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It's been fun but...I'm glad to kiss the bitch goodbye.

I've been lusting after fall and winter anyways.

So what the fuck I got clapped on for my truck
Then I laughed cause fuck the cash I just wanted my tape bacckkkk...


Red prolly could've been a wrestler in another life...but I'm glad he decided to rap because Funk Doc went ape on this album. He may have actually reached his epoch here because the dark beats meshed perfectly with his subterranean flow.

Last of the batch...well, maybe. Like your grandma though, you know we keep some candy in the dish...Volumes 7 and 8.

stray shots

Society Of Soul- Brainchild

Bishop Lamont - Who I Gotta Kill To Get A Record Deal

Young Dro - Best Thang Smokin (Webrip)


Big Noyd-The Stick Up Kid



Sly Stone - Fresh

Big L - The Archives (1996-2000)

J Dilla - Ruff Draft EP 2003

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