coats and New Eras, but you're still a hat fanatic, there's still a way you can cover your dome without looking like conflicting generations are battling for placement on your body via your clothes. has a dope collection of hats that will allow you to accomplish the stylistic flow you want. Yeah, they cost more than the standard Lids joints, but as with anything, sometimes doing outside the boundaries takes an investment.

No matter how old I get, I will always rock sneakers. And ten times out of ten, they won't be standard fare bought from Footlocker. It's rarely mentioned here but I always like to mention that years ago, my homeboys Matt, Ahmad and myself were a part of the originators of this online sneaker craze, along with several other sites. So if you hate hypebeasts, resellers and eGay, etc., we proudly take some of the blame for that. Because while it has it's drawbacks, there's nothing like copping a pair of shoes that, previous to the emergence of online sneaker culture, would've only been a European or Asian exclusive or that original version of a shoe that you were too broke to buy when you were young. Now that you have the money to play, play hard.

Here's some help...

Your easy-to-follow, online guide to a variety of sneaker websites, blogs, retailers, etc.

One thing that has hurt the sneaker collecting and wearing is the overabundance of fakes/variants. If I see another pair of clear Jordan VII's in a white/________ (insert one of the seldom used colors out of the Crayola 64 box with the sharpener on the side) I think I might shed a tear.

Get educated...please.

spotting fake Air Force 1's

And for those of you set on rockin Bapes, make sure they're authentic.

how to spot fake bapes

As a general rule, if the price is too good to be true, it's a fake.

A song for the occassion...

Rhymefest - Go Out Clothes

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