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What are we gonna do when the gay rapper pulls a Lance Bass on us?

Earlier this week, they tried to lay the title on Ne-Yo and alot of people were "So Sick"...sorry, I had to LOL.

In truth, with the way homosexuality is not tolerated in the Black community or the hip-hop community, who'll be the one individual to say the words "I'm Gay", either while in the spotlight or after their 15 minutes is over?

There's something going on © The Roots

While personally detesting the labels applied to brothers, time is starting to make me understand that this whole "down low brother" theory is not some conspiracy theory or phenomenon. When AIDS first came on the scene, its increasing infliction was attributed to drug users. Now, it's said to spread more because of homosexuality and unprotected heterosexual intercourse. And in the Black community, it's hittin harder than an 808.

So if my favorite rapper is playing both sides of the fence and fuckin a different broad in every city...and then I happen to run across the smut...yeah.

So will hip-hop accept the idea of a rappin Karamo? A media personality? Someone who's cds I bought? Who's video I saw and maybe picked up style cue? Who's lyrics I rapped during the course of my day? Who's show I bought a ticket for?

Will I buy their discs anymore?

I doubt it.

On a surface level, doing so leaves you open to alot of comments that you're condoning or glorifying the gay artist. " got that aggin _______ disc? Aww man!" You don't want to be that dude in the lockeroom trying to convince your boys that MC DigDug is the best when he was just on the cover of a mag tongue-kissin his lover.

Aww them aggins kissin © Riley

On a deeper level, for some reason, I truly don't think so because homosexuality is still a seedy issue for all of America. Yes, the media is trying to portray it as a lifestyle that's more prominent than middle America is willing to admit. Still, personally, I don't find too much fascination in watching the various portrayals like Will & Grace or Queer Eye episodes.

So while American culture may be open to accepting homosexuality, its subcultures aren't.

Rock-n-roll is American as you can get & they have Elton John. That's mainstream culture.

Subcultures, such as rap and country, will most likely never have those types of artists. Like country, hip-hop forms alot of it's base around the male bravado, "manliness."

Gay does not equate manliness.

No answers.

Just ideas and questions.

In the end, perhaps we need to focus on how we treat each other as people.

What another man does on his private time really ain't my issue anyways honestly.

Will hip-hop accept an openly gay rapper?
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